Is It Worth It To Hire A Lawn Service?

Contrary to popular belief, maintaining a lawn is not a walk in the park. Servicing your lawn consumes a lot of time and effort.

So, sometimes, it is always better to hire a lawn service. Nevertheless, hiring a lawn service company is costly. But a dependable lawn service company makes your work easier. So, is it worth hiring a lawn service?

Why hire a Professional Lawn Care Service company

Below, we look at some of the advantages of employing a lawn service to suit the need your needs at home.

  • Quality lawn care work:

The majority of homeowners don’t have the right knowledge and expertise in maintaining a lawn. So, you are less likely to conduct a quality job on your lawn. A reputable lawn service company will always do a clean job.

They have a wide range of experience in conducting lawn service jobs. Therefore, they know they know the best maintenance techniques that work for your lawn and the right garden equipment to use. Not to mention, it will take a shorter time for them to complete the job.

  • Consume less time and effort:

Hiring a lawn service helps you save time and effort when maintaining your lawn. If you have a busy schedule, don’t even think twice. Employ a lawn service company. They will conduct the job within a short period. You can relax or take an afternoon nap while your lawn is being serviced.

  • Consistent lawn care:

Being consistent in maintaining your lawn can be challenging at times. Life can get busy sometimes; we can get occupied with work, family, and other commitments. Therefore, you may not find the time to service your lawn every week.

A lawn service company will always help you take care of your lawn consistently. Once you hire a lawn service like Truegreen or Doctor Lawn, they spare some time to come to the property at least once every week.

Of course, this depends on the terms and conditions of the contract. Failure to take care of your lawn consistently makes it harder to maintain and lower the aesthetics of the property.

  • Avoiding accidental lawn damage:

If you have no experience or expertise in servicing your lawn, you are better off hiring a lawn service. Making one mistake when maintaining your lawn helps you avoid accidental damages. Accidental damages to your lawn can cost you a lot of money.

Reliable lawn servicing companies rarely make mistakes since they are highly experienced. Additionally, it takes a longer time to recover damages to your lawn. Lawn service professionals know the right products and equipment to use.

  • Good lawn care increase the value of your property:

Keep in mind that the appearance of your property will determine the value of your property. Ensure you focus on boosting the aesthetics of your property at all times. Neat lawns make a remarkable impression on potential buyers.

Buyers are not always willing to spend their money on untidy-looking homes. So, at the end of the day, hiring a lawn service is worth the effort. They help you maintain the aesthetics of your property.

How much should I pay for yard work?

Since you know the advantages of hiring a landscape lawn service professional, let’s look at the costs of yard work. The total amount you pay for yard work often varies depending on different factors.

On average, you will spend approximately $30 to $80 on yard work. This is a biweekly maintenance cost estimate for a 3000 to 8000 square foot yard. Suppose you have a more extensive yard area; you will have to pay more.

Also, if your lawn is in a bad state where it needs extreme care and treatment, you are likely to spend more. Conduct thorough research on the different lawn service companies available.

Then, compare quotes. Luckily, most lawn service professionals are willing to offer free estimates when you give them the size of your lawn.

Lawn Care Cost Per Month

Generally, the monthly cost of maintaining a lawn ranges from $100 to $200. Needless to say, this price varies depending on various factors. The larger your yard, the more costly it will be to service it. Also, if you require additional services, you will spend more.

Weekly Lawn Care Cost

It is often advisable to pay for long-term maintenance since it will be much cheaper for you. If you want only one weekly maintenance service, you will likely spend approximately $50 per visit. If possible, purchase an annual plan. Annual yard work prices range from about $700 to $2,600.

Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

It is essential to cut your lawn frequently to boost healthy grass growth. Most lawn service professionals charge approximately $135 to $220 per month. These costs often cater to trimming, hedging, and mowing costs. Before hiring a particular lawn service company, compare different quotes.

Lawn Aeration

When growing a lawn, you constantly have to keep the soil aerated. Lawn aeration requires experience and expertise. Hiring a lawn service to aerate your lawn costs about $130. Lawn aeration makes the grass healthier and more robust.

Fertilization of your lawn

Applying the proper fertilizer to your lawn is a major part of lawn maintenance. Fertilizing a lawn can cost you an average of $220. This cost varies depending on the type of lawn fertilizer and the lawn service you hire.


Seeding a lawn is relatively costly. The majority of lawn service experts charge approximately $400 to $1,510 to seed a lawn. Seeding is an essential part of servicing your lawn since it prevents thinning and promotes healthy growth in bald areas.

Lawn weed management

Hiring a lawn service to spray herbicides on your weeds costs about $65 to $90. This cost varies based on the number of weeds you have. Also, if you have a bigger yard, you will spend more. Using pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weed growth also costs the same.

Installing a lawn prinkler System

Most yards require a sprinkler system for easy watering. Installing this system costs approximately $1,740 to $3,410. The type of sprinkler and the yard size will influence this price.

Dethatching & Power Raking

Dethatching helps you prevent soil compaction on the lawn. A lawn service professional charges an average of $215 to dethatch the lawn. There’s a more powerful form of dethatching, commonly referred to as power raking. This often costs approximately $10 to $20 per thousand square feet.

Lawn Rolling Prices

Although most people prefer rolling their lawns by themselves, it is always advisable to hire a professional. Renting a lawn roller will cost you approximately $25 per day. Lawn rolling has its benefits, but it can lead to soil compaction. Also, it can prevent nutrients from reaching the roots of the grass.

Ultimately, there are many processes involved in lawn maintenance. Each varies in cost depending on the size of the yard. Consult a professional in the best lawn maintenance techniques to boost healthy plant growth.

Alternatively, employ a professional lawn service company to take good care of your lawn. On average, you will spend about $100 to $200 on monthly maintenance.

First, identify all reputable lawn service companies near your area. Then, compare quotes. Always hire a lawn service company that caters to your requirements and budget.

The bottom line: Is it worth hiring a lawn service?

At the end of the day, employing a lawn service professional is worth the money. The benefits of hiring a lawn service outweigh the disadvantages. You save a lot of time and effort by hiring a lawn service.

Although you think that conducting a DIY lawn service saves you money, you may end up spending even more. Remember, one mistake during lawn maintenance can cost you a lot of money.

So, if you don’t have the right expertise and knowledge of maintaining a lawn, hire a professional. They know the right lawn equipment and techniques to use.