Suet Log Feeder Vs. Nut log Feeder – Which To Go For?

Bird feeders are a must-have for bird lovers. They are instrumental in getting the birds to feed. The birds have a natural foraging behavior.

They can identify available food from afar. The log feeders help bird lovers to avoid waste. They are also an exciting view from the backyard. It is good to know the type of feeder to use.

There are two main types including:

  • Suet Log Feeder
  • Nut log feeder

The suet and the nut log feeders are very useful, especially during winter. This is a time when the birds can hardly access any feed naturally.

The birds are on the lookout for any available food. They need food more for energy and the generation of heat.

Both the suet and the nut log feeders serve a good purpose. They hold the fatty feed for the birds. The bird lovers give a helping hand. They make it easier for the birds to survive the winter season.

But there is a difference in the way they work. They ate also considered as a favorite for different birds.

What is a suet log feeder?

Suet feeders are feed cages made to resemble a log shape and form. A good example is the suet cylinder feeder. It is shaped to mimic a log.

They are made so to attract birds. They give the birds a natural feeding experience. They are also appealing to the eye. They can be used to beautify the backyard.

The suet log feeders are shaped differently. The shape depends on the shape of the suet logs. They are easy to hang for the birds. The common feed placed on these feeders is cakes. But some bird lovers also include seeds and insects.

What is a Nut log feeder?

A nut log feeder is a log that is used to hold nuts. It is a log that is drilled holes that hold the nuts. Cracks and crevices in the logs are considered as better.

They make it easier to place the feed for easier bird access. Additional holes can be drilled to create more space for the feed. But the hole should be a manageable length. The size of your nuts should guide the depth.

The nut log feeders are also easier to hang. It only needs a wire to wrap the log. The wire loop is then made to assist with the hanging.

It is essential to select a good location for hanging the feeders. This should be away from any walls or barriers. The idea is to ensure that the birds can easily access the nuts.

Similarities between suet and nut log feeders

Some significant similarities between the suet and the nut log feeders include the following:

  • They target attracting birds
  • They can come with personalized designs
  • They have to be hanged
  • Predators can attack them

One thing about the suet and the nut log feeder is that they attract birds. Many birds, including nuthatches and woodpeckers, love feeding from the log feeders.

They are well-positioned and provided with enough feed. It is an easy way for the birds to get a meal.

Bird lovers have the opportunity of making their feeder designs. The suet and the nut log feeder can be made to their liking. They are also made from readily available materials. But some bird lovers prefer to buy ready-made feeders from the stores.

The biggest challenge for both is proper hanging. They both have to be hanged to be effective. Getting the right location and positioning is critical. They should also be fastened to ensure they do not fall off when birds hang.

The suet and the nut log feeders are also potential food sources for predators. Rodents and squirrels have been known to take frequent visits.

That is why it is important to find safe places to hang them. It is advisable to place them at favorable heights and hang them far off the pole. This keeps away the predators and reserves the feed for the birds.

Which feeder is better for the delivery of feed?

It cannot be ascertained which log feeder works best for the birds. But the amount of feed that each holds matters.

Suet log feeders are larger and can hold more bird feed. They are known to hold larger cakes. They are primarily preferred in areas that are habitats for heavy feeders.

The nut log feeders are primarily preferred in areas that are habitats for small birds. They can only hold a few nuts drilled in holes.

This cannot be adequate for bigger birds. They are also not strong as the suet cages. They can barely hold one big bird. That is why suet log cages are popular for big birds.

The nut log feeders are easier to maintain than the suet log feeders. The nut log feeders only require the replacement of nuts in the drilled holes.

The suet log feeders have to be cleaned regularly. The melted fats can be rancid if not cleaned. That is why they are less popular with bird feeders.

Which one wins: Suet Log Feeder and Nut log feeder

There is no significant difference between a suet and a nut log feeder. They are all viewed as serving the primary purpose of delivering feed to the bird.

The choice of the feeder is dependent on individual liking. It is essential to look for information on each type of feeder before choosing between the suet and the nut log feeder.