How Many DWC Buckets Are Needed In A 4×4 Tent?

DWC stands for Deep Water Culture. This is a technique used to convey water to plants in hydroponics agriculture.

Hydroponics is a new gardening trend taking the world by storm. In this form of agriculture, plants are grown in water instead of soil.

With deep water culture, plants are grown in net pots filled with inert growth substrate. The net pot is then suspended over nutrient-rich, aerated water.

The roots of the plants are submerged within the water and nourished with artificial nutrients already mixed in with the water.

This set up is maintained for the entirety of the plant’s life i.e. from germination to maturation.

Setting up a hydroponics garden is a very simple process. Anyone with a little knowledge can do it without breaking a sweat. What must be emphasized is that the plants cannot be left out in the open.

To ensure optimal growth, it is important to keep the plants in a controlled environment within which they can flourish.

They need to be protected from pests and harsh outdoor conditions. This is where a grow tent comes in handy.

Using a grow tent in hydroponics agriculture

A grow tent alias gardening tent is a simple frame structure covered by thick plastic within which plants may be grown.

A grow tent mimics the qualities of a greenhouse. It creates a safe space within which plants may be grown to reach their maximum size.

Like a greenhouse, it captures and keeps heats and keeps pests at bay, all in a bid to encourage plant growth.

The grow tent is a useful piece of equipment, as one can keep growing plants throughout the year even in the cold autumn and winter months.

These useful tents can be made for a variety of materials. The most common grow tents have walls made of clear plastic.

These plastic tents are the most affordable and available. For people with a little bit more money, there are grow tents made of corrugated plastic or glass.

These types of grow tents are more durable and last longer and can last for years on end.

This being the case, glass and corrugated plastic grow tents, though initially expensive to purchase, are worth the cost in the long-run.

Since plants need light to grow, when investing in a grow tent it will be advisable to also buy quality LED grow lights.

How big is a 4×4 grow tent?

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Grow tents come in various sizes. One can purchase whichever size is most convenient for them.

It is even possible to customize a grow tent, to fit the area of one’s garden or balcony. However, for convenience, it is best to just purchase an already made one.

The article focuses on the 4×4 grow tent and seeks to find out how many deep-water culture buckets can be fitted within it.

The 4×4 size gardening tent, is the most favored size for a grow tent. This is because, many people trying out hydroponics, mainly live in urban areas and do not have the luxury of space.

The 4×4 grow tent is large enough to grow a collection of plants and small enough to fit inside an apartment or on a balcony.

It is thus easy to hydroponically grow plants using a 4×4 grow tent. The challenge one may end up facing is the fact that not so many buckets can be fitted within the tent.

With hydroponics, everything has to be carefully planned and calculated. Plants obtain nutrients from the water in the system.

The water has to be enough to satisfy the plant’s needs. The nutrients mixed in must be of the right quantity to ensure maximum plant growth.

Crowding too many plants together in one location will hamper growth. Therefore, to have healthy hydroponically grown plants, it is best to use 9-gallon buckets.

Such a bucket provides enough space for optimal root growth. The plants will have enough space to stretch out and produce maximum yield.

A 9-gallon bucket has a diameter of about one foot. With such a length it is clear that only 4 buckets can fit inside a 4×4 tent. If properly arranged within the tent, this number can be increased to 5 buckets.

Does Deep Water Culture increase yield?

Most people opt to use the deep-water culture hydroponic technique, because of its simplicity and affordability.

The system is just a reservoir within which plants are grown. The plants’ roots are fully immersed in nutrient-rich water for the whole of their lives.

This hydroponics system setup requires little maintenance and as such is the most preferred by beginners as well.

Generally speaking, hydroponics guarantees higher yields than planting crops in soil.

Plants are grown in a closely monitored environment where their every need is attended to.

The nutrients they need are kept close to them and hence they never need to waste energy looking for nutrients, water, or oxygen.

To augment this guarantee, it is best to understand the three principles of deep-water culture.

The first principle relates to oxygen. To ensure healthy yields, plants must have a constant supply of oxygen.

They must breathe. Submerging roots into a reservoir of water may limit oxygen supply to the plant. Therefore, as a hydroponics farmer, it is best to invest in an air pump.

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The air pump as its name suggests pumps air into the reservoir ensuring that the plant’s roots have a constant of oxygen.

The second principle of deep-water culture relates to nutrients. Plants must have enough macro and micronutrients to grow strong and healthy. Hence it is important to provide an adequate supply of nutrients to the plants.

The final principle relates to water. Plants will have their roots immersed in water for their entire lives.

It is thus important to ensure that the water remains clean and has a pH suitable for plant survival. Dirty unhealthy water may cause plant rot and plant death.


Deep water culture is a very economical way of growing plants hydroponically.

It requires little maintenance and thus will be very fun to try out. When using a grow room or tent, it is best not to crowd the plant together.

Crowding will cause plants to have less growing space and ultimately poor yields.

The ideal number of buckets that can fit inside the tent are 5 with a capacity of 9 gallons each.

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