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Times are tough and the one thing that human beings are left with in order to cope with hunger is agriculture.

With Covid-19 threatening to destabilize our livelihood it would be prudent for us to find lasting solutions especially concerning food security.

One of the best ways to tackle food shortage is by growing our plants indoors using indoor hydroponic system kits. Though, it is good to note that hydroponics is not a new phenomenon.

According to the National gardening survey conducted in 2018 it was observed that there was an increase in the number of people growing their crops within small spaces indoors. These include, growing vegetables on their patio, balconies, rooftops and on hanging gardens.

The one challenge that comes with growing plants indoors is sunlight. But thanks to innovative solutions like indoor growing kits that help solve this problem.

Indoor growing kits like those from Aerogarden are like a one stop garden where the kits come with provision for lighting and growing medium. And it will be important to note that with time indoor growing kits are getting even better.

The best approach is to go for plants kits that are easy to operate but still produce good yield, this is according to the gardening experts we spoke to. By this we mean getting a kit where you water at least once a week and small enough to place on a kitchen countertop.

It is also important to know the right light intensity that different plants need to grow well. For example, herbs can do well with less lighting unlike plants such as chives, basil and peppermint which require full sunlight exposure, this is according to experts.

How to solve the prevailing food security

With the ongoing economic crises, people are devising various measures, which aim towards survival.

With the dollar value depreciating now and then, our purchasing power has greatly reduced which implies that our consumption levels should reduce too.

However, food being a necessity, people cannot afford to forego their meals.

Therefore, with the advancement in technology, indoor hydroponic gardening kit systems have offered a solution to our vegetable needs. Click here to view product.

This system uses water to feed nutrients to the plant and only requires a small space.

Therefore, whether living in a rented house or an area with limited gardening space, this system enables you to cater for your vegetable needs.

Best Indoor garden kits reviews.

We are going to make your work easier by review just for you the best indoor gardening systems in the market today.

Apart from being affordable, these kits are also very easy to operate. They come with very easy to understand manuals.

So, here we go;

1. AeroGarden Seed Starting System for Harvest Models

This amazing system will let you begin with up to thirty-one seedlings at home in your Harvest Elite, Harvest Touch or AeroGarden Harvest without mess and dirt, then you can transplant the seeds into your backyard garden when conditions are fine.

The latest design encourages the development of healthier root, makes the removal and transplant of seedlings simpler than ever.

The best amounts of plant food and water are used by this system to nurture seeds, and also offer lots of light and warmth for the best germination and healthy seed development.

The AeroGarden features a helpful guide for seed starting and transplanting, ready to seed 31 biodegradable Grow Sponges (31), an all-new plastic seed starter tray that’s re-usable and durable and one 3 ounce bottle of liquid plant food that’s specially formulated.

Seeds not supplied with the kit.

Key features:

  • Seed pod kit consists of a guide for seed starting and transplanting, 31 biodegradable Grow Sponges, one plastic seed starter tray that’s durable and re-usable, and one 3 ounce bottle of Liquid Plant Food, which is specially formulated.
  • Contains the materials you will require to start the seedlings inside
  • 31-Pod Seed in durable, reusable plastic tray for usage in all Harvest models

Click here to check best price.

  1. Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Gardening Kit
Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Grow Light | Easier Than Hydroponics Growing System | Smart Garden for Home Kitchen Windowsill | Vegetable & Herb Garden Starter Kit with 9 Plant pods, White
769 Reviews
Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Grow Light | Easier Than Hydroponics Growing System | Smart Garden for Home Kitchen Windowsill | Vegetable & Herb Garden Starter Kit with 9 Plant pods, White
  • Brighten up your home with a touch of fresh greenery and beautiful Scandinavian...
  • Get growing right away - the kit comes with 3 mini tomato, 3 basil and 3 green...
  • Grow fresh and healthy! Our plant pods contain no GMOs, pesticides, herbicides...

The Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Gardening Kit attends to your plants automatically by ensuring they have sufficient nutrients, light and water always.

This product ensures your plants have the optimal configuration of nutrients, oxygen, and water, while the special LED grows lights to give them the energy they require to flourish.

No plant hormones, pesticides, or any other toxic substances are used. With a sleek design, updated LED’s and a modular lamp arm, it’s the ultimate self-growing garden.

It has 3 complimentary basil plant capsules to help you begin growing immediately. Light and portable. You just need to place it anywhere you prefer and grow your preferred herbs and plants.

Ideal for strawberries, peppers, cherry tomatoes, big sized tomatoes, parsley, thyme, flowers, rosemary, cilantro, sage and even basil. Enjoy fresh herbs and fruits without pesticides or toxic substances.

  • Energy efficient: Simply plug it in. This product just uses 6W of power thanks to its energy efficient LED lighting system.
  • Easy to install and maintain: Simply drop the plant cartridges straight into the container, refill the water container, plug in the device, and you’re all set to start
  • Smart soil technology: The soil utilizes patented nano-tech growth medium, which speeds up the plant development without jeopardizing the quality.
  • Perfect choice of pre-seeded plant capsules: You can select from more than forty fresh fruits and herbs to grow free of pesticides.
  • Have an indoor garden throughout the year: You can grow your preferred culinary herbs throughout the year without having to worry about the weather.

View on Amazon

  1. Indoor Hydroponic Garden Kit – Lamp Smart Herb Kit with Desk LED Grow Light
Finether Hydroponic Growing System Kit with LED Grow Light,2 Gardening Pots,360 Degree Adjustable Arm,Low Water Alarm,Sensitive Touch Control for Home,Indoor,Kitchen,Plants,Herbs,Blue(2018 Advanced)
36 Reviews
Finether Hydroponic Growing System Kit with LED Grow Light,2 Gardening Pots,360 Degree Adjustable Arm,Low Water Alarm,Sensitive Touch Control for Home,Indoor,Kitchen,Plants,Herbs,Blue(2018 Advanced)
  • Multifunction Lights: Perfect design reading light,help plant to grow up, 3...
  • High-tech Application: Low water alarm remind you to add water for plants,...
  • Many Advantages: No mess; Plants growth all under control; Less pests and...

This kit handles your plants automatically by ensuring they have sufficient nutrients, light, and water always. It allows you to harvest fresh flowers, vegetables, herbs, salad greens and more throughout the year.

It comes with ten white LEDs and seven red LEDs to promote fast plant growth the even in the winter season and have tasting outcome.

The lamp and red light flashes will beep two times when the level of water is low to remind you to add water, helping to keep the plants growing with sufficient water.

It features a 1.5-liter water tank, which offers sufficient water for your plants and decreases refilling. Transparent window allows you to look at the level of water at a glance.

The kit has a reusable planting medium, which provides you with you a soil-free planting technique. No need for chemicals and pesticides.

Key features:

  • Wide use: You can grow strawberry, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, flower and other herbs.
  • Many benefits: No mess; offers faster plant growth, fewer diseases, and pests, plants growth all in check; Apart from this, it can be installed easily.
  • Multifunction lights: It features sensitive touch control, three lightness levels, and ideal design reading light to help plants to grow, and 360° Rotation to meet your request
  • Convenient and neat: Appealing and clean; Not so large, you can use it in the kitchen, living room, or office.
  • High-tech application: It features indicator light remind you the status of charging and low water alarm to remind you to add water for plants.

Click here to view on Amazon

Types Of Hydroponics To Use

To carry out hydroponics, you need a kit, and one can choose from a variety as illustrated below.

  • AHL Active Garden

As the name suggests, this is an artificial garden comprising of;

Garden basin: This holds the whole components of this starter kit including the nutrient solution and its fitted with drain hose or nozzle and water level indicator.

Planters: These are smaller basins referred to as planters and filled with grow rocks and provide surface area for planting.

Water pump: This is composed of four water lines fitted with drip emitters via which water is transmitted to the plants to facilitate constant irrigation.

Additionally, the AHL Active Garden is beautifully designed with plumbing and fittings. It measures 26 inches in length by 20 inches and 7.5 inches in vertical length. Therefore, the garden can be placed anywhere in the house where you intent to carry out your gardening.

  • AHL Grorock Bucket Cell

AHL Grorock Bucket Cell

This indoor hydroponic garden kit comprises of two buckets of varying volume. The smallest bucket in volume which comprises of 3.5 gallons acts as a garden. Therefore, it holds grow rocks and the plant as well. This bucket is normally fitted into the larger bucket.

On its side, the larger bucket holds the nutrient solution, which is pumped to the plant via vinyl tubing, which has a drip ring end. The grow rocks in this case are reusable, therefore, enabling you to minimize on replacement cost.

The AHL Grorock Bucket Cell  kit is superbly designed to accommodate all the components such as the pump having columns in the chambers. A person can either grow either one large plant or many smaller plants. The whole kit measure 12 inches by 17 inches in height.

  • General Hydroponics water farm

This hydroponics system kit is one of the best due to its design and services offered. It is composed of a tough plastic, which makes the kit durable. It contains a 4-gallon reservoir and a 2 gallon growing chamber.

The kit is specially designed with pumping column, drip ring, and drain level tube. It can support large, small, or medium-sized plants since it can hold large volumes of water yet the system utilizes only a small volume of water for plant growth. Due to its design and ability to meet people’s expectations, the kit is branded as simple and efficient.

  • Aqua Bed

This kit is currently priced at $850. It is a multipurpose unit having the ability to support hydroponics and aquaponics. It has a capacity of 350 liters where in the case of hydroponics you add your nutrients to support plant growth.

The kit can hold either fresh vegetables or herbs as you may choose. In addition, it is ideal for use where space is very limited due to its compact size nature.

The kit comprises of hydroton expanded clay, Aqua-Bed, pump, and feed-drainage lines. Therefore, it is economical to acquire an aquaponics gardening kit since in case one ceases to practice gardening, he, or she may opt to rear fish.

Aqua Bed Culture

  • D.F.T BATO Kit

The initial D.F.T represents deep flow technique, and the kit borrows its design from Dutch BATO pot. It comprises of 4 Dutch BATO pots, Reservoir tank, nutrient, hydroton expanded clay, cutilene Rockwool cubes, submersible pump, aluminum stand, and drainage lines.

Each pot in the system holds nutrients in solution form and thus in case the pump fails, the plants can still utilize the nutrients in the pots.

BATO Hydroponic Kit

The pots are in an independent nature in that; they are detachable from the irrigation system without affecting its operation. This also implies that, more pots can be added, and thus this kit can be expanded to large-scale size for commercial use.

Furthermore, the pot is suitable for growing plants with large roots such as tomatoes, capsicum, and cucumber among others.

  • Flood and drain system kit

This hydroponic garden kit consists of square flood and drain table, reservoir, hydroton expanded clay, nutrient, submersible pump and drainage lines. The table is fitted with nursery pots fitted with expanded clay that holds the nutrient solution.

The kit works by filling up these pots with water and draining all the excess at set periods during light hours. Don’t forget to make sure you use hydroponics growing lights that work best. The kit is simple to construct, durable and flexible in use.

Step-by-Step guide of setting up hydroponic system

  • The EZI Garden

Consist of two troughs that hold expanded clay. Additionally, it has a reservoir tank, submersible pump, tub, screen, nutrient among others. It is versatile in nature and can withstand operation for several years.

Despite being a garden there is no weeding, no digging nor is there bending when tending to the plants. This kit allows growing several plants such as tomatoes and cucumber plants at the same time due to their extensive nature.

In addition, there are other kits available in the market that include; N.F.T hydroponic kit, hydroponic Green Room Kits, Budget hydroponic Starter kits which can hold a maximum of 6 plants, Budget Hydro Hobby Kit which can hold up to 12 plants, Budget professional which holds up to 24 plants, quality starter kit among others.

In conclusion, farming has never been so easy and enjoyable as it is with indoor hydroponics gardening kits. However, when purchasing the kits, ensure that you carry out adequate research to avoid disappointments.

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