Recreate Your Living Space With These Easy Tricks

You’re busy enough trying to adhere to all the new years’ resolutions, and you don’t need to take on any large projects when it comes to changing up your living space.

This is understandable, and don’t worry, you won’t have to overhaul absolutely everything to adjust your living room style.

If you’re looking for some easy tricks on how to recreate your resting area this 2020, here are some examples.

Change Up The Art Scene

Nothing can quite a change a room up like thoroughly updating the art on your walls.

Using a large, mindful, abstract piece of art that compliments contemporary colors will create a new visual effect that makes it completely different.

If there are pictures on the wall in the way of your would-be art piece, consider placing them in frames on an end table.

This way you still get to enjoy and reminisce your favorite memories without clashing with modern art.

Acquire Some New Essential Furniture

I don’t think anyone needs to be reminded how much renewing your furniture collection can effectively update the room.

This year might be your year to check out some new styles and big furniture pieces that will give your living area a new vibe and feel.

If you’re looking for current pieces without having to leave the comfort of your house Shop Liberty Furniture Online on In Store if you want to visualize the pieces in person.

Going through an online inventory is a lot more convenient, and easily added to your floor plan.

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Mirrors can create the illusion of opening up space in your living room, making it seem larger than it is.

They also work similar to art pieces and act as a center of focus for the room if you’d like to display a large contemporary piece.

Along with new furniture and uncluttering your living space, you can add an appeal of a spacious modern living room without much effort.

Spin The Color Wheel

If you want to entirely harmonize the room you can always paint the walls, preferably with a more neutral color base.

By using the colors of the year like “terracotta” you can develop an avant-garde or simple living room that relaxes the mind.

White and accent colors work too, if you want to emphasize a point of focus.

Neutral colors are timeless and won’t leave you needing to update your scheme for some time in the future.

Paint jobs don’t take too much time to set up, but they do have the downside of involving drop sheets and some labor.

Throw a mindful masterpiece on your walls and watch your living space change from drab, to “fab”, by creating a centerpiece of focus.

You could also change up the living furniture to acquire a more modern look and feel this year.

Mirrors are a lasting recipe for creating the illusion of more space in your living area, and painting can work symbiotically with this effect to create a calm neutral atmosphere.

With a few small tricks and a little effort, you won’t even feel like you’re in the same living room!

Garden Through The Window

To crown it all, it would be a great idea to have a well pruned fence and garden overlooking the living room window.

You can opt to hire a landscape expert to help achieve a beautiful garden that will make your home ambience stunning.