The Difference Between Trimming And Pruning A Tree

Trees are among the most important elements of our environment. Trees require care and frequent maintenance.

They play a huge role in making an environment serene, peaceful and beautiful. Actually, trees beautify the environment, and play a huge role in landscaping. Tree trimming and tree pruning come in handy to ensure you have quality trees.

As much as these two terms are almost relating, they are different. They bear different results, and each one of them impacts the tree differently.

Both actions on the tree are done so that you can get the best quality trees. We shall compare and contrast these two terms and find out more about each, and also its pros and cons.

How to trim a tree

Tree trimming is reducing the size of a tree to become smaller so as to encourage tree growth. It is an important factor in landscaping.

Landscaping helps to add value and beauty to your property. There are reasons as to why you should always consider to trim your trees. These reasons are highlighted below.

Reasons why tree trimming is important 

  • For tree appearance

Trimming a tree is just like giving the tree a haircut. The trimming helps improve the appearance of a tree by cutting out the overgrown branches that interfere with its outlook.

A tree with very well trimmed branches cannot be compared to a tree that has not been trimmed. If you plant a tree so as to boost the beauty of your property, trimming them is essential.

  • Tree health

Trees have life and they are part of nature’s beauty. They need to be healthy and trimming them helps improve a trees health. Overgrown trees with unkempt branches tend to make the tree weaker and reduces chances of survival. Regular tree trimming helps to keep the tree strong and with a healthy structure.

  • For safety reasons.

Trimming helps to remove overgrown bushes. These overgrown bushes pose as a risk. In a storm or even a windy day, an overgrown branch has a higher risk of breaking off, and may hurt someone or even damage something in your property.

The presence of these hazardous branches is the major reason to have your trees trimmed at regular intervals.

  • For landscape aesthetics.

If you do not trim your trees regularly the details and aesthetics of your landscape can be affected. The branches may overgrow and prevent the sun from penetrating to the grass around the tree and the lower branches of the tree, making their growth slow.

Overgrown tree branches may obstruct a view of a scenery. Regular trimming of the trees helps out in the whole landscape appearance. Trimming can be done using a hedge trimmer. This can either be gas or electric powered- or even shears even though they are used for pruning.

The most ideal season of tree trimming is the flowering season. This however, depends on the plant species. Tree trimming should be done twice a year. Check for the small unwanted branches and overgrown unkempt branches and trim them down.

How to prune a tree

top pruning shears

Pruning is the act of cutting off some of the branches from a tree or a bush so that it can grow better, stronger and healthier. Tree pruning is also a factor considered in landscaping and in building a healthy tree.

A good landscape will have some trees to compliment the other vegetation around. There are reasons as to why you should always consider pruning your trees:

Reasons why tree pruning is important 

  • Removal of dangerous branches

Rotting branches and dead branches can fall off anytime and without warning. This can cause a risk to damage your property or even injure someone. The main priority of tree pruning is getting rid of these branches that can cause harm around your property.

These rotting branches are likely to make the tree develop a disease which causes more harm. It is best to prune them off using the correct shears.

  • Growth control

Pruning trees helps them improve in strength and in their overall health. Tree pruning helps increase the root strength for as long as the pruning is done properly.

This means the roots will have better grip on the ground. Good pruning helps the tree to withstand harsh conditions much easier than when pruning has not been done. It helps the tree to grow. Tree pruning helps the tree to grow healthier and better branches without any trouble.

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  • For fruit production

If your tree is the type that gives fruits each and every year, pruning the tree can increase fruit production.

When improving productivity through pruning, you can eliminate the possibility of fruit tree injury by hiring a professional tree service Rancho Cucamonga for tree pruning.

Pruning dead twigs can help the tree to avoid being infested with diseases making the tree healthier and suitable to produce more fruits.

As much as tree pruning helps you increase the fruit production; it helps you plan ahead of time as it helps increase the fruit production the following year. When a tree has less volume within itself to maintain, it puts its excess energy to produce more fruit.

  • It improves the view

Trees can block the scenery and even block the sunlight from penetrating into your home. You can prune the branches that block your window and balcony view.

Tree pruning helps save on power where the branches preventing the light from penetrating are pruned.

Tree pruning is done to protect the shrubs and the trees. There are two shears that can be used- either a looping shear or a hand shear.

Tree pruning should be done once a year on ideal seasons depending on the plant species. Dead wood, crossing branches and lower disorderly branches are the ones supposed to be pruned. Tree trimming and tree pruning helps the health of your trees. Furthermore, goes a long way to complement your well kept lawn.

In case there was thought to skip doing these practices to your trees this is enough to make you reconsider and give your trees the best attention each year.

You should involve tree service for tree pruning experts to conduct this exercise if you are a beginner in tree pruning and tree trimming.