Hydroponic Grow Room

How To Build Your First Hydroponic Grow Room

Have you always been interested in having your own grow room or hydroponic grow locker? Are you afraid it might cost too much setting up one?

How To Setup A Hydroponics Grow Room

Well, you no longer need to worry about all these stuff. Setting up a hydroponic grow room is as easy as reading through this manual on how to set up one!



By now, you probably have set aside some place for grow room plants. However, is it big enough?

This is something you don’t have to worry much about. A grow room can be set up anywhere ranging from a closet, garage or a whole room. You can even set up a tent outside your house. Basically, all you need is an enclosed space.


If you have no idea what a hydroponic grow room is, it needs power for proper functioning. This is meant to run lights, pumps, fans and other necessary appliances.

You have to be sure about the voltage and a few more specifics. All this information can be found online.

Therefore, you won’t have a hard time figuring out whether your power is enough for all of the appliances.


You need a dependable and consistent water supply if your hydroponic grow room is to work optimally. Tap water is recommended as it runs fewer risks of carrying diseases as compared to rain water.

Light tight environment (completely enclosed):

Natural light sources might not workout well with your hydroponic grow room.

You might, therefore, want to cover any windows around the place you intend to build a grow room. A reflective sheet is best placed for this kind of work.

It keeps in all the light produced by the lamps while at the same time keeping off light from natural sources. The main reason why natural light is not favorable is due to its irregular nature.

For proper plant growth, you need consistent lighting. Orca and reflex diamond are the common types of grow room sheeting that you can easily acquire in the market.

Proper air circulation: Hydroponics Grow room ventilation

Proper air is important for plant growth. You can utilise a fan when it comes to disposing of air and a vent or second fan for fresh supplies. Of course dont forget to install a Co2 Regulator to help manage carbon dioxide.

Hydroponics Grow room ventilation

Top Of The Range Hydroponics Rooms & Tents

Below we have listed the best Grow Tents and Rooms:

Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant GrowingApollo Mylar Plant Growing Tent - 100% Reflective Tear Proof Mylar / Heavy Duty Zippers & Double Stitching for Light Protection.32.3 pounds4.3Check Price
Horticulture Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant GrowingApollo Mylar Horticulture Grow Tent, Removable Mylar Floor Tray & 2 Filter Straps. HIGHLY REFLECTIVE. Package Dimensions 5 x 10.5 x 49 inches21.3 pounds4.4Check Price
Complete 3 x 3 Grow Tent Package With 400-Watt HPS Grow Light + DWC Hydroponic System & NutrientsComplete 'plug-and-play' hydroponic grow tent kit. (1) AgroMax Original grow tent, (1) HTG Supply 400-watt complete HPS grow light with bulb, (1) 6" inline fan and flange kit and much more. Size (39"x39"x79")99 pounds4.6Check Price
Hydroponic Grow Tent with Obeservation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant GrowingVIVOSUN Mylar. Light proof: 95%-reflective mylar lining. Extra-thick canvas: 600D material is tear proof and double stitched.20.2 pounds4.3Check Price
Non Toxic Room Valuebox Dismountable Reflective Grow Tent For Indoor PlantHeavy-duty metal zipper. Lined with light-proof and 100% reflective tear-proof Mylar.19.07 pounds4.6Check Price
ECO-WORTHY Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent for Indoor Plant GrowingHeavy duty 210D lightproof oxford cloth for exterior material. Removable mylar floor mat and nylon straps. High-density meshes and screen of rectangle vent.16.6 pounds4.3Check Price
MILLIARD Horticulture D-Door 100% Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with WindowGrow tent measures: 36”L x 36”W x 73”H. Cultivate exotic fruits, herbs, vegetables or seasonal fruits all year around. High reflective lining.
18.9 pounds4.6Check Price
NEW! Gorilla Grow Tent 4' x 8' Indoor Hydroponic Greenhouse Garden Room"Easy On" grow tent. 100% metal, interlocking, sturdy frame & connectors. 12" height extension kit.79 pounds4.6Check Price

Highly Recommended Fans, Boosters and Blowers For Grow Rooms

Below we have listed the best and the Specifications:

Brand/Model CFM 
Hurricane Fans 180 CFM Blower180Price Check
Hurricane Fans Inline Fan, 6-Inch435Price Check
Hurricane Inline Fan Plant Germination, 6-Inch483Price Check
Elicent Inline Fan 10″576Price Check
Fantech In-line Filter Box w/MERV 12 Filter 6″Price Check
Fantech 8XL Indoor Inline Mixed Flow Fan, 8″Price Check
Fantech14XL Indoor Inline Mixed Flow Fan, 14″Price Check
Fantech Inline Centrifugal Fan, 10″1266Price Check
Fantech 8XL Indoor Inline Centrifugal Fan, 8″Price Check
Fantech 10XL Indoor Inline Centrifugal Fan, 10″Price Check
Fantech 12XL Indoor Inline Centrifugal Fan, 12″Price Check
Max-Fan PRO Series 6″ 3-Speed420Price Check
Can Max Fan Mixed Flow Inline Fan, 8″675Price Check
Can Max Fan Mixed Flow Inline Fan, 10″1023Price Check
Can Max Fan Mixed Flow Inline Fan, 12″1709Price Check
Hyper Fan Stealth 101065Price Check
6″ Vortex S-Line347Price Check
6″ Vortex S-Line – 600 Power Fan347Price Check
8″ Vortex S-LinePrice Check
VenTech DF8 8″ Duct Fan400Price Check
Tjernlund M-6 Inline Duct Booster Fan530Price Check
Air Duct Inline Hydroponic Booster Fan240Price Check
Phresh 701225 Duct Silencer, 14″ by 39″Price Check
Phresh Duct Silencer, 10″-Inch by 30″Price Check
Phresh Duct Silencer – 8″ FlangePrice Check
EcoPlus Axial Fan for Greenhouses, 6″235Price Check
EcoPlus Axial Fan for Greenhouses, 8″647Price Check
EcoPlus Axial Fan for Greenhouses 10″806Price Check

The decision is made in regards to the size of the room. If big, you should go for the second fan. It is however not necessary to use a fan where the setup is small.

In such cases, the vent is enough. You can definitely find more information on ventilation online. Please do note that fans correlate to the number of lights you have.

It also imperative that you understand extractor fans should be on all day through. They are also to be used to complement carbon fibres. Again, your extractor fan doesn’t have to be in the grow room. It can be placed outside the room and still work efficiently.

What’s the alternative for a hydroponic growing room?

Medicab grow lab box

One of the best grow boxes you can find in the market today is definitely the 14 plant MediCab grow lab complete kit.

Medicab Grow Lab Box Kit

The medicab grow lab box has an optimized grow box height which allows your plants to grow without wasting space.

Growing your plants or flowers in a medicab grow lab box is a great way to nurture plants in a secluded environment.

It makes it easy to control the growth factors and reduce potential threats. The Grow Box arrives in two different parts that you have to fit together.

They include a water gallon and the nutrient part cover. The box also encompasses an assembly and planting manual.

How to build a grow box

You can make your homemade grow box for indoors and outdoors quite easily.

Many times, the materials for building a grow box are readily available materials which can be recycled.

A grow box can be built in any open spacing within the house such as living room or garage.


  • Comes with a warranty
  • One can lock the medicab grow box door for enhanced security
  • It has lights, fans and a growing tray
  • They come in a wide variety that one can choose from
  • Does not occupy a lot of space
  • It secures your plants from bugs and pests
  • Provides a stable environment for plant growth
  • You can buy a raising system that keeps guests away from the plants


  • It does not come with nutrient cultures or other necessary materials
  • The smaller side can only hold a few plants
  • The fans are noisy
  • The maintenance cost of the medicab grow box is high
  • Desirable only in certain environments

Best Hydroponic Grow Box Systems

These grow box systems are standardized and have a hybrid drip deep water culture that delivers nutrients and oxygen maximally to the roots of the plants.

This allows for acceleration growth of roots and consequently the growth of the plant.

Garden patch grow box

Garden patch grow box

The garden patch grow box uses a common potting mix. It is mostly made of durable UV protected polymers.

The garden patch holds a maximum of 42 liters of soil capacity four water gallons, on a cubic feet space. The garden patch weighs six pounds when empty and is available in several colors.

To become a prosperous indoor gardener, one needs to comprehend how the interior environment affects plant’s growth.

Stealth Grow box

The stealth grow box comes with all the necessary requirements that you may expect and that are essential for the plants.

The stealth grow box comes with a vent system that allows for cooling and compatibility.

In addition, this grow box comes with two starter plugs and germination boosters.

Pc Grow Box

The PC grow box is the definitive stealth grow box that resembles a PC. It has a lock and key for the security of the plant.

Also, it has a complete odor regulator through carbon pads in the air flow sector, is light proof. The pc grow box comes with more accouterments than any other grow box.

The pc can hold plants that can grow as tall as you really want because plants bend. The nutrient package is also designed to generate thick and bushy plants.

Grow box review

Many indoors plant growers face the challenge of providing a stable environment for their plants.

Some plants require specified growth conditions regarding lighting, temperature, moisture contents, watering, and ventilation. Using a grow box may come in handy at such times.

The grow box is suitable within any open spaces in the house. You can purchase a fully installed grow box that comes with its watering system.

Grow box for sale near you

Grow boxes are sold in designated retail store and online platforms. The online stores provide reviews and the prices of the items. Prices may differ but with a lesser margin.

Best grow boxes

Grow boxes with all the parts and functioning properly are the best. The best grow boxes are made with the best designs.

They ensure that you get the best out of your crop. Do not just buy grow box, ensure that it has all the necessary fittings that come with it.

Why buy Cheap grow box

It is made with cheap and affordable materials. It also incorporates ventilation, adjustable lighting, and temperature control mechanism that are ideal for plant growth and are adjusted according to plant requirement.

It is used to propagate cuttings whose seeds are difficult to propagate. The box can be naturally controlled and makes growing your plants an effective process.

It can be stored in a closet, vault, or cold-room, or even in the garage.

Click here to compare best prices.

LED growing box

LED growing box

This is a SuperLocker measuring 66″x15″x24″ 300W equivalent 3Watt LED which is fully automated hydroponic stealth grow cabinet. It is used to grow 1-8 plants with up to 3ft tall.

It can contain up to 10-clones in the cloning area illuminated by a 20-Watt T-5 light. It has the best ventilation with odor filters to prevent accumulation of toxic gases that would kill the plants.

Small grow chamber box

Aerogrow gardening

The grow box is essentially big box that can accommodate the growth of many plants.

However, for those with a smaller indoor space, you can opt to buy a small grow chamber box that will help you grow desired plants within the house.

Homemade grow box chamber

Ideally, the grow box chamber is manufactured commercially in factories.

However, recent trends have seen people invent their own means of making homemade grow box chambers that serve the same purposes.

This box can hold seedlings of many kinds, or permanently house shorter plants. A basic method for building a grow box makes an easy project for someone who’s new to building with these materials.

If you are looking for something stealthy, there are various basic designs that can be easily customized.

Why get a Medilab grow chamber TODAY?

The MediCab Grow box 14 plant is a recommended equipment that will help you increase your indoors plant harvest tremendously.

Ensure that you provide the grow box with the required essentials and be ready to get a bountiful harvest at the end of the season.

Always ensure constant flow of water throughout the system to avoid the plants from drying up.

Important things to consider when setting or building your Hydroponic Grow Room

The ideal height is 6’. This helps minimize heat issues during the summer. Having this in mind, and assuming you have a hydroponic system grow room kit in place, building a grow room is the next step.

Option 1: Building a large Hydroponic grow room

large indoor Hydroponic grow room

The main limiting factor when it comes to grow room size is lighting. Make sure the lighting matches the amount of room available. Another concomitant factor is air supply.

Make sure your grow room ventilation is real good. In accordance to the room’s dimensions, your output fan should be larger than your input fan.

This ensures all the hot air at the top of the grow room gets dispensed. The input fan should fetch the air from an adjacent room with favorable temperatures.

Option 2: Building a grow closet.

This is a delicate venture. Details here should be a major concern. For instance, the height should be at least five feet. As for the lighting, it should not exceed a 250 watt light. To avoid heat problems, you can have a small extractor fan or install a low voltage light.

For proper air circulation, effective grow room design requires you to drill holes at the bottom and top of the closet.

Fresh air gets in from the bottom holes while hot air drifts away through the top holes. Where a closet is reasonably sized, an input fan can be put at the bottom of the closet to drive in fresh air.

Since most of the air is circulated indoors, hot air should be vented out to a larger room. The room where the closet is placed should be well ventilated as it’s the source of air inputs.

DIY hydroponic grow closet

Option 3: Hydroponics Grow room enclosed in a room.

This can be confused with a grow closet. It however contrasts it in that it has more space generally. Most of them come in the form of tents, as they are easier to install.

This is because they come with installation manuals and most of what is needed for a full install. Some even include a grow room design which dictates where to place what.

Getting the right lighting.

As you might have noticed, lighting plays a very important role when it comes to maintaining hydroponic grow locker plants. The three main components needed for light control are ballast, reflective material and lamp(s).

Ballast is necessary as it regulates and controls energy supply. Lamps generate the light while; reflective materials guide most of the light produced towards the plants.

Depending on your spacing and other important factors, here’s an outline of what you need where and when.

250 watt light: suitable for use by amateurs and in smaller areas like grow closets. It also best suits growers using intermediate grow tents.

Small Indoor Home Hydroponic-grow closet

400 watt light: this is the kind of lighting that favours vegetative plants in medium to large grow rooms. Can also be effective in large hydroponic grow rooms.

600 watt light: works out well in areas measuring 1.2 by 1.2 metres and above. Appeals best to growers with extra-large hydroponic grow room design.

1000 watt light: these too exist but only for areas within the 1.5m by 3m range.

View best deals for hydroponics grow lights.


With a few grow room supplies, a hydroponic grow room kit and with the help of all the information above, you can have your grow room up and running in no time.

Proper caution should however be practiced to ensure nothing but the best comes out of the whole Hydroponic setup.



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