The Difference Between Aquaponics System And Hydroponics

If you are intending to go for either Aquaponics Fish or Hydroponics farming, you need first to understand each method of farming and also what the advantages of each are.

By selecting one or both methods of these sustainable solutions, you can begin growing your organic food and also cut out the costly pesticides, fuel costs and even grocers.

Check out this Demo video below on how to setup Aquaculture System at home.


This method is very effective at growing plants in soilless or even near soilless circumstances.

The reason why you should grow plants using Aquaponics Fish method is that the nonexistence of chemical substances helps make plants grown a lot more flavourful and even good tasting.

Furthermore, Easy DIY backyard Aquaponics is possible.

Furthermore, when you are inclined to harvest these also, the fish may be used in the form of secondary source of food.

Aquaponic at homeAquaponic Home Gardening

In essence, by looking after the fish a couple of minutes each day you grow two great food sources for the cost of only one.

If the fish are in great shape, the plants will need little or even no care.

A few people become attached to fish or even are vegetarians, and that is great as you still obtain ideal symbiosis as you provide food to fish.

The fish nourish the plants, the plants provide you with food and even filter water for the fish, in a sequence that is endless and self-sustaining.

Aquaponics System plant growing is a symbiotic way for growing plants and even fish in a natural, healthy but soilless or near soilless surroundings.

Apart from it producing tasty, healthy fruits and vegetables, you can even opt to harvest the fish.

The fish are a healthy protein source to supplement the plants in the food you eat.

It is your choice if you wish to have the fish as your pets or for consumption, or even both.

Aquaponics principle is easy as it entails growing plants, vegetables and fruits in Hydroponic conditions without the need of chemicals by raising fish to give the essential nutrients for the plants instead.

As you can see DIY aquaponics is very easy and possible to be done indoor at home. You can plant your indoor houseplants using this method.


Even though the term Aquaponics is current, and modern methods originate mainly from research carried out in the 1960s.

Whatsoever its origins, integrated farming continues to be practiced in Southeast Asian rice paddies for centuries.

You will find that Aquaponics fish in the rice fields provide the nutrients for the growing plants, and in turn the crops help in keeping the water fresh for the fish.

The other instance originates from the ancient Aztecs of Mexico who live around the shores of Lake Techotitlan and in need of arable land, created a method to grow plants on floating rafts on circumstances which are near soilless.

Remember Aquaponics System is scalable, which means you can begin with several plastic containers in your garage or backyard, and then turn the project into a large commercial enterprise after gaining full experience.

The fulfillment you will get from growing your food is a pleasant bonus too.

You can get the entire family members involved as they have fun with it.

You can build the kit yourself and avoid the cost of hiring professionals or even buying one.

Aquaponics is an alternative you might want to consider.


Modern Hydroponics may be traced to 17th century Europe; however, you will find arguments for many previous origins.

The Aztec instance outlined in the earlier part is usually cited as a former type of Hydroponic farming, making it an excellent example.

They were practicing farming near soilless conditions by drawing nutrients straight from the water. The Hydroponic part, in this instance, was the crop subsystem.

The hanging gardens of Babylon, are ancient examples, in which the Euphrates river below was considered to be where the gardens were drawing water from.

The principle is that some device was implemented to carry the water to the top part of these gardens, with the whole system being watered with the help of a cascading or perhaps trickle down technique to give food to all the plants in the chain.

The method was not soilless or even hanging, as said by ancient writers (Strabo, Philo of Byzantium, Diodorus Siculus, Quintus Curtius Rufus).

Generally, there might have been less soil than could happen in natural conditions; however, such descriptions make the terraces seem very much like huge stepped planters featuring overhanging plants than hydroponic systems.

The ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics supposedly describe the method of growing plants in water; however, the process is not well detailed out.

1st century Roman Emperor Tiberius is accredited with implementing Hydroponic methods known as proto green houses to grow cucumbers when they were out of season.

With Hydroponics, you can harvest bumper crops without the cost of improving the soil, as opposed to traditional firming.

Since there is no use of soil, soil borne diseases, as well as the use of pesticides are gotten rid of.

The plants grown hydroponically get a larger level of nutrition while occupying much less growing space.

Using less energy and fertilization is easier because of using simple timers, which pump the nutrients to the root system from time to time.

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Maintenance of the plants is quite simple since the gardener’s labor is reduced greatly as the system maintains itself, once it is set the right way.

Daily weeding or even dragging the water hose is also reduced.

DIY Aquaponics system method is preferred by many people because you can grow the plants anywhere, as long as there is a grow light and little space.


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