Which Is Better Lawn Grass – Doctor or TruGreen?

Currently, finding a reliable lawn service company is not a walk in the park. There is a wide range of lawn service companies in the United States.

However, not all deliver quality services. At present, Lawn doctor and TruGreen stand out in the industry. These two lawn service companies are popularly known for their professionalism, credibility and the ability to offer you a healthy lawn.

Before settling for one of the two companies, it is essential to understand them in detail. First, identify the advantages and disadvantages of hiring each company.

Then, analyze your needs to determine the company that caters to your landscape requirements.

Lawn doctor vs. TruGreen Grass

Although a majority of gardening experts recommend TruGreen, it would be best to understand each company in detail. Remember, your needs will determine the lawn service company you employ.

Nevertheless, if you want to hire TruGreen, feel free to contact them at 866-817-2287. On the flip side, if you wish to employ Lawn Doctor, you can call them at 844-238-4612.

Both lawn service companies have extensive experience. Lawn Doctor and TruGreen have been in existence for several decades. And both companies have managed to establish an excellent reputation for themselves. So, you can rely on either of them to conduct a quality lawn service job.

Lawn Doctor provides a broad spectrum of specific services that allow for customization. With this company, you can customize the services offered to fit your requirements. Conversely, TruGreen provides five different annual plans that cater to a wide range of customer requirements.

TruGreen is often popular among a majority of homeowners. This is because the lawn service company offers its services across 49 states. Also, their staff members go through extensive training programs to expand their skills.

This lawn service company also provides its services online through a smart app. Lawn Doctor, on the other hand, is locally operated and provides services in 38 states. They offer a variety of services to meet the customer needs in the region. However, they do not have a mobile application.

Unlike TruGreen, Lawn Doctor offers a satisfaction guarantee. They provide a free reapplication in case of anything. Also, they offer full refunds of their recent services, when necessary. Nevertheless, note that they have to evaluate your complaint before they give full refunds to ensure it’s valid.

TruGreen plans

As mentioned earlier, TruGreen offers five different annual plans. They include the TruMaintenance℠ Lawn Care Plan, TruComplete℠ Lawn Care Plan, TruNatural℠ Lawn Care Plan, TruSignature℠ Lawn Care Plan, and TruHealth℠ Lawn Care Plan.

As the name suggests, the TruNatural℠ Lawn Care Plan comprises 100% natural ingredients. Thus, it is safe for your lawn. In addition, truMaintennace is often used to control weeds and feed plants with nutrients.

All in all, the primary services offered by the TruGreen plans include pest control and prevention and soil evaluation.

Lawn Doctor Plans

Lawn Doctor plans provide a wide range of services. These services focus on controlling mosquitoes, weeds and ticks. Also, their mosquito treatments are mostly done as a one-time treatment.

Other services offered by Lawn Doctor include plant fertilization, lawn insect control, fire ant control, and power seeding.

At the end of the day, the lawn service company you choose depends on your requirements. First, take time to analyze all the services offered by both companies. Then, select your best lawn service company option.

Customer Feedback

Both lawn service companies have five-star ratings. TruGreen and Lawn Doctor both have multiple pages with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The ratings slightly vary depending on the location. However, the headquarter page of TruGreen holds an A+ rating and is BBB- accredited.

TruGreen vs. Lawn Doctor Verdict

Ultimately, both lawn service companies offer quality services. So, always settle for the company that meets your requirements. Although TruGreen is bigger and has a higher rating, they may fail to meet your requirements.

Take time to analyze each company and the services they offer. Then, hire the one that meets your requirements and budget. Feel free to call both companies and compare the quotes.

Factors to consider before hiring a lawn care company

Below are some of the factors that help you employ the best lawn service company that caters to your requirements.

  • Company reputation:

The lawn care company you hire should have a good reputation. A reputable company is often professional and credible. Keep in mind that there are thousands of lawn service companies. And not all are credible.

Always take time to analyze all the customer reviews of the companies you wish to hire. Most reputable lawn care companies are listed on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Also, ask a gardening professional how they feel about the company you wish to hire. Going for a company with a bad reputation would be setting yourself up for failure.

  • Licensed company:

Did you know that your lawn care company should be licensed? Every state requires lawn care companies to obtain a valid license. A valid license is a proof that the lawn care company is professional and experienced. This way, you rest assured that the lawn care company with a license will conduct a quality job.

  • Insured lawn care company:

At times, accidents can happen during lawn care jobs. Therefore, it would be best to hire an insured lawn care company. This way, you won’t be held responsible if one of the staff members gets hurt on your property.

Always ask for proof of insurance before you hire the company. Additionally, an insured company is more likely to take jobs seriously and portray professionalism.

  • Member of an organization:

Hiring a company that is a member of a national trade organization portrays the company as credible. Additionally, it shows that the company is serious and interested in contributing to the success of the lawn care industry.

  • Customer Service:

One of the main factors that will help you choose a lawn care company is customer service. Always hire a company that has staff with excellent customer service.

The lawn care company should be willing to address all your fears, queries, and doubts. Also, they should update you on the progress of your project. The staff members should be warm and courteous to handle your personality.

  • Quality equipment:

The equipment used to maintain a lawn determines the outcome. So, hire a company with quality lawn equipment. The job will take a shorter time, and your lawn will stay in good shape. For example, mowing equipment should have sharp blades. Feel free to ask the company how often they sharpen their blades.

  • Contracts:

Before hiring a lawn care company, take time to understand all the terms and conditions involved. Identify the type of contract you’ll get yourself into.

  • Is it a yearly contract?
  • Is it a weekly contract?
  • Is it a verbal contract?

Then, read and understand all the payment details. Do they offer refunds to unhappy customers? All in all, the terms and conditions should cater to your requirements and budget.

  • The cost of services:

Go through all the costs of services before employing a specific company. Ensure that the cost matches your budget. Identify all the payment plans available. Is it possible to pay an annual cost so that you can save? Will the company charge you for offering estimates and scheduling meetings?

  • Dependability:
  1. Make sure you hire a trustworthy company.
  2. If you want to identify the reliability of the company, read all their customer reviews.
  3. Consider asking them for previous work samples.

A reputable company is always ready to give you references.

Best grass to grow in your lawn

There is a wide range of lawn care companies you can hire in this present age and time. Each of them has its unique advantages and disadvantages. TruGreen and Lawn Doctor are two of the most popular lawn care companies.

Before hiring either of the two companies, there are several factors to consider. Some of them include the cost of services, quality of customer service, and the company’s reliability.