Can I Grow Garlic From A Clove?

Small gardeners can grow garlic from a clove. The process is pretty much straightforward.

All you have to do is have a garlic clove and a fertile garden. You can buy garlic cloves from the grocery store.

A single clove can always grow numerous garlic bulbs. However, ensure you go for organic garlic.

Organic garlic is the best when it comes to planting. You can spot them easily since they have bigger cloves. Growing organic garlic helps you obtain an abundant and tasty harvest.

Detailed steps of growing garlic from a clove

Step one:

First, you have to know that garlic thrives in low temperatures. Thus, it would be best if you grew garlic during the fall season.

This way, you would be receiving your harvest by the start of spring or summer. Place the end of the clove with the root directly on the open ground.

You need not remove the clove’s outermost layer; it will eventually become part of the root system.

In case you are using a planting pot, eggshell or planting container, ensure you place it under direct sunlight. Consider placing the pot in your outdoor living space.

Step two:

After the soil secures the garlic in the ground, get rid of the flowery tendrils, popularly known as the garlic scapes.

Doing this gives room for the rest of the garlic bulb to grow into a large garlic bulb.

Do not make the mistake of ignoring the garlic scapes. Otherwise, you would hinder the growth of other bulbs.

Step three:

After a month, the garlic will start splitting into different cloves to form new bulbs.

Keep feeding the garlic plants with water and nutrients to promote healthy growth. Once you do this, prepare to receive an abundant harvest after six months.

All in all, it’s quite easy to grow garlic from a clove. Anyone can do it. All you need to do is purchase garlic cloves and follow all planting instructions.

How long does it take to grow garlic from a clove?

Growing garlic from clove is not an overnight process. You would have to wait for about six months for you to see a plentiful harvest.

Even so, you’ll notice different growth stages along the way. For example, after 40 days, you would be able to notice the formation of garlic scapes.

Although you will have to wait for half a year before harvesting garlic clove, you would unquestionably get impressed by the outcome.

Can I grow garlic in pots?

Like most plants, you can also grow garlic in pots. However, ensure that the pot offers sufficient space for the garlic plant to grow.

Gardening experts advise using pots with a depth of 6 inches to provide enough space for the roots.

Such pots can accommodate up to 3 garlic cloves. Thus, look for a larger-sized pot if you wish to grow more cloves in the pot.

When growing garlic in pots, ensure you keep them watered at all times, especially during dry seasons.

Also, place the pot outside for the plants to receive sufficient sunlight. Consider placing the pots on your porch.

Moreover, use high-quality soil to grow garlic in a pot. Never forget to attend to the garlic plants to obtain a plentiful harvest.

How often should I water garlic?

When growing garlic, it is best to water the plants every 3 to 5 days during the formation of the bulb. This should be towards the end of May through June.

But if these months turn out to be very dry, water the garlic plants up to a depth of 8 feet.

Towards the end of June, you can start reducing the frequency of watering otherwise it may lead to rotting of the garlic plant.

Other than watering garlic plants, below are a few practices you ought to incorporate when growing garlic from a clove.

  • Ensure the garlic plant is under temperatures of 40 degrees Fahrenheit for it to thrive.
  • Always get rid of the garlic scapes immediately they start emerging. Otherwise, they would affect the growth of the bulb.
  • Use a fertilizer with high nitrogen content to feed the garlic plant during the early spring.
  • Keep the garden free from weeds. Garlic plants don’t like competition when it comes to nutrients.

Should you let garlic flower?

After approximately 40 days, your garlic plants will begin flowering. So, what should you do at this point?

The flower stalks produced by garlic plants are popularly known as garlic scapes. The best thing to do at this point is to begin your first harvest.

Garlic is one of the few plants that require two harvests. Harvest the garlic scapes carefully to promote a plentiful second harvest.

Leaving the rigid flower stalks on the garlic plant does not allow the garlic bulbs to grow to their full potential.

Cut the garlic scapes immediately they start curling. You can include garlic scapes in a wide variety of meals, from dips to salads.

Can I grow garlic from the grocery store?

Yes, organic garlic from the supermarket or grocery store can grow garlic plants. In fact, experts recommend buying garlic cloves from the store if you plan to grow them in your garden.

Even so, ensure you go for organic garlic. Organic garlic is bigger and is the best for planting.

You don’t have to get garlic directly from the garden so that you can grow it. If you desire to grow garlic from a clove, visit your nearest store or supermarket and get an organic clove.

Always buy garlic that looks healthy so that you get a plentiful harvest. Avoid going for garlic that looks dry and damaged.

You have to be careful when purchasing garlic from the grocery store. Most garlic bulbs from the grocery store do not come directly from the garden.

They are grown using specific chemicals. Such garlic bulbs are not organic and cannot be grown in the garden.

Therefore, it is essential to consult the grocery store attendant before purchasing garlic bulbs if you intend to plant the cloves.


You can always grow garlic from a clove. It takes about six months before you see the results.

However, when planting, ensure you harvest garlic scapes, water the plants every 3 to 5 days, and feed the plant with adequate nutrients.