Instructions On Aquaponics Greenhouse Layout And Design – Complete Guide

The layout of an Aquaponics greenhouse must be carefully looked into and analyzed in order to ensure that the greenhouse is effective, successful and highly durable for the aquaponics system.

The aquaponic greenhouse design that is efficient is not the easiest to find, try here.

There are three different types of styles that can be used in designing the Aquaponics greenhouse.

They are deep water culture(DWC), Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) and media-based.

The first two styles are abit more expensive and it is therefore highly recommended that beginners should begin with the media based.

There are a number of reasons as to why the media-based style is the best such as; it is easier to learn and understand the processes to be used and it is cheaper due to the fact that it has less parts.

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The media bed is also advantageous because it can perform a number of tasks that are required.

It can perform all three filtering tasks that include mineralization (the breaking down of solids to liquid state), mechanical (the removal of solids) and bio filtration.

Best Water filtering Air Stone

Water filtration is critical in ensuring the success of your aquaponics system. It therefore goes with saying you need to consider getting the products below.

  1. VIVOSUN 8 Inch Air Stone Disc with Shell and Sucker for Aquaponic Tank
VIVOSUN Air Stone Disc 8 x 8 Inch with Shell and Sucker for Aquarium, Fish Tank and Hydroponics Air Pump
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  • Size: 8" - 8" D x 1.2" H; Recommended air pump power: > 16 W; Standard ID...
  • Durable Material: Made of mineral material and sintered at a high temperature;...

Oxygen is essential for a aquaponic growing system. This VIVOSUN 8 Inch Air Stone Disc is a superb tool to circulate nutrition and add oxygen to your hydroponic growing system.

These air stones can keep roots healthy, prolong the life of your nutrient solution, and generate fine bubbles for oxygen replacement.

Disc design shell generates more bubbles. These products are perfect for hydroponic fish tanks, ponds, deep water hydroponic systems or aquariums and other systems.


  • Perfect for fish tanks, ponds, hydroponic systems or aquariums and other systems.
  • Produce fine bubbles for oxygen replacement.
  • Extend your nutrient solution’s life, keep roots healthy and enhance exceptional growth.
  • Disc designed with sucker and shell. Disc Dimensions: 8inches X 8inches X 1.2 inches.
  • Created to circulate nutrition and add oxygen to your hydroponic growing system.

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  1. Danner 12-Inch by 12-Inch Mechanical Pond Filter
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Danner 02211 PM1000 12-Inch by 12-Inch Mechanical Pond Filter is a revolutionary low profile filter, which is made to be inconspicuous in the pond’s bottom.

Its large filter area means less regular cleanup. You can use a tee fitting to connect more than one filter to a pump. These filters provide biological, chemical and mechanical filtration.

Danner’s 12×12 Danner 02211 PM1000 12-Inch by 12-Inch Mechanical Pond Filter offers a friendly surrounding for aquatic life.

It’s ideal for small to medium-sized ponds. This product comes complete with ID fittings and tubing.


  • Features 3/4-inch ID fittings and tubing
  • 12-inchx12-inch Filter Box with locking handle
  • Offer the best environment for your aquatic life with Danner products
  • Connects to the intake side of the pump
  • 100 percent created and manufactured in the USA with quality goods
  • Polyester and Carbon media for chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration
  • Ideal for small to medium ponds
  • Top quality materials used to make the top of the range aquatic supplies


  • It is made for chemical, mechanical, and biological filtration.
  • It features ID fittings and tubing.
  • It is perfect for small to medium-sized ponds.


  • It does not include a pond motor.

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The media bed is also used to grow the plants in it and it also imitates a traditional soil garden and can therefore it can support the plants grown in it much better and easier.

The flood and drain design is pretty much a very basic design. It is of a common design and also the simplest hence making it the easiest design when being used on a small scale or for the basis of home use.

This is because it is easy to build , does not take up too much space, a 1:1 ratio is the most appropriate.

It is also easy to be maintain it around the house and it is flexible as well as easy to customize in accordance to ones needs.

The aquaponic greenhouse is built accurately by ensuring that it is filled with the correct amount of grow media before the seeds are finally planted into it.

One must make sure that the grow bed is the correct size for the growth of the plants.

The materials that are used to make the grow bed do not alter anything in the system and also that the grow bed is durable to withstand the weight of the plants, media and the water flow in the system as well.

Best water pump for you grow system

This then brings us to the issue of how to best manage the water flow in you system.

Let us review the top rated water pumps in the market today.

  1. PonicsPump 800 GPH Submersible Pump with 6′ Cord – 60W for Aquaponics

This is a mid-sized pump ideal for medium garden waterfalls, ponds, as well as other waterworks.

PonicsPump PP80006: 800 GPH Submersible Pump is created from top quality materials, with the shaft being created from ceramic.

This makes this pump it resistible to corroding and a lot harder than steel.

Epoxy resin encasement protects the internal components of the motor.

Therefore, the internals aren’t prone to corrosion or unnecessary conductivity.


  • Power consumption: 60 Watts
  • Maximum power: 800 GPH
  • It’s safe for fish since it is oil-free and is not exposed copper. Simple to clean without any tools needed to dismantle and clean the impeller and filter.
  • Pump type: electric and submersible
  • This pump comes with a top quality six-foot waterproof cord, and an adjustable input flow-rate screen.


  • You won’t require any tools to dismantle the pump to clean the impeller and filter.
  • The pump is energy efficient.
  • It comes without exposed copper parts, which makes it safe for fish living in the pond.
  • The model provides outstanding lift capabilities, with maximum water lift of 11 ft, although the flow rate decreases significantly.

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  1. Tetra Pond Water Garden Pump, Powers Waterfalls/Filters/Fountain Heads
TetraPond Water Garden Pump, Powers Waterfalls/Filters/Fountain Heads,Black,50 to 500 Gallons
  • Start with this pump when creating your own backyard pond
  • Magnetic drive water garden pump
  • Powers waterfall, filters, and fountain heads

Whether you are a skilled hobbyist or simply a novice, Tetra offers everything you require, from the decor, revolutionary equipment, a large array of quality fish food and test kits.

A Tetra Pond Water Garden Pump is a small and very energy efficient fountain and waterfall pump, which is ideal for usage in compact garden ponds.

This product consumes very little power, with the lowest being just 17 watts, but still, offer a strong water head height for features.

It is entirely submersible, as well as very quiet when running.

This product is good as a garden pump.

The amazing magnetic drive waterfall system of the Tetra Pond Water Garden Pump increases the appeal of your garden to a new level.

This UL listed and energy efficient pump features filter and fountain head, so that you’ll get filtered water together with awesome waterfall.


  • Three-year limited warranty, UL listed, and energy efficient
  • Powers fountain heads, filters, and waterfall
  • Magnetic drive water garden pump
  • Begin with this pump when building your own yard pond


  • Created to be submerged in water
  • Powerful yet quiet
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for novices to ponds
  • Simple to install
  • Variety of capacities based on the model


  • This item is a basic pump, so professional users might be annoyed with the scarcity of special features
  • The Tetra Pond Water Garden Pump does not have a filter, so one will have to be bought separately

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The Aquaponics greenhouse location depends on the type of climate in the region in which the individual resides in and also the space available for the individual to put up one.

It is common to put the greenhouse in the backyard.

However, it is a great advantage for those who have fair weather as they have a variety of places to put the greenhouse kit.

These locations include; setting up the Aquaponics system indoors where one can very easily put up a greenhouse and set up inside it.

An individual also has the option of harvesting plants and fish during the suitable seasons and when winter or summer approach, the systems can be shut down until the right season comes up again.

In addition, one can mimic the previous option but instead of shutting down completely, the individual could set up indoors.

How to build aquaponics greenhouse

Building a greenhouse may not be easy, but it could be effective especially if one is trying to save on capital.

An Aquaponics greenhouse can be built at just a fraction of the cost that would be used to purchase a pre-built one.

how to design an aquaponic greenhouse

No fancy and complicated tools are required in the construction of the Aquaponics system greenhouses.

The basic garden tools are a handsaw, a hammer and a drill.

There are a number of designs that have been carefully drawn out depending on the design of the greenhouse and also the size that the individual may prefer.

The recommended and the widely used material for the greenhouse design is the plexiglass panels because it offers dual-layer protection. Besides, plexiglass has the ability to trap heat during cold weather, reducing the electrical cost of heating up space.

One does not particularly need to be a builder in order to put up an Aquaponic greenhouse.

All an individual may need are greenhouse secrets and they are prepared to take the task.

In addition to that there are step-by-step guidelines that have been clearly noted to help anyone who is interested in taking on the challenge.

An individual who is up for the challenge could begin by assembling the correct gardening tools to be used in the construction of the greenhouse.

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They may begin by building two 8’*2’*8’ grow boxes which have 2’*4’ and use plywood to make the base of the grow bed.

The entire inside area of the box should be lined pond liner and eventually filled with pea gravel that will act as the grow media for the plants.

The beds should then be mounted on 4”*4” posts with the help of carriage bolts to fasten them on and then position each one of them one on top of the other in a way that will ensure there is sufficient space for the plants to be able to trellis and mature well.

The grow beds must not be mounted flat but instead should be tilted to an angle of 5 degrees in order to make sure that the water flow is consistent without any difficulties.

Best Aquaponics Growing Beds

The tank at the top should be higher in the direction of the fish food tanks and the lower bed should be lower in the area lower towards the fish tank.

A hole should be cut at the bottom of the top bed (the end that is angled downwards) so as to allow the 1” PVC pipe to let the water flow from the top bed to the bed at the bottom.

Another whole should be cut in the side but at the bottom of the bed in order for the 1” PVC pipe to let the water from the hydroponic system to flow back to the fish tank.

The building of the entire aquaponics system as well as constructing the greenhouse kit may be economic

. All the same it is quite time consuming.

There is also the option of purchasing the entire kit and depending on the individual, they may decide to assemble the greenhouse kit personally and cut on the costs of labor or even just hire a profession to assemble or put it up for them that include setting up the aquaponic tanks.

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