Review Of The Best Pruning Shears Today

A pair of pruning shears is probably the most reached for (and usually misplaced) in a gardener’s arsenal.

Whether you’re hacking back invasive brambles, or cutting the stems of trees to encourage growth, you will require the best pruning shears that can get the job done.

When buying pruning shears, there are two types you should think about: for pruning live stems, you will want to make sharp, accurate cuts, so choose a pair of crosscut secateurs, in which the blades slide past one another, such as scissors.

For the more damaging gardening jobs, a pair of anvil secateurs is the best tool for cutting through dead branches.

When using this type of pruning shear, the top blade of the pruner bites down onto a lower base plate, chopping and crushing as pressure is applied.

Preferably, test a pair before purchasing, as comfort is important.

top pruning shears

Other factors to think of are springiness, sharpness and weight. As a gardener, then you definitely have used a pair of pruning shears at one time or another.

Selecting the right model is important; it can make your gardening task less of a challenge, keep the plants happier and perhaps the most essential point; minimize the threat of injury.

The variance between the best pruning shears and the substandard ones is wide, so don’t underrate the length of time you will save by purchasing the best pair.

Selecting gardening pruners that are manufactured of top quality materials, have nice razor-sharp blades as well as fit your hands, has to be top of your shopping list.

And remember that just selecting the lowest priced set on the shelf (or the priciest for that matter) is often not the smart choice.

Best pruning shears in the market today

Features of the Felco Pruners:

  • Replacement parts are easily available, which include springs and blades.
  • The forged aluminum handles are lightweight and fit quite well into the hand.
  • The blades are created with strong, top quality hardened steel.
  • It features a manually adjustable center bolt for aligning the play between the anvil blade and the cutting blade.
  • It’s easy to use your thumb to lock and unlock.
  • They come in different models to suit large and small hands and are also available for those who are left-handers.
  • The blades feature a wire cutting notch.
  • The shears have a limited lifetime warranty.
  1. felco 2 pruner hand manual pruner
SaleBestseller No. 1
FELCO F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner, F 2
  • Comfortable, lightweight, sturdy aluminium alloy handles
  • High quality hardened steel blades, forged aluminium alloy handles, wire cutting...
  • Anvil blade with sap groove, rubber cushion shock aborbers

The Felco 2 pruner is an amazing tool to have in the garden and is able to finely prune roses.

You can also use them to cut wire, beat in rake pins, and hammer in stakes for your holiday needs, and all of that with a bit of basic maintenance.

Felco secateurs are highly valued by beginner and expert gardeners alike. These tools are well-known for being the best globally.

Felco pruners are made from only the finest quality materials, which include hardened steel and forged metal alloy for greater strength.

Their array of secateurs is best for garden use; they are even backed by a lifetime warranty.

With more than twenty different models to select from, there’s more option than any other maker; however, with so much option it can be hard figuring out will best suit your needs.

Felco secateurs are undoubtedly the best that you can buy and all models are manufactured from top quality materials, including the hardened steel used for the cutting blades and the forged metal alloy used for the handles and also rubber handles to offer protection to your hands.

All felco secateurs have sap groves and wire-cutting notch to assist in preventing jamming when being used. This model is the top selling of all the Felco secateurs.

Popular with beginner and expert gardeners alike, the handles are very strong as they are created from a forged metal alloy. They are also covered by a rubber shock absorber and are lightweight.

The adjustable center bolt, bottom anvil blade and cutting top blade are created from hardened steel ensuring they are sturdy and the blade razor-sharp.

They can be sharpened using the Felco sharpener. The blade features a sap grove and a wire cutting notch to assist in preventing jamming.

Who is it well suited for?

Perfect for beginners and experts gardeners alike, the Felco model 2 is ideal which explains why it has proved to be the top-selling secateurs.

It’s also the original having held up to the test of time. All parts can be replaced with spare parts and feature a lifetime warranty. Might not be ideal for those who have smaller.


  • Vinyl coated handle to provide comfort and absorb shock.
  • Sap groove on blade’s bottom helps keep blades from sticking.
  • Optimal adjustment of the cutting head thanks to the micrometric adjustment system.
  • Shock absorption system.
  • Notch lets you cut small wires without causing damage to the blade edge.
  • Simple to adjust. Also, a great tool for small cutting tasks.
  • Replaceable Swiss blade.

  1. Power Drive Ratchet Anvil Hand Pruning Shears – 5x More Cutting Power Than Conventional Garden Tree Clippers.
Bestseller No. 1
Cate's Garden Ratchet Pruning Shears 8” Easy Action Anvil-Type Pruners Designed for Effortless Trimming of Hedges and Tree Limbs - Heavy Duty SK5 High Carbon Blades for Long-Lasting Durability
  • 3 PHASE LEVER-ASSISTED CUTTING POWER 🌼 Simply cut into a tree limb, press...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY BLADES 🌼 Forged with SK5 Japanese cutlery high carbon steel...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ERGONOMIC HANDLES 🌼 Quality sculpted aluminum frame with...

The power drive ratchet anvil hand pruning shears is one of the wonders of mechanical engineering.

It comes with 5x cutting power compared to traditional garden tree clippers, making them a must-have tool if you like gardening. With its ratchet oriented cutting mechanism, you are sure to get effortless cutting.

The ratchet fitted in the tool helps make cutting through thick substances effortless and simpler.

The uncomplicated mechanism behind its sleek performance is -stepped wise cutting instead of cutting off immediately.

The steel blades utilized in making this pruner are extremely strong and will last for a long time without sharpening repeatedly.

There’s a fine Teflon coating over the blades to help keep them safe from any sap or residue while cutting.

You don’t have to struggle to hold and use the tool since it is created bearing in mind the user’s comfort.

This is why its ergonomic construction exerts no pressure on the wrist and needs the very least pressure to work well. A few other remarkable features of the pruner include:

  • The blades used in the creating don’t wear off easily and need the very least maintenance to stay in shape for a long time.
  • Ratcheting mechanism helps you by minimizing the straining on your hands as well. You should use optimal pressure with no extra stress on your wrist to cut thick surfaces.
  • The ratcheting mechanism used to make this pruner intensifies the pressure exerted by your hand to 5 times.
  • The pruner features the guarantee of Gardenite, meaning the likelihood of you encountering problems while using the tool is minimal.


  • It’s created to fit in smaller hands as well as for people who are left-handed.
  • The ratcheting mechanism implies lesser inputs for much better results, making this tool the best hand pruning shears on the market.
  • The tool is ideal for people who devote long hours in the gardens since it reduces the effort over wrists and thus provides lesser hand fatigue.


  • You should be careful while using the lock since it is said to be vulnerable
  • The locking system can be a bit tough.

  1. Felco F-6 Classic Pruner For Smaller Hands
SaleBestseller No. 1
Felco Pruning Shears (F 5) - High Performance Swiss Made One-Hand Garden Pruners
  • The pruning clippers are constructed of forged aluminum handles and hardened...
  • The garden scissors have a revolving handle for extra comfort.
  • This bypass pruner offers a large cutting capacity and well-balanced weight for...

This tool comes with a sturdy, light, relaxed handle that’s created from forged aluminum with a limited lifetime warranty.

Its blade is created from high-quality hardened steel, which enables clean, accurate cuts. The sap groove helps prevent the blade sticking each time you’re cutting “sappy” wood.

It makes pruning easy and saves time by putting off debris and sap after every cut. This pruning shear is certainly adjustable.

The angled head provides optimization of the force exerted and protection of the wrist and hand, the cushion-shock absorber / non-slip coating, and the correct shape of the handles.

Features of the felco f-6 classic pruner

  • A bit smaller cutting diameter but ideal for most pruning work.
  • Created for smaller hands.
  • Blades are created from high-quality hardened steel that features a 0.8-inch cutting capacity
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • A perfect tool for small pruning jobs like young trees, shrubs, and grape vines.
  • Lightweight metal handles

  1. Basilica Botanica Pruning Shears – Best Gardening Tool
Bestseller No. 1
Basilica Botanica Pruning Shears - Best Gardening Tool
  • SOLID & DEPENDABLE Sick and tired of cheap plastic pruning shears which bend,...
  • SHARP POWERFUL BLADES The high carbon steel blades on our trimmers are designed...
  • COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC HANDLE Means comfortable snips with no jamming of the...

This tool has some of the strongest blades on the market; they are built from high carbon stainless steel making them difficult to damage.

Basilica Botanica pruning shears come with a top quality wire round spring, which is very responsive and doesn’t get caught in any debris.

The pricing is also great, being a little inexpensive compared to some other alternative types and they even come with a lifetime warranty. These pruners look good with their chrome look finish and are almost perfect.


Quality engineering

This pruning shear is made from forged from solid, hardened aluminum. It comes with a strong locking mechanism and return spring that should last you quite a while.

Comfortable ergonomic handle

No more jamming the handles, making pruning comfortable. The design makes the Basilica Botanica pruning shears very comfy in your hand so you will cut for longer durations.

Sharp, powerful blades

The high carbon steel blades on your pruners are made to cut through up to 1″ diameter branches easily.

Solid metal build with a polished aluminium finish – easy to use hand pruners

This pruning scissor not only looks good but is made to last. Far more durable compared to other similar plastic shears.

  1. Razor Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears/Secateur – free extra blade, spring & eBook
Bestseller No. 1
Razor Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears - Lifetime Replacement - Free Extra Blade, Spring & eBook - Japanese Steel - Premium Hand Pruners - Garden Shears - Garden Clippers - Secateurs with Ergonomic Handles
  • Bypass Gardening Pruners/shears For Quality Care For Your Garden - Make...
  • Hard & Sharp Non-stick Steel Blade - Enjoy fast, clean cuts with razor sharp...
  • Lifetime Warranty Included - We are so confident you’ll LOVE your new pruning...

This tool comes with a blade, which is extra durable since it is built from high-carbon Japanese SK-5 steel that is regarded as one of the hardest steel materials used for making cutting tools.

This type of blade permits easy, fast and clean cuts. The blade also comes with a non-stick Teflon coating to prevent it from gumming and sticking with sap.

On top of that, it makes the blade resistant to rust and corrosion. When you buy this pruning shear, it features an extra blade for replacement.

As for user-friendliness and comfort, this pruning shear this tool provides both. It is lightweight and doesn’t require a lot of effort to make cuts.

The handle of this pruning tool features a forged aluminum with non-slip rubber grips for a comfortable and secure grip.

It also features an effective locking mechanism to ensure that it stays secure if not being used.

One of the features that you’ll like about this pruner is that it is easy to dismantle it for easy cleanup.


  • Comes with an effective locking mechanism
  • It is backed by a lifetime warranty
  • It is simple to dismantle and clean
  • Comes with a free blade


  • This pruning shear a bit costly

  1. Bahco Ergo Bypass Pruner PX-M2
SaleBestseller No. 1
Bahco Ergo Bypass Pruner PX-M2
  • PX pruners have lightweight ergonomic design, natural wrist position, and ease...
  • Left and right hand models available, 8 formats to fit every hand
  • This Product is manufactured in France

Bahco is a brand that’s popular amongst passionate gardeners. The makers of this tool have been in existence for several years and know what they’re doing with regards to creating the most reliable pruning scissors.

Bahco Ergo bypass pruner is made for medium sized hands, and both right and left-handed types are available.

-These pruners feature high carbon steel blades and are easily honed when required.

– This ergonomic product is perfect for all pruning work in the professional garden or at home.

– You can get right and left-hand models, eight types to fit every hand

It comes with medium-sized blades to cut branches with a thickness of up to ¾”.

-This product is made in France.

-Arm and wrist strain is reduced thanks to the special angled head design; this makes them perfect for people with arthritis or other muscular problems; for added comfort, the upper handle features soft grip.

-Medium-sized handles specifically created for medium-sized hands.

– These pruners feature natural wrist position, lightweight, ergonomic design, and user-friendliness due to high carbon steel blades.

And here is one more of the best bypass pruning shear we have reviewed;

Bypass pruning shears review

No products found.

These function as a pair of scissors. This tool’s two blades pass each other with the material to be cut in between them; this makes the branch to be the cut neatly and cleanly provided that the blades are razor-sharp.

Bypass pruners have at least one blade that’s curved. The blades of this tool are only honed on one side and usually have to be quite sharp to get the job done.

Bypass pruning shears are the most versatile model and usually what you’d want when searching for a pair of pruning shears.

For the majority of home users, an electric hedge trimmer is going to be the ideal option. They are more lightweight and thus user-friendly.

They are quieter, cheaper, and they are simpler to start and maintain compared to gas models.

The major area where an electric hedge trimmer falls short is with regards to power.

For particularly tough and big trimming tasks, the work is going to be slower and more challenging than with a gas model. An electric hedge trimmer is available in either corded or cordless choices.

With a corded model, you will need to deal with extension cords while you work and stay within a specific distance from the outlet the entire time, which is inconvenient.

It’s easier to work with the corded models since you can go as far from the outlet as you require, do not need to trail cords behind you, and you can use the tool until the battery drains power.


-It is inexpensive than petrol or cordless, and usually lighter.


-This tool requires access to electrical main.

-It is easy to cut the mains power cable unintentionally.

Considerations for the best pruning shears

Everyone’s hands are different, not everybody has strong hands, and the size of hands can differ greatly.

For this reason, it is important to go to your favorite store and get the best pruning clippers on the shelf, see how they feel.

It is the only way you can truly be in a position to tell if the pair you are looking for is actually best for your hands.

But here’s some information on what type of user each product is perfect for to make your choice exactly that bit simpler.

They include:

  1. Ergonomic design

ergonomic pruner design

Because pruners depend on the user’s hands strength, it is essential that they are ideal for the strength and size of the user’s hand.

Some pruners will suit multiple hand sizes, and these types are usually the best pruning shears.

A high-quality set of best pruning shears has to be simple to hold and close using one hand without needing excessive energy to do so; obviously, this will differ based on what’s being cut.

The key points you should consider for ergonomic design in the best pruning shears include:

  • Overall weight and size
  • The handle’s opening width
  • kinds of grips and handles
  • The strength needed to close the blades
  1. Center screw

This is the bolt that goes through the pruning clippers, which the two blades hinge on. It might appear like an insignificant part; however, it’s a tool’s most essential part.

The center screw is in charge of regulating the distance between the sheer’s blades and should be tight enough that it helps to keep the two blades tightly together, but not so firm that it prevents the shutting action of the pruning clippers.

If the screw is loosely fitting, then any branches you cut might get trapped between the cutting blades, and it will lead to a messy cut that is harmful to the health of the plant.

In case the screw is very tight then the cutting motion will need more energy than it should, leading to muscle exhaustion.

The best pruning shears are available properly adjusted out of the box, and there must not be any tweaking needed.

They have also to be simple to tweak down the track when deterioration makes it needed.

  1. Quality of the blade

One of the most essential considerations is the quality of the blade.

Just about all best pruning shears have sharp blades; however, the variance between an amazing set and a substandard set is the length of time they remain sharp for.

Sure, your less expensive sets might work properly the first time you start using them and cut straight and clean; however, when you store them away and take them back out to use some weeks again afterwards are they still sharp?

Are the cutting edges damaged and nicked? Do the blades have rust?

You should also check out how easy it is to hone the blades when they require it. The best pruning shears have blades created from hard, high-quality steel.

You should consider blades that are created from carbon steel or high tempered steel, even far better is high tempered carbon steel.

Some types of gardening shears advertise that they feature chrome or titanium plating over the blades, which will help stop them corroding.

This is true; however, it also means that once you hone the blades you’re removing the blade’s protective layer and those areas of the blade will then corrode. For this reason, most people put little value on this feature.

Are parts for replacing available?

If you choose to invest in the best pruning clippers, then you will not like to toss them out the moment something wears out or breaks. And the truth is, something will break ultimately.

Pruners do hard work, and even the finest set will ultimately break under the strain of what it’s needed to do.

For this reason, one of the considerations you should consider for the best pruning shears is the availability of spare parts.

Simple to clean

When dealing with some plants, you’ll see that the blades on your pruners become quite dirty and have sap.

Sap can be quite corrosive, and if left on your good garden secateurs it will rapidly eat away the edge used for cutting and also make your tool to corrode.

So it’s essential that the best pruning shears can be easily cleaned up. For some brands, they will need dismantling to be cleaned well. Other brands can be cleaned up while still assembled.

  1. Locking mechanism

It is a device that locks the hand pruners shut when not being used.

This not only safeguards the blades from getting damaged while not being used, but it’s also an essential safety feature that will keep the sharp blades securely shut.

It should be easy to open and shut the locking mechanism; however, the shears must not unexpectedly get locked shut when being used since the mechanism has fallen or bumped closed.

The best pruning shears locking mechanism shouldn’t get in the way of normal usage and must not get branches or twigs caught in it.

Your tool’s spring strength and strength needed

The shears are held apart by the spring, so there’s no need to pull them back open after carrying out a cut manually.

It is essential that the spring is fixed tightly in place and unable to be unintentionally knocked out when being used.

There are two main kinds of spring, wire springs and coiled springs. Usually, both kinds of springs are great; however, the quality of each spring may change from model to model.

You would like the spring to be strong, but not very strong that too much effort is needed to close the blades.

Type of pruning shears

Are you aware that there are 5 main kinds of pruners and they all do different key functions?

Understanding what each one will do, can help you zero in on the best garden shears to suit your needs.

  1. Hedge shears

Hedge shears comprise of two kinds also, but not like the others. With hedge shears, you can select the single blade model that is operated by batteries, fuel, or from two blades much like a set of scissors.

In some instances, it is wise to get both. If your bushes and hedges have become overgrown and untidy, then it is a good idea to begin with the hand-operated scissor type.

It will let you chop off the bigger pieces and then use the single blade and perfectly trim everything.

The hand powered model can easily get the job done; however, it goes much quicker with the help of an electric hedge trimmer, battery, or gas powered one.

  1. Pruning saw
Samurai Ichiban 13" (330mm) Curved Pruning Saw w/Scabbard
  • Our #1 selling saw for the Arborist and Landscape trades
  • 13-inch (330mm) blade length, taper ground surface with impulse tooth hardening
  • 6.5 teeth per inch (7.5 teeth per 30mm) teeth configuration

You will never get through a branch that is thicker than 2 inches with any brand of pruners or hand shears. To do so, you will require a pruning saw.

This tool is available on a long or short handle, whichever you like, and the end has a serrated toothed blade.

This is utilized to saw off the branches that are thick and make room for easy access to the thinner ones with the pruning scissors.

  1. Lopping shears
Bestseller No. 1
TABOR TOOLS GG22A Extendable Anvil Lopper with Compound Action, 27-40 Inch Telescopic Tree Trimmer, Long Handled Branch Cutter with ⌀ 2 Inch Cut Capacity, Chops Thick Branches with Ease.
  • CHOPS THROUGH 2” BRANCHES effortlessly. This extendable lopper will allow for...
  • SHARP BLADE WITH STRONG ANVIL. Anvil pruners have one straight blade that cuts...
  • COMFORT GRIP AND EXTRA LEVERAGE. This extendable 27”- 40” (total length)...

These do the same two functions within two models; bypass and anvil; however, the difference is that they are available in longer handles.

These are perfect for getting to those taller branches and not have to break out a ladder.

Lopping shears are available in a variety of cutting diameters, often 1 to 2 inches, but are mainly found with a cutting capacity of ¾” inch.

  1. Pole pruners

These pruners are not so popular since many people simply use the help of a ladder to get to really high branches.

Pole pruners can reach branches of up to 12 inches above the ground and comprise of two blades connected to hooks that are then controlled by a number of chains.

They are not good for gardening first timers since they are a bit difficult to finesse.

  1. Hand shears
SaleBestseller No. 1
gonicc 8" Professional Premium Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears (GPPS-1003), Hand Pruners, Garden Clippers.
  • Drop forged body and handles.
  • Quality blade made of Premium Titanium steel with Ultra-fine Polishing...
  • Ergonomically designed non-slip handles are strong,lightweight,and comfortable.

Hand pruners are available in two different kinds: bypass and anvil. You are most likely asking yourself now, what are anvil pruners as well as a bypass?

The two terms really describe everything. Both are designed for cutting ¾” branches or less; however, an anvil pruner features one blade and one anvil kind base.

This crush and mash the branch more than cut it and do not leave a quite nice looking end. However, they are perfect for those tougher, thicker branches.

A bypass type comes with two blades that bypass one another, similar to giant scissors, and leave behind a good clean cut.

They might not be perfect for the extremely thick branches, but they are perfect for anything with a thickness of less than ½ inch.

Know what you intend to use them for

How large is your property?

If you have a garden or lawn that stretches less than a hundred meters from the most convenient source of power, you might be able to use a corded hedge trimmer.

But if your garden has some strange obstacles or is larger, you would be better off using gas or battery-operated trimmer.

How frequently do you intend to use the hedge trimmer?

If your plants just need occasional trimming (a couple of times annually), lower-priced cordless or corded electric model is a good idea.

For more regular tasks, investing the extra money for a more powerful cordless or gas trimmer will save you both money and time over time.

Remember that no matter the source of power, residential hedge trimmers are graded for occasional use only.

Do you require eye and hearing protection?

For experts using any power tool (which include hedge trimmers), the industry standard is by using both hearing and eye protection.

Property owners would do well to follow suit; though most manufacturers of hedge trimmers do not issue their tool’s decibel ratings.

Some brands certainly surpass the threshold for inflicting damage to your hearing. A comfortable and inexpensive way to protect your hearing is by wearing earplugs.

Electric or gas?

BLACK+DECKER Corded Electric Lopper Chain Saw, 4.5-Amp (LP1000)
3,178 Reviews
BLACK+DECKER Corded Electric Lopper Chain Saw, 4.5-Amp (LP1000)
  • 4.5-Amp motor for innovative clAmping jaws that grab and cut in one easy motion
  • Heavy-duty cutting bar and chain deliver fast cutting of thick branches and logs...
  • 4-inch cut capacity. Bar Length-6 in

For many years gas hedge trimmers have been used by expert landscapers as the best tool of work; however, state-of-the-art cordless types have recently become popular and in some instances outshone them.

Choose cordless types that use Li-ion batteries, since they are much lighter and offer constant power output to the point the battery dies out.

Corded electric brands are great for lightweight trimming jobs on smaller neighborhood properties, and are among the cheapest model of hedge trimmer you can purchase.

However, they do not have the cutting capability of the more powerful cordless types or gas ones.

If you’re thinking about a gas model, remember the extra maintenance they need. Do not disregard the fuel recommendations of the manufacturer.

Not adhering to those recommendations can lead to an expensive repair that will not be covered under warranty.

Things to consider when picking out the best hedge shears for your garden. These tools are available in a variety of prices, styles, and sizes.

The ideal tool for you might not be the best option for your neighbor. In case you have diverse uses, for instance, arborvitae shrubs and also a privet hedge, you will want to go for an all-purpose tool, probably with geared motion.

You should get smaller shears if you have a topiary garden, which is made to do this one job properly.

Key considerations when purchasing hedge shears

To help you select the best tool to meet your needs, think about these aspects.

  • Size and weight

Since hedge trimming is a recurring job that usually requires reaching up above shoulder height, your tool’s weight is an essential consideration.

A heavy tool can result in exhaustion, and yet bulky telescoping handles are at times needed to get the job done. Think about the strength of your upper body in choosing gardening pruners.

At the lighter end, you will find fiberglass and aluminum handles; wood and steel handled tools are usually weightier.

The greatest factor by far is decreasing exhaustion during usage, the sharpness of the blade and weight of the tool.

  • Cutting blades

If you will be carrying out mainly up-close job, choose short handles and shorter blades (about 6″.

For big tasks, like cutting back a vast privet hedge, select longer handles and longer blades (about 9″-12″).

The majority of quality hedge shears out there are straight-blade shears created from forged steel.

One benefit of straight blades is that they can easily be sharpened honed manually using a sharpening stone or millstone.

If possible, the blades on the hedge shears have to touch only at the cutting point to decrease sticking and friction.

Some pruning clippers come with serrations on one or both blades that can be beneficial when grasping and cutting twigs bigger than ¼ inch.

A non-sticking coating is another feature on some designs, supposedly to keep the blades from rusting or gumming up. Wavy-blade shears are also available.

These grasp the twigs and prevent them from sliding along the blade while you are cutting, a benefit with open-structured plants.

The downside is that wavy blades need expert sharpening. A great adjustable pivot-bolt assembly is another feature to consider, which lets you adjust the blade tension as needed.

This is usually the first part of the tool to stop working, so it’s an advantage to be able to purchase replacement pivot bolts. To maximize your tool, it is essential that you keep the blades extremely sharp.

  • User-friendliness

Search for shock-absorbing bumpers, and cushioned handle grips where the handles come together, or an alternative bumper system.

This decreases wear and tear on your arms. Consider the action of the tool before purchasing.

Some pruning shears lowes come with a simple scissor-like action, while others need more effort to open and shut.

  • Cutting capacity

Many hand pruners will cut branches with a diameter no longer than ½”. The blades of some models have a limb notch that makes it possible for you to extend the limit.

All the same, it is good to get a set of loppers readily available for cutting larger branches.

  • Availability of replacement parts

As with pruning shears, the superior models provide replacement blades and other parts.

If you refurbish, sharpen, and clean your tools frequently, the access to replacement parts is a huge plus.

  • Cutting mechanism

Geared technology will let you use less effort to cut larger branches. This feature will be helpful, based on how you intend to use your tool.

You might not require this additional power if you shear your shrubs frequently, as you will be cutting soft new growth.

  • Cost of the pruning shears

Hedge shears can cost as much as $120, or as little as $15. You will find great deals on the market but, just like all tools, you get what you pay for.

Reasons why you should use hedge shears

Every home gardener needs to have a hedge shear since it ensures a well-maintained and well-manicured garden.

There are many gardening tools you can utilize to get an aesthetically stunning garden or backyard.

A hedge shear though is different:

-This tool is easy to find in just about all garden stores.

-There are different types of hedge shears for different cutting requirements.

-This tool ensures your garden is neat, clean and tidy.

-It is simple to operate and use. Hedge shears feature a very basic operation.

Gas operated, and rechargeable hedge shears do not need a lot of expertise to operate. Handheld hedge shears are usually lightweight.

A good number of gardeners choose to use handheld hedge shears since apart from being inexpensive, it is simpler to sharpen the blades, and the tool is user-friendly.

This tool is simple to clean. But when you use with different plants, you need to clean them frequently to ensure that they don’t contaminate each other.

To maintain the blade’s sharpness, it requires occasional oiling. A gardener should always have hedge shears in their collection of tools.

hedge shears corona HS

Tips on using pruning shears

Once you know how to select the best pair of pruning scissors to meet your needs, it is also time for you to check out how to use them like a professional.

  1. Prune like a professional

If you want to prune your garden like a professional, you will have to remember a few tips and tricks. To start with; you will want to firmly hold the branch that you need to cut in your hand, to be more specific in between two fingers.

The branch has to be kept in a straight posture, so do not twist or turn it at all. After that, hold the pruning scissors in the other hand and utilize it to snip the branch. Remember to examine whether the cut was clean or not.

It is essential for it to be clean; otherwise, your plant’s health may be endangered. This implies that you are also not permitted to pull on any of the branches. You should not get worried if you should cut multiple occasions until you prune a branch, this is totally normal.

Something else that you need to remember is that overpruning can be very dangerous for your plants. Furthermore, pruning all the way down to the trunk of the trees is also something that you need to avoid.

  1. Determine what you should prune

The first step that you should think about before you even begin pruning your garden is to survey it and determine what plants require pruning. This should be carried out at the end of the growing season when the majority of your plants are already fading away.

Take a stroll through your garden and check out tree, bushes, and any other kind of plant that you think may need pruning. This will let you estimate the length of time you will require to prune the whole garden.

  1. Remember protection

While pruning isn’t necessarily a risky task, you need to be careful when performing it and protect yourself whenever possible. Two primary methods where you can do that is by wearing safety glasses and gardening gloves.

This is especially true when you are pruning pricking bushes or trees. You do not want to run the risk of something unexpectedly harming your eyes.

  1. Clean the pruning shears

The procedure of cleaning hand pruners isn’t at all complex. Essentially, all you should do is rinse them using some water and then ensure they dry properly before you store them away.

When it comes to storage, it is important that you keep them in a place where they will be protected from extreme weather conditions and will not rust.

  1. Hone the gardening pruners

You should not start pruning without first honing your pruning shears. It is a rule that you need to always bear in mind. It will be easier for you to prune using a newly honed pair of blades.

It’s best to use a tooth file, which you hold at an angle and run against the blade of your tool. The motion should be from your body outwards.

Why should you go for electric pruning shears?

  1. Strength of grip:

If you or any of your family members has arthritis or any disease that affects the grip strength, think about purchasing them a pair of electric pruning shears.

  1. Replaceable cutting head:

While with traditional pruners you are only restricted to a head, which will dull and rust in the long run, electric pruning shears come with replaceable heads that will give another level of performance. You can select heads specifically made for arboriculture, orchards and vine pruning.

Moreover, while traditional pruning scissors come with locked cutting diameter and have to purchase a new set of shears if you would like to cut something larger, with these types you can just buy a bigger head.

  1. Cutting performance:

Branches with a higher diameter can easily be cut with electric pruning shears. Contrary to traditional gardening pruners that need a specific grip strength, the right electric pruning shears will give a powerful, clean cut with very little grip strength.

  1. Cutting Capacity:

Cutting capacity varies from brand to brand.

Some brands will have the maximum cutting with of 0.6in for softwood and 0.4in for hardwood.

It’s your responsibility to choose what will you use the pruner for, and then determine the cutting width.

Pruning above waist height really lets you know about your shoulder and arm muscles, and though long handled shears provide you with greater reach, they are often bulky, so most gardeners would rather use their usual shears and stand on steps to get to the hedge top.

Long handled shears are very uncomfortable to use for tasks where you do not require the extra reach.

No products found.

These models are created by almost all the garden tool manufacturers, and you will find a great variety available. Some come with blades at right angles to the handle, to help you trim the tall grass.

Many feature blades in line with the handles, made for you to tidy up lawn and it edges. The key points to search for are correct weight, blade length, and handle length. Ideally, you have to be able to edge the lawn while standing upright, not bending down and getting backache.

All you should know about hedge trimmer stihl

Hedge trimmer stihl combine sophisticated and revolutionary technology with care and delicacy.

For hedges, beeches or box trees, powerful tools are always better than the rest and are the perfect workmates with regards to trimming hedges.

It is important to have an array of long handled trimmers that are perfect for those hard to reach tasks, which the classic hedge trimmer cannot just reach.

When using the hedge trimmer stihl, you can trim extra wide and tall shrubbery or hedges without requiring any working platforms.

With battery, electric and petrol powered hedge trimmers for maximum range of motion available; this range does indeed have something to suit all needs.

BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Hedge Trimmer, Cordless, 24-Inch Blade, Battery and Charger Included (LHT2436)
  • Powerful 40V Lithium Ion battery of the cordless hedge trimmer delivers power...
  • 24 inch dual-action blades of the battery powered hedge trimmer cut branches...
  • Trimmers for plants have extended reach blades with a 3/4 inch cut capacity trim...

Hedge trimmer stihl are perfect for landscape, garden and park maintenance. They are characterized by their practical features and heavy-duty build.

Depending on the planned use, this trimmer is available as either the R version for cutting back woody or overgrown hedges or T version for trimming hedges with thin branches.

These trimmers come as comfort models (C) with ErgoStart (E) for jerk-free starting or basic versions.

How do you sharpen hedge clippers?

Regardless of how great your hedge trimmers are, you will have to sharpen hedge clippers blades every once in a while.

Research shows that you should hone the hedge blades after every fifty hours of work.

Honing guarantees the removal of any deposits that build up on the blades in the long run.

Hedge trimmers are mostly used to decrease work while preserving amazing yards and landscapes.

Maintaining the blades sharp will help them to maintain very best performance. One of the essential advantages surrounding hedge clipper sharpening processes is the extension of the blade life.

Extending the life of the blade permits an extended life for the entire product, which is good for people who get attached to their equipment.

Save money

Sharpening hedge trimmer blades at home is a great way for owners to save money.

Here are two way of sharpening the hedge trimmers:

Method 1 – Use a file to sharpen your hedge trimmer

Before you try this method, you should align the blades to each other.

Step One– Align the trimmer’s blades. Press the blades together while wearing thick gloves.

It’s important to have a tight fit, and this cannot be attained without first aligning the blades.

Tighten the blades by turning in a clockwise motion using one end of a screwdriver, or any the object.

Blades that are loose won’t evenly cut hedges just as dull ones will not. The blades of the trimmer should be perfectly aligned. If you’re experiencing difficulty trimming, ensure that this is not your problem.

If it’s your problem, you should return to the start and try again.

Step two– Now, you should use a file to sharpen the hedge trimmer.

To get this done, place a mill file along the tooth’s edge. Using a downward direction with the file, make long and smooth strokes until the edge is perfectly razor-sharp.

You should not move the file up and down. Instead, use downward strokes always.

For safety’s sake, you should make sure that you hold the blade’s razor-sharp end away from you.

The file gets rid of oxidation in this way, letting the tooth’s sides get the shine you like.

Go over these steps for all the other teeth, using the file to make downward strokes at the exact same angle as the edge of the tooth.

After finishing sharpening the blades of the hedge trimmer on the top, go over the same procedure, honing the bottom surface teeth.

To avoid over sharpening the blades, you should maintain a limited number of strokes.

Method two – Use a power grinder to sharpen the hedge trimmer blades

Before you sharpen the blades, you should align them.

Step one- A power grinder usually generates sparks, so it’s important to wear eye and hearing protection to help prevent damage.

If the sparks enter the ears or eyes during the sharpening procedure, they might get permanently damaged, even making you get deaf or blind. If possible wear flame-retardant clothing, and a protective face cover.

Make sure you’re not wearing anything very flammable since certain materials are prone to catch fire. Be hazardous of fire.

It’s always recommended that you carry out this process earlier in the day to be in a position to see any smoldering remains.

It is essential to have a water source nearby when using this method, in the event of an actual fire.

Step two- Use a tightly grasping clamp to secure the trimmer to a bar. Sometimes the clamp and the bar should be repositioned to sharpen each tooth.

If the hedge trimmer is secure, it won’t move while sharpening. You might also run into more potential hazards if the bush trimmer isn’t secure while sharpening.

Step Three- Sharpen the hedge trimmer blades with a 60 or 80 general purpose grinding wheel to get maximum efficiency.

Using the same angle as the edge of the tooth, hold the grinding wheel’s surface against each tooth surface.

Don’t forget to hold the blade’s razor-sharp end away from your body, and also the grid away from your body.

Step four- To get a good edge you need to apply light pressure. You should use short strokes to prevent over sharpening the tooth. Long strokes usually guarantee a uniformly sharpened blade.

Step five- Repeat the procedure for all three bottom part cutting surfaces of each tooth, by turning your hedge trimmer over and re-clamping the bar.

The only instances to use hedge shears

You will find just three instances where you should use hedge shears. Keep in mind in all of these situations; pruning clippers are utilized to cut through the plants soft, non-woody stems.

Hedge shears cannot efficiently or cleanly cut through wood, even thin wood. Using pruners to do this not only leads to unhealthy cuts to the plant but also damage to the shears’ blades.

  1. Cutting back perennials

Based on your aesthetic and your plants style, cutting back perennials will have to wait for fall or early spring. Since the cutting back is made inaccurately and simply need cutting at a time of most soft, dead stem tissue, hedge shears are perfect for this.

They are effective with plants, which are totally soft like lilyturf, hostas, catmint and many other ornamental grasses and perennials.

Shears cannot work properly with cane plants that require thinning, like raspberries, for such you should use a woodsman’s pal or another tool that looks like a machete.

Hedge shears can also have issues with perennials that are semi-woody, in which their stem bases develop hard in case you attempt to cut very low.

  1. Deadheading or annual taming

This is often done on very flourishing, soft plants, which produce a lot of growth that it would take a long time to hand prune.

  1. Maintaining a formal hedge

It is what these items were made for, which is not what one would expect given the name “hedge shears.”

Their pruners are made to quickly allow you to impose a geometric edge on a plat’s soft new growth (most classically, boxwood), cutting plenty at once in a straight line.

You can only do this to a plant in topiary and formal hedging, where artificial, stylized looks are desired. However, this just works for a few species which can be treated in this way.

For the vast number of shrubs, where your objective of pruning is to create a naturalistic appearance that’s well-managed, the straight lines created by these tools are totally unsuitable.

General usage of shears

Being big scissors, shears are utilized just as you naturally need to: snip away! How precise you should be is determined by which of the above jobs you’re doing.

One variance between shears and other pruners is that you don’t have to aim to cut above the plant’s nodes, but rather you snip to make lines: in special patterns in topiary and hedging, and near the ground for perennial cutback.

The way to sharpen an electric hedge trimmer

This tool is easier to use compared to a manual model, and it creates more accurate results. While an electric hedge trimmer is a well-built tool, which rarely requires servicing, the blades might get worn around the edges with regular usage.

The blades can also get rust due to moisture from plants and air, which makes it hard for them to cut with accuracy and speed.

You should stick to a set blade-sharpening routine to make sure that the rusted or worn-off edges of the blades are shaved-off, exposing an edge that’s sharper.

It can cost you a lot if you choose expert blade-sharpening services; however, you can easily sharpen the blades of an electric hedge trimmer at home using the steps below.

Materials and tools

  • Electric hedge trimmers (with detachable blades)
  • Metal file
  • Protective gear (gloves and eye-gear)
  • Pliers
  • Linseed oil
  • Bench vice
  • A4 paper sheet
  • Table with a flat top

Step One- Get started

You should get a flat surface table to work on, and protect your eyes using eye-protection gear. It is very important because when filing tiny pieces of metal fly off from the blade.

If you don’t have protection gear, these particles can harm the eye. Preferably, it is important to wear thick, tight-fitting gloves. Unplug the electric hedge trimmer.

You should turn the motor of your electric hedge trimmer until you can easily access the blades and face them away from your body.

Step Two- Disengage the blades of the electric hedge trimmer

Check your tool and find the bolt-screw that holds the blades together. Use a pair of pliers to hold the bolt-screw firmly. Make sure you clamp the pliers hard as the bolt is often screwed very hard.

Then, in an anti-clockwise direction twist the bolt screw. It’s the simplest blade separation method.

Step Three -File the blades

It is important to properly secure the blades using a bench-vice. Begin with the first blade by placing it in the bench-vice and clamping it firmly. Identify the blade’s sharp edge.

It is important since some blades feature a smaller/inner flat edge, which should not be sharpened. Start filing the blade using the metal file.

Preferably, you should use a downward motion to slide the file, i.e. far from your body, towards the blade’s tip. You should keep filing for about two minutes. Then, you have to unsecure the clamp of the bench-vice and take out the blade. Repeat this on the other blade.

Step Four-Test honed blades

You should test whether proper sharpness has been attained. You can easily do this using a sheet of paper. It is suggested that you use the A4 sheets utilized in computer printers instead of newspaper.

You should hold the A4 paper above the honed blade. Then use little force to move it along the blade’s edge. The trimmer blade should easily slice through your paper. If this doesn’t occur, repeat the above filing process.

Step Five- Take care of wrap up and rusting

To make sure that the newly-honed edges do not rust, apply a thin linseed oil coat along the blades sharpened edges. Fasten the blades in their original position and use a pliers to tighten the bolt-screw.

What you get with the top quality felco pruners

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FELCO F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner, F 2
  • Comfortable, lightweight, sturdy aluminium alloy handles
  • High quality hardened steel blades, forged aluminium alloy handles, wire cutting...
  • Anvil blade with sap groove, rubber cushion shock aborbers
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Felco Pruning Shears (F 6) - High Performance Swiss Made One-Hand Garden Pruners - 100052385
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Felco Pruning Shears (F 5) - High Performance Swiss Made One-Hand Garden Pruners
  • The pruning clippers are constructed of forged aluminum handles and hardened...
  • The garden scissors have a revolving handle for extra comfort.
  • This bypass pruner offers a large cutting capacity and well-balanced weight for...

Versatility: Felco’s wire cutting notch allows anchoring and other garden tasks.

All-Purpose: This pruner offers a maximum cutting capacity of 1″, making it able to handle most light cutting tasks.

Highly Visible: You won’t misplace your pruners thanks to their bright red handles.

Sharp and strong: The hardened steel blades are rugged, simple to hone and maintain their edge for long periods.

Adjustable: The locking mechanism and the hardened nut and bolt found on the pivot bolt assembly enable micrometric adjustment for accurate cuts.

Guaranteed: Felco pruners are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and a full 12-month warranty.

Ergonomic: These pruners are a pleasure to use thanks to their comfortable and lightweight, non-slip grip.

Resists rust: A metal sheath protects the spring mechanism against corrosion and rust.

Shock Absorber: Felco pruners feature solid rubber cushion to help prevent wrist and hand injury and fatigue.

Handles: Forged aluminum alloy.

Efficiency: The sap groove helps to prevent gumming and makes cleanup easier.

Safety: Features a locking mechanism that’s easy to access.

A Lifetime Investment: There’s no shortage of parts replacement with this hand pruner.

Smooth Operation: The sap groove helps to keep the blades clean for smooth, continuous use.


Having the best hand pruning shears is important, learn more here. Regardless of whether you are a novice or a professional, owning useful hand pruners is important.

But while purchasing the correct hand pruner, you should make sure it is easy to use since few are created to help you out. The brand name linked to the pruning shear and its features also impacts your purchasing decision.

Though presently the best pruning shears are available in state-of-the-art features, it is essential that you understand each and every aspect of them before purchasing.

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