What Are The Best Fabric Shears?

As the name suggests, fabric shears are specially designed to cut your fabric. They comprise angled blades that provide a neat cut on your fabric.

Currently, there are numerous types of fabric shears you can purchase. Let’s look at some of the best fabric shears you can find in the market.

The major classifications of fabric shears

  • Straight fabric shears:

These shears have straight blades meant for cutting patterned fabrics. Also, straight fabric shears help you cut straight through ribbons, lace, and tapes.

  • Pinking fabric shears:

Unlike straight shears, pinking fabric shears have saw-like blades to reduce fraying. These shears are strong enough to penetrate thick material.

  • Serrated fabric shears:

If you are dealing with delicate fabric, serrated fabric shears are the best. They are perfect for cutting slippery fabric without causing any damage.

Moreover, if you plan to cut first-class fabric, serrated fabric shears will come in handy.

  • Left-handed fabric shears:

As the name suggests, these shears are ideal for left-handed people. Left-handed fabric shears use reversed blades to enable users to see where they are cutting.

Not to mention, these shears’ handles are specifically designed for left-handed people.

The best fabric shears to buy

Most recommended fabric shears:

The Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears

These fabric shears are highly ranked since they offer excellent functionality. These dressmaker’s Shears incorporate long, sharp blades with an anti-rust material.

These fabric shears are well known to last for decades without needing replacement. These shears contain double-plated blades with nickel and chrome to cut the fabric with maximum precision.

The Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears look bulky due to their metal handles from their appearance.

But most people report that the handles are simple to work with. With these shears, you can cut through patterns and fabric corners easily.

One of the main advantages of the Gingher shears is that they easily pierce thick fabric without hesitation. They are robust enough to penetrate the densest material.

Thus, you end up using less time and effort with these shears. Despite the vast array of benefits offered by these shears, they are relatively bulkier than other types of shears. Some people forego these shears due to their weight.

Best value for money:

The Singer 8.5-inch ProSeries Scissors 

Singer is one of the best brand manufacturers of sewing machines and sewing products.

Their products are popularly known for quality and functionality. In particular, the Singer ProSeries Scissors contain bent ergonomic handles that deliver precision when cutting fabric.

The blades in these fabric shears have a fine tip to help you cut curved corners and patterns in the material.

These fabric shears are perfect for providing a smooth cut and can last for decades. Unlike most fabric shears, these shears are less bulky hence easy to operate.

Even so, they can be pretty stiff at the beginning. But after using them for some time, they will no longer be stiff.

The best thing about these fabric shears is that they are inexpensive. They cost approximately $12 or less.

The best pinking shears:

Pinking Shears by P. LOTOR

If you are looking for the best pinking shears, Pinking Shears by P. LOTOR are your best option. They enable you to cut your seam neatly and prevent fraying.

However, you will need to maximize traction using lubricant when using these shears. This way, you can operate them efficiently.

These shears have strong handles that provide maximum comfortability during use. Also, they are light in weight; hence easy to use and store.

Although these shears are often designed for both right-handed and left-handed users, left-handed people reported that they do not work well for them.

They are also affordable; you can find them on Amazon for only $12.

What is the advantage of using fabric shears?

  • Prevent fabric damage:

More often than not, fabrics are delicate. Thus, it would help if you handled them with care. Using standard scissors to cut fabric is therefore not a good idea.

Fabric shears have blades that enable you to cut different materials with precision.

If appropriately used, fabric shears protect the fabric from damage. Moreover, there are specific fabric shears that cut high-end and slippery fabrics.

  • Make work easier:

Fabric shears also make your work simple. They are specially designed with sharp blades to pierce through the thickest fabrics.

With fabric shears, you consume less time and effort when cutting fabric. So, if you are a professional tailor, fabric shears will help you deal with multiple projects within a short period.

This way, you’ll increase your sales, revenues, and profits in the long run.

  • Save on replacement costs:

As mentioned earlier, fabric shear blades are specially designed to pierce the fabric. Thus, the blades stay sharp even after years of use.

In particular, if you purchase quality fabric shears, you won’t have to spend much on repair and replacement costs.

However, using regular shears to cut fabric might strain the blades and make them weaker. In turn, you’ll have to replace them.

  • Unlimited options to choose from:

With fabric shears, you can always find the most suitable option to get the job done. For example, if you need neat edges, pinking fabric shears are your best alternative.

On the other hand, if you are left-handed, you can find fabric shears to suit your requirements. Also, if you need to cut through curved corners and patterns, the Singer 8.5-inch ProSeries Scissors is a good option.

There is a wide range of fabric sheers to purchase. It would be best to evaluate your needs before you settle for a particular option.

The ideal fabric shears to have

Nowadays, there are numerous types of fabric shears. Each varies in configuration and offers different functionality.

Generally, experts rank the Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears as the best fabric shears.

Although costly, these shears are well-known for their excellent durability and functionality.

Nevertheless, before purchasing these shears, evaluate your needs. Remember, your fabric shear option is often determined by your requirements.