Gorilla Grow Tent

The Dynamics Of Gorilla Grow Tent You Must Know What are gorilla grow tents? They are basically professionally designed grow tents best suited for experts while at the same time favoring beginners. Among the key features includes: perfectly positioned ducting ports and larger EZ windows that offer easy grow snapshots without compromising the surroundings. For convenience, the doors rotate on a 3600angle. Generally you can work with gorilla grow tents with very little stress. Everything is made to near perfection for the best outcome yet maintaining the simplicity for easy operations. Below is a gorilla grow tent review for more information on the same. Gorilla grow tent properties. Height: Gorilla grow tents come with adjustable extension poles that let you extend the height of your tent to meet your specific needs. You can extend the height of your tent from 7’ to 10’ tall, this leaves more room, and plants can, therefore, reach heights up to 50% taller. This also solves the common problem of plants growing taller than the lights and room at large. It also saves one the agony of having to bend as you tend to the crops due to height limitations. One may ask what makes gorilla grow tents different. Here’s the point; other tents are limited to a 6’ height. This leads to crowding in the grow room as the plants outgrow the available space. It’s definitely disadvantageous as there are lower yields in the long run. Quality: While some grow tents on sale are partly made of plastic the gorilla version is plastic free. Other distinct features include strong zippers, which also double up as the biggest in the market, double settling ducting ports, an added tool pouch and diamond reflection technology, not to forget a well-made flood pool and bug-resistant pre filters. It is worth noting that the diamond reflection technology guarantees uniform lumen distribution. This, in return, helps shun hotspots, which are not good for crop growth. Strength and durability: As compared to other grow tents, the Gorilla version comes with a solid metal frame which has interlocking capabilities. This is arguably two to five times stronger when compared to what is produced by competitors. Relatively, this strength helps them hold 300 lbs. and above. All the listed properties help avoid faulty operations as experienced by other grow tent users. For instance, other grow tents utilise plastic, thin steel poles or aluminium poles. All these expose the grow tents to cracks or breaks which place your crops at risk. Other challenges include faulty zippers, which have no doubt been addressed by gorilla grow tents. Thickness: While most grow tents offer 200D to 600D gorilla grow tents are three times stronger with up to 1680D thread density. Thread density is important as it keeps out unnecessary floods and unwanted reflections which lead to unfavourable hotspots. Safety: So as to keep the temperatures cool, gorilla grow tents make use of an infrared blocking roof. Noise and odour are also contained maximally with the help of … Read more