Best Types of Hydroponic Systems You Can Farm With

Regardless of whether you are an experienced horticulturist seeking to upgrade your old hydroponic grow system, or perhaps you are a novice to the indoor gardening world, do not have any worries, you will find the ideal hydroponic system to help you have that ideal indoor garden.

There are some things that you will need to consider when designing or even buying your Hydroponics systems.

deep water culture hydroponics

For example, if you will need to use it frequently, you may need to consider things like how hard it can be to clean between plantings.

Additionally, if you have a challenge while the plants are growing, you may think of how hard it can be to fix the issues without damaging the plants.

You may also consider using light proof materials since they reduce algae growth.

hydroponics reduce algae growth

In case you can’t get light proof materials, you can still paint the outsides of what you may be using to block the light (using color black). You can also paint it white to prevent it from absorbing a lot heat.

Types of hydroponics systems include:

  • Vertical Hydroponic rip System
  • Drip System
  • N.F.T. (Nutrient Film Technique)
  • Ebb and Flow System (Flood & Drain)
  • Aeroponics
  • Deep water Culture (DWC)
  • Wick System

Vertical Hydroponic System

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The Vertical Hydroponic System is a complete automated Grow Room where plants grows more than 3x faster than that of traditional grow rooms through an advanced technology know as VerticalPonic.

In essence, VerticalPonics combines vertical hydroponic gardening and SuperPonics to produce super yields.

If you are looking for the finest Vertical Hydroponics then you must check out the BIG BUDDHA BOX.

This advanced system grows up to 5 times bigger and better crop yield than ANY other traditional crop production method per watt/per square foot.

Drip System Recovery & non Recovery

Dealzer Hydroponic system

A drip system is the most common kind of hydroponic system worldwide.

Operating it is easy as a timer is used to control the submersed pump.

In a Recovery Drip System, the extra nutrient solution that flows off is collected back into the reservoir for re-use.

While the Non-Recovery System will not collect the run off.

The non-recovery system demands less upkeep because the extra nutrient solution is not reused in the reservoir.

This implies you may fill the reservoir with pH nutrient solution, and then leave it unless you want to mix more.

A recovery system may change in the nutrient strength and pH levels since the plants use the nutrients in the nutrient mixture.

For this reason, recovery systems need regular checking and also adjusting of pH, and changing of the nutrient mixture to sustain a well-balanced nutrient solution.

drip hydroponic farming

N.F.T. (Nutrient Film Technique) System

This system has a continuous movement of nutrient solution, therefore; there is no timing device needed for the submersible pump.

This nutrient solution is pumped into the tube then flows over the roots of these plants, after which it drains into the reservoir again.

In this case, the air is the only growing medium used, which, however, saves one the expense of changing the growing medium after each crop.

Usually the plant is held up in a little plastic container with the roots hanging in the nutrient solution.

This system is quite vulnerable to power breakdowns and also pump problems. The roots tend to dry up very fast once the flow of nutrient solution is disrupted.

The Nutrient Film technique is normally the mostly common type of Hydroponic growing systems that is used.

It is basically a continuous flow of nutrient solution where the roots get nutrients from.

Ebb & Flow System – (Flood and Drain)

The Ebb and Flow system, which is also known as flood and drain, works by way of flooding the root zone with nutrients solution after which the solution is drained back into the reservoir.

This process is usually carried out with a submerged pump which is linked to a timer.

hydroponic super flow grow system

Grow Box LED SuperLocker 3.0 LED Grow Cabinet Hydroponics System Hydrponic Grow Box Cabinet Closet System.

The Plant Site SuperFlow is a SuperPonics hydroponics system as it combines aeroponics with the ebb and flow hydroponic methodolodigies.

You will grow larger, more vivacious plants than any other comparable system.

Once the timer turns on the pump, the solution which of-course has nutrient is pumped into the root zone.

Once the time regulator shuts the pump off, the nutrient solution runs back to the reservoir.

The time regulator is scheduled to turn-on many times each day.

Just like any other hydroponic system, the time regulator is set based on the type, size of vegetation, humidity and temperature.

The other determining factor is the type of growing medium which you have used, along with other variables.

Aeroponic System

The aeroponic system is among the most advanced kind of hydroponic gardening. Similar to the N .F .T, Air is the growing medium.

The roots suspend in the air and are misted with the nutrient solution. Since the roots are out in the air just like the N .F .T system, the roots can dry up quickly in case the misting cycles are disrupted.

A timer device controls the nutrient pump just like other forms of hydroponic systems, except for the aeroponic system which needs shorter cycle timer to run  the pump for just a few seconds every couple of minutes.

Modern Aeroponic System

This systems design which is a frame, can be used in a small space great use of a small space, because of the vertical height, as opposed to the normal horizontal one, thus produce more produces using the same square footage.

This system is designed with two flat panels which have holes cut in it for the vegetation to rest in.

You will also find a nutrient delivery system made from PVC Hydroponic system piping inside, with emitters that sprinkle the root system of the vegetation.

Then the nutrients drip into the trough once again, which is pumped back via the PVC piping to the root systems once again.

Deep Water Culture System

hydroponics Water Culture System

The platform, which holds the vegetation is made from Styrofoam and floats on the nutrient solution. Deep water culture is the system for growing fast growing water plants, such as leaf lettuce.

This kind of hydroponic system is ideal for the classroom, and it is common with teachers. You can use an old aquarium or even other water tight containers to make your own system.

This kind of system does not work well with long term plant or large plants.                                  

Wick System

Hydroponic wick system

The Wick system is the easiest kind of hydroponic system. It is a passive system, meaning there are actually no moving parts.

Nutrient solution is pulled from the reservoir into the growing medium.

This system will use various growing medium such as Perlite, Vermiculite and Coconut Fiber which are very popular.

However, plants which use large amounts of water, will use the nutrient solution more quickly than the wick may supply.

Another hydroponics system is the (DFT) Deep flow technique which work perfectly with leafy plants like the lettuce, tomatoes and basil.


Home hydroponic gardening is the latest system to consider. The advantage of creating your Hydroponic system is that one could customize it to the required needs and size.

There is still more information you can learn regarding hydroponics. Read more.