The Difference Between German And French Shears

Shears are multi-purpose cutting tools used by a majority of homeowners today. Unlike scissors, shears are bulkier and stronger; thus, they handle more strenuous cutting jobs.

Currently, there are numerous types of shears, each offering varying functions. For instance, gardening shears are ideal for pruning crops, while barber shears are perfect for hairdressing purposes.

German and French shears are the most popular classifications of shears today. Both German and French shears offer excellent functionality.

However, these two pieces of equipment have slight differences.

This article looks at the difference between German and French shears.

German shears compared to French shears 

Typically, German and French shears’ most noticeable difference is that German shears don’t have a finger rest for the little finger, while French shears incorporate a rest for the little finger.

You can always tell this difference just by looking at them. By now, you might be thinking that the French shears are more user-friendly because they incorporate a finger rest. But it all depends on how you use them. Like any other shear type, each shear type is specially designed to perform specific tasks.

So, before you buy these gardening tools, take time to analyze your requirements. Doing this enables you to determine your best option.

Characteristics of German Shears

German shears have been in existent for decades. Thus, they are reliable and efficient in performing several tasks. Nonetheless, not everyone will find German shears beneficial.

More often than not, German shears incorporate opposing handles. Thus, most people don’t find them user-friendly.

These handles do not provide maximum comfort when you insert your hands during use. Additionally, the handles can be too small; so, if you have large hands, you’ll struggle to work with German shears.

Nonetheless, you can always buy large-sized shears if you find that the handles are too small. So, this shouldn’t be a major problem.

German shears have powerful blades that offer excellent functionality. Their blades consist of the most rigid steel, making them have a robust edge. As a result, German shears are prevalent in most barbershops and salons.

They provide the best grip when it comes to cutting hair. And these shears offer excellent functionality even after years of use when they go blunt. The most experienced hairdressers highly recommend German shears.

Fortunately, there are different types of German shears. So, you can always choose the one that suits all your requirements. But you might have to spend more if you want more efficient German shears.

Experts recommend the Jaguar German shears to obtain the best functionality. These German shears are expensive but worth a try.

Generally, most German shears are of high quality due to the type of steel they incorporate. You can never go wrong with German shears. However, take time to analyze your requirements before you purchase these shears.

Characteristics of French shears 

French shears are famous for their high cutting strength. In fact, users report that you can use French shears to pierce through a 20-gauge sheet shock.

Most French shears come in 7-inch sizes. But you can always find enormous French shears from some manufacturers. But note that the 7-inch French shears work perfectly fine.

Unlike the German shears, French shears have handles that incorporate a little finger rest. Subsequently, they offer maximum comfortability.

Your hands are more secure when using French shears. And your little finger will have the proper support. Also, French shear handles are slightly larger than German shears.

So, this might be your best option if you have larger hands. But of course, this depends on the size you choose. French shears have narrow points that make them more user-friendly.

It is safe to conclude that French shears are simpler to use than German shears due to their comfortable handles.

Most French shears have straight, sharp blades that enable them to pierce through straight lines and patterns. They are strong enough to cut through metal sheets.

Like German shears, they incorporate robust steel that can withstand extreme pressure. The blades cross each other to form a pivot point that fosters easy cutting.

Due to their high strength and maximum precision, French shears are also popular among most hairdressers.

Some French shears incorporate curved handles to offer maximum comfort. The coil spring on French shears helps prevent hand fatigue and injuries. French shears are, therefore, a safer option compared to German shears.

Most French shears also come with locks in the form of a simple loop that keeps them safe when they are not in use. The locks are responsible for preventing any movement when the French shears are not used.

They also help you transport your shears safely. German shears also come with these locks. It all depends on where you buy your shears.

Other types of shears 

As mentioned earlier, there are many types of shears aside from German and French shears like the Japanese shears.

They include:

Standard scissor shears:

Scissor shears are multi-purpose. You can use them to cut paper or light prune your garden. But always check the manufacturer’s instructions before you use these shears.

Hedge Shears:

Hedge shears are uniquely designed to shape gardens. Hedge shears have two long blades that allow you to make big cuts. The primary purpose of hedge shears is to boost your garden’s aesthetics.

Pinking shears:

Another type of shear is the pinking shear. These shears have a saw-like blade to provide clean cuts on fabric edges. They are robust enough to pierce through thick fabric. Pinking shears are often used to cut fabric.

Basic pruning shears:

These shears perform almost all pruning functions. Nevertheless, experts recommend them for smaller pruning jobs. If your garden needs light pruning, basic pruning shears are your best option.

Which is the best option? German shears vs. French shears 

The better alternative between French and German shears depends on your requirements.

Both shears deliver excellent functionality. But it is important to note that French shears have more comfortable handles since they have a finger rest.

German handles do not have a finger rest; thus, you may struggle using them, especially when dealing with strenuous jobs.

But at the end of the day, it all depends on your requirements.