How To Prune Overgrown Magnolia Tree

Pruning a tree is a primary requirement as it grows. The pruning helps with shaping the tree. It also helps with the removal of unwanted branches. The pruning is also associated with increased growth.

The magnolia tree grows densely and with magnificent heights. It becomes very beautiful, mainly when it blooms.

A Magnolia is a tree that can also be trained on a wall. It is, however, among the trees that overgrow if left unattended. It is essential to know the best way of pruning these trees.

Best time of year to prune magnolias

Is there a better time that one can prune a magnolia tree? Your answer is dependent on the gardener’s interest.

One thing that you must know is that a magnolia tree grows densely. The right time to prune it is when it is evergreen. Let us compare two seasons that you can opt to prune your magnolia.

  1. Pruning during the summer season

Choosing to prune the magnolia during the summer season is recommended. This is the best time that the tree can sprout again.

The evergreen varieties can be well-trained on a wall. But they need to be pruned during sunny weather after they have finished flowering.

  1. Pruning during the winter season

It is recommended that you avoid pruning a magnolia tree during the winter. This is a cold season that risks the rotting of trees.

The tree can start rotting when exposed to excessive wetness. The tree may also not produce any blossom after the winter period. It can cause the slow death of the tree.

Magnolia tree is also susceptible to disease. Pruning them during wet seasons exposes them to disease risks. The branches can be diseased and lead to tree rot. Treating the disease and waiting for the summer period to prune the magnolia is better.

How to cut back a Magnolia tree

Pruning a magnolia involves cutting back the tree. The pruning has to engage an evergreen magnolia tree. There are different ways of cutting back the tree. One can use the hand cutting of recommended farm tools.

  • Cut back by hand

Cutting by hand is recommended for young magnolia trees. These are trees, the size of a gardener. They have soft branches and can be easily pruned.

Hand pruning is mainly used to remove disease branches. These also include the weak branches of the tree.

  • Using farm tools

Using farm tools to cut back is done in the later pruning stages. This is usually for the fully-grown magnolia. They have strong branches that cannot be cut by hand. This is usually done to prevent overgrowth.

Some popular farm tools needed include a step ladder, sharp secateurs, and a pruning saw. The farm tools work well with a trained hand. Training on the best way of pruning the magnolia is essential to avoid damaging it.

Remember that cutting back can focus on two main issues. They include the height and the shape of the tree. When pruning for the shape, it is good to identify the strong branches.

This is used effectively in training the tree on a wall. Deciduous trees are mostly pruned to prevent overgrowth. It is the best way of reducing heights.

How to cut back

There is no easy way of cutting back a magnolia tree. But it becomes easy when the procedure is followed.

  • Removing the suckers

Suckers have been identified as the biggest enemy of tree blooming. That is why a decision to cut back should prioritize removing them. They are considered significant limitations for tree growth.

Removing the suckers can quickly be done by hand. This is because they are young and weak. They can also be easily accessed by hand. Cutting the suckers guarantees more branch sprouting and improved tree health.

  • Cut the overgrown branches.

The next step is to cut the overgrown branches. This allows the gardener to shape the tree easily. It also allows the gardener to train the tree where necessary.

Cutting back the magnolia can also involve cutting long stems. These are stems that change the tree’s symmetry. Remember to take caution and ensure the pruning does not damage the tree completely.

Prune lower or higher branches on the magnolia tree.

The decision to prune a magnolia tree can lead to some questions. One of these questions is whether the tree is to be pruned at the lower or higher parts. The reason for each type of pruning can be given.

  • Pruning the lower branches

One of the reasons for pruning the lower branches is to control growth. This is done mainly during the early stages of tree growth. This is also done for overgrown trees. Lower branches that are weak can be removed.

It is also good to prioritize any branches affected by the disease. Branches that are growing at different angles can also be pruned. This includes branches that may cross with others. Removing such branches at the lower parts can be quickly done by hand.

  • Pruning the higher branches

There are times when the magnolia tree can overgrow. This calls for the pruning of the higher branches. It is considered the best way of keeping the magnolia short. It is also considered the best way of training the magnolia.

Pruning the higher branches can require garden tools. It is also essential to check the dead branches in such a case. It is recommended to avoid cutting strong and healthy branches. This can risk the death of a tree.

Remember to consider the spacing of the period for pruning. This is because of the sensitivity of the magnolia tree. Pruning between 2-3 years is recommended. The entire process should strengthen the growth of the magnolia tree.

How to keep your magnolia tree short

A short magnolia tree is considered a beautiful thing to look at. It is also considered as easy to manage and train.

That is why many gardeners love keeping these trees short. But this is not easy because the magnolia trees can easily overgrow.

  • Regular pruning

Limiting the size of a magnolia tree requires regular pruning. This is especially the cutting of higher branches. It is recommended to keep the crown open and identify the main shape.

This ensures that the cutting back maintains a given height of the tree. It also provides the tree with a beautiful appearance.

It is only suitable to review what you have learned quickly. The article has shed some light on pruning magnolia trees. Magnolias should be pruned when young. It becomes more accessible because it has weak branches. It is also great for attaining the expected shape.

But there is a call for caution when pruning the magnolia tree. Remember that the magnolia tree is very sensitive to pruning. Excessive pruning can risk death.

It can lead to less blooming and thus reduce the flowering. Always avoid heavy pruning and maintain an established routine.

It is also good to note that excessive pruning exposes the magnolia to diseases. It causes stress and can lead to dead branches. It is also good to prune during the summer season.

Pruning or cutting back during the winter has been linked to limited growth and death of magnolia trees.