5 Reasons You Should Wear Gardening Gloves

A good percentage of homeowners find gardening therapeutic. Gardening can be an avenue to destress and unwind after a grueling day.

Even so, we cannot ignore the fact that gardening exposes you to harmful microorganisms that pose a danger to your health. Therefore, you need to wear protective garments every time you go to the garden.

Garden soil often contains pathogens that cause serious harm when they enter the body through open injuries. Bacteria and fungi in the soil can also cause infections in your body.

Pest and crawling bugs in the soil can also lead to skin irritation. Luckily, gardening gloves can protect against these harmful organisms.

The benefits of wearing garden gloves

In this article, we take a look at some of the reasons you should wear gardening gloves.

  1. Protect yourself from tetanus

Generally, tetanus is caused by an organism that lives in manure and soil. Failure to use gardening gloves, therefore, puts you at risk of getting tetanus.

If you have an open cut or scrape in your hand, the organism Clostridium tetani can easily penetrate your body, hence causing the disease tetanus. This organism is usually present in gardening tools and rose thorns.

So, be careful whenever you are handling all your gardening equipment. Some of the most common symptoms of tetanus are weakness and stiffness in the muscles.

If you have tetanus, you are likely to find it difficult to chew and swallow. Fortunately, many individuals are able to fight back tetanus since they received a vaccination.

  1. Protection from sepsis

Another reason you should wear gardening gloves is to protect yourself from sepsis. Sepsis is a serious disease that can lead to organ failure and death if left untreated.

Usually, sepsis comes from bacterial infections caused by organisms present in the soil. These septic-causing organisms are primarily present in manure. Some include Salmonella and Escherichia coli. Once these bacteria enter the body, they grow rapidly; in turn, the body releases an inflammatory response that can lead to severe medical conditions.

Recently, a 43-year-old lady died due to contracting sepsis in her garden. All she did was scratch her hand while gardening. After several days, the mother of two succumbed to death.

Many gardeners have also spent days in the hospital trying to recover from sepsis. Therefore, never fail to wear protective gloves any time you go to the garden.

  1. Legionellosis

Wearing gardening gloves also protects you from Legionnaires’ disease. This disease comes from stagnant pools of water containing Legionella pneumophila.

This pathogen is present in a compost bin and soil in both outdoor and indoor gardens. So, you should also wear gardening gloves when dealing with your planting pots since you are at risk of infection.

Based on a previous study in New Zealand and Australia, Legionella pneumophila was found in potting mix. Researchers reported that over 400 people got infected with Legionnaires’ disease. Unlike other pathogens, you can inhale Legionella pneumophila.

So, besides wearing gardening gloves, consider wearing dust masks to protect yourself. Also, when dealing with the soil, sprinkle a little water to make it damp to reduce dust.

  1. Melioidosis

Another reason you should wear gardening gloves is to protect yourself from melioidosis. Melioidosis comes from bacteria present in the soil. This bacterium comes to the soil’s surface after it rains and can enter the body through grazes and scrapes.

Health experts also report that it can enter the body through inhaling and drinking contaminated water. Some of the symptoms associated with melioidosis include shortness of breath, fever, and cough.

If left untreated, melioidosis can lead to death. According to a previous study, this disease led to several deaths. Wearing gardening gloves can protect you from the bacteria causing these diseases.

Also, wearing protective boots keeps you safe against this disease. If your immune system is weak, always avoid getting in contact with rainwater on the ground.

  1. Rose gardener’s disease

Another infection you might get in the garden is the “rose gardener’s disease.” As the name suggests, this disease is usually present in rose plants. A fungus called sporothrix causes this disease.

This fungus lives in the soil and plant matter. It enters the body through scrapes, grazes. When this happens, individuals are likely to experience skin infections that manifest in the form of bumps that continually grow. The bump continues to grow for up to three months and can become an open sore.

There are certain fungi in the soil that can cause lung infections. The above diseases are not the only things you need to protect yourself from while in the garden.

You need to safeguard yourself from insects and toxic chemicals from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Also, being in the garden puts you at risk of developing physical injuries like sprains, cuts, and allergies.

As much as gardening can be fun, ensure you wear the proper attire when going to the garden. Wear protecting gloves, shoes, and a dust mask to keep your respiratory system safe.

Also, if you happen to get a cut or a scrape, disinfect it using the right products. In case you observe any signs of infection, see a doctor immediately. Ignoring the issue can be detrimental to your health.

Here are the best gardening gloves

As mentioned earlier, gardening gloves are essential in protecting you from certain health dangers. Fortunately, there is a wide range of gardening gloves available in the market.

The ones you choose often depend on your requirements. Below, we suggest the best gardening gloves you should consider using. Remember, choosing the wrong gardening gloves might just be a waste of money.

1. Pine Tree Tools Gardening Gloves For Women and Men

The Pine Tree Tools gardening gloves are perfect for both males and females. They come in a variety of sizes; hence can fit small and large hands.

You can use these gloves throughout the entire year since they are designed for all seasons. Besides their functionality, these gloves are gorgeous and super affordable.

These gloves are uniquely designed with breathable and soft material to keep you comfortable. You can use them during summer since they keep your hands cool. They often fit the hands tightly; thus, they work like your bare hands.

They are also lightweight and cannot irritate your skin. Even so, the Pine Tree Tools gardening gloves do not have extra cushioning. As a result, they may not

2. Exemplary Gardens Goatskin Leather Gardening Gloves

The other best-selling gardening glove is the exemplary gardens goatskin leather. These gloves come from goat grain hence offer high longevity.

They provide maximum protection from harmful objects and bacteria from the garden. Additionally, these gloves come in different colors and sizes. Thus, you can always choose your best pick.

These gloves are also very comfortable, thanks to their soft material. They incorporate a lanolin coating that prevents your hands from getting dry even when performing the toughest tasks.

If you have sensitive skin, consider buying these gloves. Nevertheless, ensure you are not allergic to wool. One of the main advantages of these gloves is that they cover the entire arm up to the elbow.

Hence, they offer maximum protection to 75% of the arm. Before purchasing these gloves, it is essential to check the sizes available and find your best fit.

3. G & F Products 1852-3 Soft Jersey Garden Gloves

Are you looking for feminine gardening gloves? These gloves are your best option. The soft jersey garden gloves are colorful and beautiful. Hence, they make a perfect mother’s day gift or birthday gift for the lady in your life.

Aside from aesthetics, these gloves are strong and provide a firm grip. Nonetheless, note that these gloves are 100% cotton. Thus, they are not waterproof.

One of the best things about these gloves is that they cost as low as $10. You can actually get a set of three pairs in different colors at an affordable price. However, these gloves are not ideal for people conducting heavy gardening tasks.

This is because they are unlikely to offer maximum protection against heavy tasks. You can find these gloves in local stores like Walmart and Home Depot. Also, you can purchase them online from Amazon.

4. Magid Glove & Safety Store Professional Gardening Gloves

These gloves offer maximum safety and protection against harmful bacteria and gardening equipment. They reach up to the elbow hence protecting the entire arm from injuries and infections.

The Magid gloves are also strong, resistant to punctures, among other forms of wear and tear. These gloves also offer maximum comfort due to their inner padding. It features a knuckle guard to provide extra protection from those stubborn thorns in the garden.

The gloves are also fitting but flexible. Thus, they allow you to feel whatever you are touching comfortably, even a smartphone screen. They are also made from a breathable material, hence keeping your hands cool even during summer.

They are uniquely designed to protect your arm. You can find them in a wide array of colors and sizes. So, you can always find a pair that matches your requirements. These gloves are also known to offer fantastic aesthetics. You can always purchase them in bulk to save on costs.

5. Wonder Grip Cut Resistant Gardening Gloves

The next type of gardening gloves you should consider wearing is the wonder grip cut-resistant gardening gloves. These gloves offer excellent functionality and durability. They are highly resistant to thorns, thus safe when dealing with sharp objects or plants.

They also provide a firm grip on holding gardening equipment. These gloves feature a breathable and flexible material that keeps you cool throughout the entire summer.

The wonder grip gardening gloves come in various sizes. Thus, you can always find your perfect match. They are simple to maintain and can last for years. Consequently, these gloves offer value for money.

Get that quality garden glove now

Gardening gloves are essential for safety. Garden soil contains a wide range of harmful microorganisms and pathogens. When these bacteria and fungi enter your body, they can lead to serious illnesses.

Therefore, it is essential to get the right gloves for gardening. Nonetheless, before buying a particular type of gloves, ensure you analyze your requirements.