The Science Of Vertical Garden Hydroponics: Best Practices

Hydroponics is a revolutionary crop science where plants are grown while fetching their nutrients and water from a solution without the need of soil. Almost all nutrients are in ionic form, which can readily dissolve in water and absorbed in that way by the plant. Vertical garden is a state of the art where crops are grown in a tower manner, one plant just above the other. There are various modifications; plants can be fed by a continuous flow of media from a pipe. This mode has a critical advantage, in that it helps in water aeration as compared to a static media. Another method is feeding by use of a static media as mentioned above. Plants should be set in a way that their roots are shallowly deep into the feed solution. This is to allow some part of the root systems to be exposed in the air, for the plant to take in oxygen from the air. Aeration is possible, but the water only takes up dissolved gasses to a certain degree depending on temperature, cold water being the best. Another latest innovative technology is known as aeroponics. This is a practice were nutrients and water are delivered to the root and other plant services by aerosolized particle nutrients. This innovation is good in areas where extremely extravagant use of water cannot be permitted by prevailing artificial and natural conditions. It utilizes little water volumes with respect to other means as stated above. Being taught and practiced in universities all over the world, individuals, cooperation’s, factories, pharmaceutical companies etc have adapted this practice, often, giving fantastic results. It’s a practice to be reckoned and embraced so as to continue skyrocketing human population. Economical Space Utilization Teardrop pallet racks are used to increase vertical height holding capacity with a great degree of space utility. World population reached a stagnating six billion people by 2010. Space has been a sensitive issue all over the world. Farming land is continuously shrinking due to human settlement, thus resulting in a continuous decrease in food production despite increased food demand. This has drastically impacted on a skyrocketing food prices throughout the world. Vertical hydroponic grow system invention gives hopes towards providing solutions to the food crisis, thereby giving anyone an ability and chance to plant their own crops of choice within a limited space. The most often suitable and convenient crops to be developed on this support systems are fruits and vegetables. In this way, a limited space will be utilized 40% more than in traditional soil science. Vertical Hydroponic Garden Made Easy To begin with, vertical garden has greatly simplified and made crop production more convenient, as compared with traditional methods of soil reliance. Not all soils are good for crop farming. Only a small percentage of soil cover is utilized for farming. A vertical garden hydroponic system provides a quick solution to this. There are readily available miniature tower gardens for your service. They are easy to transport and install. Within an average … Read more