How To Make A Scarecrow For Your Garden

A scarecrow is a mannequin that is shaped like a human. It is usually placed in a garden to scare off birds and other predators.

Open fields are the best place to make scarecrows. But there is a proper way of making a good scarecrow.

A scarecrow is not just a shape dressed in old clothes. It may not serve its purpose if appropriately made. It needs to be so natural for it to work.

It is great fun to make a scarecrow when you have an interest. But you have to understand the required steps to follow.

The easiest way to make a scarecrow

The thought of making a scarecrow is nice. But some methods may work better for you. That is why finding an easy way to do it is easier.

The first thing that determines the ease is the design. You must choose a simple design to make. The shape should also be simple to save time and effort.

There is a wealth of scarecrow ideas for gardeners. But all follow the same process in the making. Among these steps include:

  • Designing the framework
  • Fixing the materials together
  • Shape the body
  • Add the scarecrow head
  • Add other accessories

The first step of making any scarecrow is setting up a framework. This is when you decide how it will look like. The framework is the main support.

It keeps the scarecrow upright. A good example is using branches and fence posts. They provide enough support for the framework.

From the framework, you move to the fixing. It is the process of fixing the different parts together. This involves using strings, thin wire, cable ties, or even duct tape.

Some scarecrows may need hammers and nails to fix. The shape and size of the scarecrow determine the fixing.

The next step is to shape the scarecrow. This is determined by how you want it to look like. The size should also matter.

The bigger the size and shape, the more you will need materials. The shaping has to be guided by the structure. That is why it is necessary to have a firm framework.

Every scarecrow has to have a head. It may not be complete with the body only. The head makes it look more authentic. Stuffed sacks can be put together to shape the head. It is also recommended to add a hat. It helps to hide the face and look real.

A scarecrow also needs extra accessories to make it look better. Garnishing the scarecrow using noisy things is recommended.

They help in better scaring off birds. Other accessories that work is shining things. The use of old CDs and foil paper is commonly used for this.

Materials needed for a DIY scarecrow

A gardener can easily find materials and make a scarecrow at home. But some prefer to buy ready-made scarecrows. You must search for enough materials if you plan to do it yourself.

The common materials for scarecrows include old clothes, straws, tape, sacks, and other stuffing materials. The materials used should be challenging to decompose. Plastic-like materials are preferred to make it last longer.

The scarecrow materials should also be easy to stuff together. These include materials that you can sew together with ease. The materials should also be differently colored. They should be visible from afar.

There are some materials that you should avoid for scarecrows. This includes papers and decomposing materials. The materials are affected by the weather changes.

This is especially true with the rains and winds. Other materials that are difficult to stack together should also be avoided.

Reusing old materials to make a scarecrow

Scarecrows are mostly made up of old materials. It is a good way for gardeners to practice recycling materials. The old materials are put to good use. It is also a good way of protecting the environment.

Some materials can be sourced locally. This includes materials from the homestead. But some materials can be bought or sourced outside.

Searching materials from the neighborhood can help. People are looking to dispose of many materials. This can be a great advantage for you.

The most considerable caution is to avoid reusing decomposed materials. They may need to work better while shaping them. Other materials, such as lust wires, may also need to be fixed.

They cannot make a long-lasting scarecrow. They will need to be replaced often. This is why the selection of the materials requires a keen look.

The most effective scarecrow

There is an effective and a not-very-effective scarecrow. An effective scarecrow works to scare off predators. Making an effective scarecrow needs time.

It also requires that all the materials are available at your disposal. Some of the issues you should know for an effective scarecrow include:

  • Scarecrows with motion are more effective
  • Reflective objects increase the effectiveness
  • Changing the scarecrow ward is recommended
  • Bright and reflective colors make it more effective
  • Your placement of the scarecrow is very critical

Making a scarecrow with some motion is recommended. The scarecrows that move scare off predators more. Scarecrows that also make noise are considered more effective. They should be seen from afar to scare off predators.

There are steps you can take to make your scarecrow more effective. Attaching reflective objectives makes the scarecrow more effective. This is especially in fields where birds are the main predators.

Changing the scarecrow wardrobe also makes them more effective. It is advisable to keep the same clothes for a short time. A change raises the alarm to the predators. The difference is good to avoid monotony. It is considered to keep predators away before they get used to it.

Bright colors are considered more effective in scaring predators. It is good to fix scarecrows with reflective colors. But this also depends on the predator. For some predators, it may be the size. That is why it is essential to know the main target of your scarecrow.

Where you place the scarecrow also determines how effective it becomes. You cannot expect birds to be scared by a scarecrow at the end of a garden.

Identifying the vulnerable plants is the first step. This calls for the placement of the scarecrow closer to these plants.

How do you make a scarecrow moveable?

Making a scarecrow moveable is recommended for gardeners. It is the best way of scaring off predators. A still scarecrow barely has any impact.

However, some motionless scarecrows have been used before. But their effect is temporary, primarily when predators get used to it.

It is challenging to have randomly, moving scarecrows. But it is recommended to have erratically-moving scarecrows. The movements should be unpredictable. It is always new for the predators, making it better for scaring them off.

You can use tin shears to achieve random movements. There are pinwheel shapes that can help with these movements. They quickly rotate when the wind blows. But these are also effective in open fields with random and frequent wind.

Hanging loose things on the arms of the scarecrow causes more movement. It is even better if the hanged objects can reflect. Old CDs have been seen to work wonders. They move with ease and reflect to scare away birds.

But there are also other advanced designs. This may include using a spring to attach the head of a scarecrow. The head springs out every time the scarecrow moves. But these are challenging designs to achieve.

How do you weatherproof a scarecrow?

Every scarecrow should be able to withstand all kinds of weather. This is important for making them stay longer. That is why weatherproofing scarecrows is essential. Using weather-resistant materials is the most basic way.

The utmost materials should be water resistant. They should be able to cover the inside contents well. Selecting materials that do not fade quickly is also recommended. The materials should also not decompose quickly.

There are specially designed waterproof materials for sale in stores. These can be outsourced for the outer part of the scarecrow. There are also available waterproof sprays.

They help to prevent water from absorbing into the stacked materials. They can also be used to add more color to the scarecrow.

It is advisable to seal the scarecrow many times with waterproof materials. Nail varnish, Mod Podge, and melted wax are the best sealers. Plastic bags are also suitable materials to seal the scarecrow. But they should be easy to attach to the scarecrow.

Weatherproofed scarecrows also consider heavy winds. The winds can easily blow off scarecrows that are temporally installed.

It is good to have a strong structure. The firming of the scarecrow is also necessary. This can be done by attaching the scarecrow on posts.

In a nutshell, there is no easier or standard way of making a scarecrow. It is always expected that gardeners have their preferred method of doing it. Having all the materials in place is recommended.

Final thought

Research more on effective scarecrows is also necessary. The idea is to ensure that the scarecrow serves the purpose. It is also to make sure that they last longer for more effectiveness.