How To Make A Hanging Bird Feeder In Your Backyard

Birds are great lovers of hanging feeders. It feels like a safe, comfortable place to rest. It is also an excellent place where birds get to feed.

It is said that bird feeders are known to attract more birds. They are commonly used in habitats for seed-eating birds.

Birds that love hanging on feeders include pigeons, house sparrows, and starlings. They are known to move mostly in groups. They are also lovers of seeds that are rare to find. The feeders also offer a haven for nesting.

There is a proper way of hanging feeders to attract more birds. Some factors come into play when making this decision.

  • How high should a bird feeder be hung?
  • How far away from the house should a bird feeder be?
  • Should bird feeders be in the sun or shade?
  • Can I hang a bird feeder from my porch?

How high should a bird feeder be hung?

There is no standard height recommended to hand the bird feeders. Many factors come to play when making this decision. The type of bird of interest to you matters.

It is good to research bird preference for heights. But the ideal height is about 5 feet from the ground.

The question of how high you should hang a bird feeder is about safety. Hanging bird feeders that are higher from the ground prevent prey. Among the common bird prey are cats. The hanging of feeders prevents the cats from leaping up to get the birds.

Hanging feeders also help to protect the birds’ feed. Animals such as squirrels are known to prey on bird feed. They love visiting bird feeders for easy meals.

Hanging the feeders makes it hard for the squirrels to access the feed. It assures that only the birds get to enjoy the feed.

Height alone is not enough to keep the birds safe. It is also necessary to use a canopy for hanging bird feeders. This prevents flying hawks that prey on the birds. It also offers some shelter and shade for the birds.

How far away from the house should a bird feeder be?

The distance from the house also matters when hanging feeders. One major factor to consider is space for the birds to fly. It is good to ensure that the distance from the house provides such space. This prevents any danger or harm to the birds.

It is recommended to keep bird feeders away from the windows. Reflection from the windows is a distraction to the birds. It is a threat to safety because it distracts the flying and landing of the birds. It can also cause injuries to the birds if they hit the windows.

Some birds are not lovers of people. They prefer to avoid being close to the houses where people frequent. This is why keeping the feeders at a considerable distance from the house is important. It gives the birds a sense of safety when resting on the feeders.

Can I hang a bird feeder from my porch?

Some people love hanging bird feeders from their porches. It is considered a way of beautification. This is only sometimes the recommended place. But can also work when done properly. It is good to research how to hand them safely on the porch.

Avoid hanging the feeder at the edges of a porch. Many prefer edges because it looks appealing to the eye. But this is a major risk for the birds. The edges are unstable, and bird feeders can fall off. It is a threat to the bird and can be a health hazard to you.

It is recommended to provide natural shelter for feeders hung on a porch. Selecting the side of the porch with trees or shrubs is proper.

This ensures that the birds experience the benefits of nature. Creating a canopy is recommended where such trees or shrubs are not close.

Should bird feeders be in the sun or shade?

Birds enjoy some shade when feeding or resting. They spend more time in cool and safe places. Locating a feeder close to a natural cover is recommended. It offers shade for the birds. Exposure of feeders to the sun keeps away birds.

But keeping away bird prey is also necessary. Placing the feeders on trees with branches is a threat to the birds. It offers shade but also provides jumping-off points for the prey. Cats can easily jump on branches to access the feeders.

Providing shade also means setting up a canopy above the feeders. This is good for the safety of birds. The shade deters some prey from accessing the feeders.

This is different from open feeders. Though the birds enjoy the sun, issues of safety should be prioritized.

The shade also buffers birds from winter winds. The sun may be uncomfortable for the bird, but the winds are a threat. This is mostly important for small birds. They can hardly survive strong winds. It also provides a refuge during heavy rains.

Importance of considering colors on hanging feeders

Other factors also come into play when hanging feeders. One of these factors is the type and color of handling feeders. There are varying arguments as to whether color matters. But they play a major role in attracting birds.

Birds have a greater number of photoreceptors than humans. They can see and identify color better. They can also see different variations of colors. The birds also see ultraviolet light. That is why the birds love colored feeders.

Color has been used to attract different types of birds. The approach used the most is placing different colored feeders in the backyard garden. The most common bad feeder colors are dull green, brown, and gray.

The recommended girls are those the help birds blend in. The colors should also be less visible. Bright colors are known to attract the attention of bird prey. Making the feeders blend with the natural environment is good. It keeps predators away.

The best bird seed for hanging feeders

Feeding birds on hanging feeders is inevitable. But the type of food should be a major factor. Different types of seeds are available for the birds. Among the common seeds include millet, peanuts, and cracked corn.

The type of birds targeted should determine the seed for hanging feeders. It is good to look for information on what each bird likes. Some people prefer using bread crumbs. But sunflower seeds have been ranked as the bird’s favorite. They attract different types of birds.

It is good to make sure that the bird feeders are attractive. They should be visible to the bird from afar. It should not be the same color as the hanging feeders. The objective should be to check how the birds fair with different seeds.

What color of seeds do birds prefer?

Birds are well known to prefer eating seeds with bright colors. A good example is the hummingbirds. They are known to be attracted by bright colors.

The red color is associated with bright flowers that birds love. It is where they suck the nectar. That is why they are attracted to colored seeds.

White is one of the colors that birds do not like. They avoid it in most cases. That is why white seeds are not always the best to attract birds.

It creates a feeling of danger for the birds. But some white seeds on a colored background is a good idea. They are seen by the birds from afar because of the background reflection.

Fruit seeds are among the favorites of the birds. They are very colored and soft for the birds. They are considered attractive.

They also smell nice for the birds. These seeds are also nutritious. Many birds like to hang out where fruity plants are available. It is a good idea to attract more birds to the backyard.

Is it safe to hang bird feeders?

More questions on bird feeders are on the safety of handling feeders. Many people fear feeders being health hazards. They can easily fall and cause injury if not hanged appropriately. This means there is a right and wrong way of hanging feeders.

It is good to hand feeders using string cords. This helps in firmly holding the feeder at a given height. Handing the feeders needs a strong material. Using chains has been a common practice. It is advised to avoid elastic or springy hangers.

It is good to avoid excessive movement for hanging feeders. Birds fly at a speed and cause movements. Making sure that the feeders are firm reduces the risks of falling. It also protects the feed from falling. This is a safe way of doing it.

Do bird feeders attract mice?

There is a connection between bird feeders and the presence of mice. Experts argue that the food on the feeders is the greatest attraction. The mice love feeding on soft and sweet feeds. That is why they love visiting bird feeders.

Many bird lovers feed them with nuts and seeds. These are the favorite food of the mice. They become opportunistic rodents. The feeders become an excellent food source for them. That is why it is important to find a way of stopping them.

The use of metal and glass feeders is recommended. It is known to keep away rodents. They cannot chew the metal or glass. But they can access is the feeders are wooden. Hanging the feeders is also recommended.

Final word

Overall, it is good to look out for information that can guide on the proper way of making and hanging a bird feeder in your backyard. The goal should be to attract more birds and assuring safety.