Bird Seed Feeder Vs. Suet Log Feeder – Which is Better?

Bird lovers are spoilt for choices on how best to feed the birds. This is because many alternatives work effectively.

The suet log feeder and the bird seed feeders, are two of the most popular feeding methods. They are confusing for the bird feeder making a choice.

Bird Seed Feeder or Suet Log Feeder 

The names of each of these feeders tell it all about how they work. The suet log feeders hold suet logs, while the seed feeders hold the seeds. It isn’t easy to point out which is better. The choice is usually dependent on individual preference.

Suet Log Feeder

A suet log feeder is designed to hold feed logs. It is commonly used to hold saturated fat. This is a favorite feed for the birds. It is considered the best for cold weather seasons.

The suet log feeder is a superfood for heavy eaters. It also holds different types of feed. It is preferred for delivering more food varieties to the birds.

The variety of foods makes attracting many birds to the suet log feeder possible. Bird lovers would prefer this type of feeder for this reason. It is an excellent way of filling your backyard with colorful birds.

Suet log feeders are easy to make. Anyone can make a log feeder at home. They also come in different shapes. This means that bird lovers can create special features in their backyards. The feeders can also be used as beauty elements.

Bird Seed Feeder

Birdseed feeders are a traditional way of feeding birds. They have been used for ages to deliver seeds in the backyards. The feeders can be made of mesh to allow easier seed access. This is a common feeder that attracts more agile species of birds.

The most popular birds that love seed feeders include house sparrows, blue tits, and green finches. The species love feeding on peanuts and other specialist seeds.

Trays are among the common types of seed feeders. They are easier to access for all types of birds.

Comparing the suet log feeder to the bird seed feeder is important. This is important to help bird lovers make the right decision. Several measures can be used to make this comparison.

  • Ease of use
  • Less waste
  • Low maintenance

– Ease of use

Ease of use should determine which bird feeder is better. Unlike seed feeders, suet log feeders are easier to use. The process only requires setting up the feed on the logs. The feed is also easy to store.

The bird feeders are challenging to maintain. They require a lot of care. They are also easily accessed by predators. Rodents can access the bird feed easily on the bird seed feeders.

The bird seed feeders also require more space than the suet logs to install. It is the better alternative for people with small gardens.

– Less wastage

Saving bird feed is a priority for bird feeders. That is why going for the suet feeders is better. The suet log feed is efficient compared to the bird seed feeder.

The disadvantage of a seed feeder is that the seeds easily fall off. Suet feed sticks to its form.

Less wastage also means that the suet log feeder cannot attract rodents. This is unlike the bird seed feeder that drops many seeds on the ground.

The seeds attract rodents in plenty, especially near the feeder. The suet feeder is safer for the birds in your backyard.

Less wastage from the suet feeder also reduces the mess in your backyard. It means that you can keep your compound clean. The seed feeder causes some mess from the dropping of seeds.

Visiting rodents also messes your backyard with droppings. That is why the suet is still a favorite among many bird feeders.

– Low maintenance

A bird feeder should not give the bird feeder a lot of work. It should be low maintenance. That is why a suet feeder is better than a bird seed feeder. The bird seeder requires regular cleaning. The logs can be replaced when necessary.

However, all feeders should be cleaned. They should be replaced in case of any fault. Hanging the feeders also requires regular checks. It is important to make sure that they are not a risk. Regular checks should apply to all the feeders.

Overall, both the suet log and bird seed feeders attract birds. Bird lovers are advised to have different types of feeders in their backyards. This is good to help attract the greatest variety of birds.

What to go for – bird feeder or suet feeder?

Having all the information about the suet and bird seed feeder is important. This can help a bird lover make the right choice.

It is also important to have checks and balances when using either feeder. The aim should be to have a bird feeder that serves well in providing adequate feed for the birds.