Is Jackfruit And Durian Tree The Same?

Most people usually think that jackfruit and durian are the same. But this is not the case.

Although jackfruit and durian are both tropical fruits, they are relatively different.

Durian comes from the Malvacae family, while jackfruit comes from the Morocae family.

In this article, we look at a detailed understanding of the differences between jackfruit and durian.

What’s the difference between jackfruit and durian?

  • Botany

First, it is essential to note that both Durian and jackfruit grow on trees. Durians grow from the branches of a tree, whereas jackfruit grows along the trunk.

A jackfruit tree can grow up to 80 feet tall, while a durian tree can reach 150 feet in length. Thus, durian plants are larger than jackfruit plants. Furthermore, when compared to jackfruit, durians provide more produce.

On average, farmers harvest approximately 10 to 200 jackfruits and 15 to 800 durians annually. So, if you want to increase your yield, durians are the best plants to grow.

  • Physical structure

Despite the fact that the durian tree is longer, jackfruits are larger than durians. Durian is often considered one of the largest fruits worldwide. But the jackfruit is enormous; it weighs approximately 110 pounds and is three feet long.

You can also see different durians and jackfruits by looking at their external layer. Unlike durians, jackfruits have an alligator skin-like exterior layer.

The uppermost layer of jackfruit is not as spiky as that of durian. On the other hand, durian has conspicuous spikes on its outermost layer.

Additionally, both fruits have an oval-like shape. However, durian is relatively rounder than jackfruit. Jackfruit flesh is pale yellow, while durian flesh can be white, pink, or yellow.

The interior part of the durian fruit incorporates five fruit pods with edible flesh. On the flip side, jackfruit contains several bulb-shaped pods, each containing an oval seed at the center and edible flesh on the sides.

  • Taste

More often than not, jackfruit tastes like a blend of bananas and apples and pineapples. Generally, jackfruit is sweet, and you can use it to make a wide range of desserts and recipes.

Ripe durian is also sweet. However, it has a salty taste that most people find delicious. The taste of durian resembles a mixture of caramel and garlic.

Also, some say that durian tastes like sweet cheese. It is, therefore, safe to conclude that these fruits have very different tastes.

  • Fruit scent

Jackfruit and durian have pungent smells. Jackfruit has a fruity smell, but some people say that the jackfruit smell is unpleasant. The smell of jackfruit resembles a mixture of banana, pineapple, and a hint of rotten onion on the side.

Durian is popularly known for its unpleasant smell. Food experts say that durian smells like turpentine, rotten eggs or onions. Most homeowners cannot eat durian inside the house due to its foul smell.

Also, some states restrict citizens from eating durian in public places. Although both fruits have relatively unpleasant smells, durian is often considered worse.

  • Nutritional value

Like most fruits, both durian and jackfruit offer excellent nutritional value. Some of the nutrients shared by both fruits include vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, folate, and copper. Therefore, both fruits deliver excellent health benefits.

Jackfruit makes the immune system stronger and helps in regulating blood sugar levels. However, it is essential to eat jackfruit in moderation. If you are on a weight loss journey, jackfruit can act as the best meat/pork substitute.

Durian facilitates smooth digestion and helps to balance insulin levels in the body. Due to its potassium content, durian helps in regulating normal blood pressure.

This fruit protects individuals from cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Moreover, durian contains the amino acid tryptophan that calms down the nervous system and improves sleep.

Both durian and jackfruit contain zero cholesterol. Thus, they make the skin appear younger and reduce the appearance of fine lines. These fruits work toward eliminating free radicals.

Nutritional differences between durian and jackfruit

Jackfruit has fewer calories compared to durian. Durian has approximately 357 calories. On the flip side, jackfruit has 157 calories. Therefore, jackfruit works better if you wish to lose weight.

Durian has a higher fat content compared to jackfruit. One cup of durian contains 13 grams of fat, while one cup of jackfruit contains only one gram of fat. Note that these fats come from omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in both fruits.

Jackfruit has a lower protein content than durian. A cup of jackfruit contains 3 grams of protein, while one cup of durian contains 4 grams of protein.

Each cup of jackfruit contains 31 grams of sugar, while one cup of durian contains 40 grams of sugar. Therefore, durian has more sugar content compared to jackfruit.

Durian has more fiber content than jackfruit. Thus, it facilitates smooth digestion. One cup of jackfruit contains two grams of dietary fiber, while a cup of durian contains 4 grams of dietary fiber.


Ripe durian and jackfruit are edible. So, you can eat these fruits raw or add them as toppings to your dessert or ice cream.

Today, jackfruit serves as a pork substitute due to its flaky texture. Therefore, jackfruit is a popular meal among most vegans and vegetarians.

You can add jackfruit to tacos, cakes, jellies, burgers, ice cream, and even wine. Fortunately, jackfruit seeds are also edible when roasted or boiled.

Durian tastes perfectly in ice cream, milkshakes, salads, cake, cappuccino, and candy.


Both jackfruit and durian are expensive. Unlike most fruits, these fruits are not readily available, which explains their high costs.

On average, expect to pay about $15 when buying a durian and $2 for one pound of jackfruit.

These fruits are expensive because they are often imported from tropical regions. If you want to buy these fruits at a lower price, look for a reliable Asian grocer near you.

Jackfruit And Durian – the difference

Contrary to popular belief, jackfruit and durian are not the same. These fruits have physical, nutritional, and cost differences.

You can easily differentiate a jackfruit from a durian just by looking at it. Typically, durians are more spikey and smaller in size.

On the other hand, jackfruit appears bigger, and its outermost layer is less spikey.