Useful Bathroom Decorating Ideas From the Pros

Your home should be your safe haven, where you can unwind after a long day at work.

To achieve the highest levels of comfort, you should decorate your space the way you want.

The way your living space looks will have a significant impact on your emotional well-being. It should look good to you but also make you feel relaxed and be practical.

One of the most difficult areas of your home to decorate is the bathroom – often because this is the smallest area in the home, not giving you enough room to work with.

Decorating your bathroom is an important task, as you can use this room to relax after a long day as you get in the shower or a hot bath. Since this space is associated with hygiene, it should also be clean and tidy.

If you are unsure of how to decorate your bathroom, in this article we will give you useful bathroom decorating ideas from the pros.

Declutter the Space

We are guilty of storing immense skincare and cleaning products in our bathrooms.

For someone with an already limited space, clutter will make it look and feel even more confined and messy.

Before you start your decorating project, you need to make sure that you get rid of everything that you do not use.

There is little point in having so many items around if there is no purpose for them – this often results in products expiring and we still keep them stored.

If you have any products that have expired or that you have not used in a while, just remove them from your bathroom.

Use Plants

Plants are a staple in every household – they can actually have a positive effect on your mental wellbeing.

However, when it comes to bathrooms, plants are more than just a decorating piece – they are actually useful.

Although most plants will absorb moisture from the air, some are particularly efficient at doing this, such as the Spider plant, the English Ivy, and the Peace Lily. You can plant these kind of plants using a indoor hanging garden.

The bathroom is the perfect place for mold to grow due to high levels of humidity and steam from hot showers.

This is particularly likely to happen if there is little ventilation within the space. Decorating your bathroom with plants will help dehumidify the space

Smart Storage

This is perfect for those of us with smaller bathrooms. When you have a small space, you must be smart when it comes to storage strategies.

Usually, you can use the space under the sink, under the tub, or even around the toilet, even if you do not have any other space.

If you have already removed all the items you do not need, as we discussed above, but still require storage – then be smart about it and study your bathroom to find the best solutions for your needs.

Personalized Shower Curtain

The shower curtain is indeed one of the most important items of your bathroom. This is often the center of attention in any individual’s shower room and it will set the overall style in the space.

There are many different types of shower curtains available in the market that you can choose from.

The home décor experts at suggest that customizing certain items in your household is a smart way to give it a sense of uniqueness and make it truly yours.

If you choose to customize your shower curtain with photos of yourself or something that you love, you will be sure that no one else has a bathroom like yours.

Use Appropriate Lighting

Some bathrooms have very small windows or no windows at all, making it impossible for sunlight to penetrate the area.

Lighting is important as it will change the mood of your place. If you cannot use the natural light, then invest in some good quality lighting.

It is a good idea to use LED lights in your bathroom as these are energy efficient and they do not cause extra heat to the space.


Lastly, you should accessorize as you please – this will very much depend on what type of décor you are going for – but you can surely find items that are just to your taste.

You can have beautiful toothbrush and soap holders, a bathmat, a laundry basket, and a matching bin and even decorate the walls with bathroom wall art or photos.

Let your imagination run wild and do what makes you happy!

Decorating your bathroom is a fun project and it will make the place look good and relaxing.

If you want to take your bathroom décor to the next level, make sure to follow the expert tips discussed above.