Plumbing Issues – When Should You Call for Professional Help?

Once in a while, everyone loves a good DIY project. They allow you to save plenty of money while also giving you a sense of pride in accomplishing something around the house.

That being said, there are many different things that you might be tempted to try yourself, but should not. Things like plumbing issues, for example.

There is a high potential to end up making things much worse than it already is and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage on top of what is wrong.

Here are times when you should call for professional help.

Leaking or Burst Pipes

If you notice that you are not getting strong water pressure out of your faucets or sinks, you might be dealing with a leaking pipe.

If the water has shut off completely, a burst pipe might have occurred. Both of these can cause incredibly large amounts of damage to your home if not dealt with immediately and the right help is not called.

When dealing with this, the first thing that you have to do is shut off the water valve in your house.

If you do not shut off the water in your home, water will continue to leak out of the pipe causing damage to your walls and anything surrounding it.

States like California suffer from this due to the droughts in the area.

Pipes get damaged and as a result leak and burst more often than anywhere. There will be a plumber in California who can help out with situations like this.

They will evaluate the pipe itself, fix it, and determine what has been damaged around it as well.

As much as you might want to try fixing this yourself, leave it to a professional and stay out of it.

Frozen Pipes

Typically, frozen pipes show the same signs as leaking or burst pipes, however, these are caused by a harsh winter and water freezing within them.

Water is one of the few liquids on Earth that actually expands when it freezes.

If this water freezes in a pipe, it can expand to be larger than the pipe itself and constantly put pressure on it until it cracks.

Attempting to thaw something like this yourself can cause plenty more damage to your pipes and will not often fix the problem either.

Call a professional and leave all of the difficult work for them.

Clogged Drains

We all get clogged drains in our homes, the problem occurs when the drain is not working as efficiently as it normally does for an extended period of time.

Most drains will fix themselves in a few minutes, but you need to be careful if that is not the case.

In kitchen sinks, grease and other food particles can build up and harden and be extremely difficult for you to clear by yourself.

The biggest nightmare though would be clogged drains due to sewage backing up within the home.

If you notice things are not draining and it has been quite some time, it is important that you call a plumber to get things looked at.

There are many serious problems that could be occurring here, and if you try to take a look at things by opening up a pipe yourself, you may be suggesting yourself to a high volume of sewage water.

Hot Water Heater Problems

Finally, if you notice a problem with your water heater, you might have an emergency on your hands.

The hot water heater contains a huge reservoir of water that can cause extreme damage to your household and your property if not addressed.

Take a look at the drip pan underneath the heater. Is there water on it?

If you discover water, instantly turn off your water valves and call up a plumber to come to take a look at things. There is a huge fear of massive damage to something like this.

Sewage Smells

If you start to notice your house smells of sewage, mainly when you turn on faucets, there is most likely a problem with your sump pump or septic system.

This means that sewage is slowly backing up and if left unaddressed, will slowly build till it leaks into your home.

Dealing with this can be extremely harmful to your health so be sure to stay away from it.

All of these are times when you should not attempt to fix things yourself.

It will cost you money, but you will at least get the assurance that you are getting something fixed properly.

Not everything needs to be done by yourself, in cases like this, it is best to leave things to the experts.