11 Of The Best Types Of Flowering Trees

There are numerous benefits to landscaping with trees. In other words, they’re great for blocking the sun. When arranged in rows, they provide a natural screen.

Animals like squirrels and birds are drawn to them. You can also harvest nuts and fruits from some. And some trees are chosen for their stunning displays of flowers in spring, summer, and fall.

Lavender, violet, and purple flowering trees are a lovely addition to any yard or garden.

Here are some flowering trees that will brighten up your yard.

  • Japanese tree lilac

In comparison to common lilacs, this is a larger kind that, rather than being pruned into a shrub, is made to grow into a decorative tree.

It blooms in late spring and early summer with fluffy clusters of creamy white flowers that draw a swarm of butterflies and hummingbirds.

Depending on how you prune it, it can develop an upright or spreading crown shape within its circular form.

In addition to its beautiful blossoms, the tree has to peel lustrous reddish-brown bark. The bark will gradually turn a silvery gray as the tree ages.

  • Magenta Crabapple Tree

Flowering crabapples come in many different types. But they all share the same spectacular spring bloom and vibrant fall display provided by their small red fruits.

However, the newer magenta crabapple type stands out for its eye-catching springtime pink hue. This is why they are so convenient all year round.

Your landscape will be a lovely shade of pink, and various birds will serenade you as they feast on the juicy fruit. These trees are beautiful and don’t need much care once established.

  • Pink weeping cherry tree

The pink weeping cherry is a stunning variety of cherry tree. It is popular for its beautiful, delicate pink flowers that stand out against the tree’s bare limbs in the winter.

Its spreading branches form an umbrella shape, and in the early spring, it produces a graceful waterfall of small pink flowers.

The pink weeping cherry tree does bear fruit, but the cherries are so small. Birds and other animals also love them, so you shouldn’t worry about picking them up.

  • Crape myrtle

One of the most widely used blooming trees is the crape myrtle, sometimes called the crepe myrtle. Its strong heat tolerance allows it to bloom in the summer when few other plants are doing so.

Crape myrtles are so popular that breeders have created various varieties, from compact shrubs to massive trees that can reach 30 feet. A wide range of white, purple, pink, and red flower options exist.

  • Fringe tree

In spring, the fringe tree is covered with wispy, white blossoms that smell like lilacs. These trees may look like clouds from a distance, but the contrast between the delicate fringe-like blossoms and the bright green leaves is stunning up close.

These trees can withstand freezing temperatures. Because of their resistance to road salt, they are perfect for planting beside a snowy driveway or street.

  • Royal Purple Smoke Tree

This is a majestically smoky tree with deep purple foliage and a haze of rosy-purple blossoms. If you want a tree that requires little care, this is a good option to think about.

Because of its low maintenance requirements, it is frequently used in garden and landscaping designs.

When it comes to landscaping, many people favor the Royal Purple Smoke Tree. Because of its singular form, it is frequently featured as a specimen tree in landscape designs.

The tree also works well as a focal point in a garden or as a backdrop for other plants in a mixed border.

  • Dogwood

This beautiful decorative tree can have one or several trunks with a wide, rounded crown. Dogwood blossoms can be either pure white or vivid pink.

Because they flower before the tree produces leaves in the spring, they contrast beautifully with the naked bark.

When the weather cools down again, the same leaves will turn a brilliant shade of red. This creates a stunning display of autumn color in your yard.

  • Oleander

Although oleander is typically seen as a shrub, it can grow into a tiny tree for decorative purposes. In addition to its useful evergreen leaves, oleander has beautiful pink or white flowers that bloom continuously throughout the year in warm areas.

Oleander is a great plant for your yard if you live in a polluted city. It can, because it can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions.

Oleander is a common problem in outdoor settings because it is highly toxic. This is not a smart option if you have young kids, pets, or children who like to run around in the yard.

  • Eastern Redbud

One of spring’s most breathtaking sights is the eastern redbud in full bloom. In April, a plethora of delicate pink blossoms appear.

The tree’s flowers are lovely, but that’s not all it has going for it. The combination of its unusual and erratic branching patterns, heart-shaped leaves, and vibrant yellow autumn color makes it a show-stopper year-round.

  • Eastern Redbud

When the eastern redbud is in full bloom in the spring, it is quite beautiful. Following the blooms, heart-shaped, purplish-red leaves appear.

As summer progresses, they change from green to a vibrant yellow. The tree’s circular crown is beautiful all year.

  • Hawthorn

Numerous hawthorn tree varieties are highly sought after in landscape design. This is because of their persistent beauty throughout the year.

First, the whole tree is covered in fragrant clusters of small hot pink, light pink, or white blooms in the spring.

The red (or yellow, orange, or black) berries that hawthorns produce in the fall and winter will add color to your yard and be a bird magnet.

Trees with white flowers

After a long, frigid winter, white blossoming trees add a touch of elegance to any landscape with their bold, snow-white blossoms. Many of the trees sport delicate white blossoms.

Make sure the white flowering tree you pick can handle the cold weather. Full daylight is six or more hours of sunlight daily, which most blooming trees need to thrive.

Trees like the Yoshino cherry tree, the White Rose of Sharon tree, the Natchez crape myrtle tree, and the spring snow crabapple tree are just a few examples.

Trees with blue flowers

Trees with blue blossoms are always in high demand. This is because of the calming association with blue, tropical seas and clear skies.

Considering that even a little bit of blue can make a big difference in your yard’s appearance, you’ll see why planting a blue flowering tree is so important.

Blue flowering trees are a great choice to add variety to your yard. While blue-blooming trees are not as popular as their white and pink counterparts, they are nevertheless a welcome addition to any garden.

Some examples are the Blue Butterfly Bush, Blue Chinese Wisteria, Blue Rose of Sharon, Desert Willow, Jacaranda, and the Blue Hong Kong Orchid Tree.

Trees with pink flowers

Pink flowers light up every scene. Trees with pink flowers come in various sizes, including dwarf varieties. You can prune them into shrubs to create massive specimens that tower over their surroundings when in bloom.

Many pink trees are beautiful additions to any garden or yard because of their other unique characteristics. This include a tree such as the Magnolia pink flowering tree.

You can entice squirrels and birds to your yard by planting a crabapple tree for its brightly colored fruit, a horse chestnut tree for its brightly colored fruit, or a crepe myrtle for its decorative bark.

Trees with pink flowers are hardy and beautiful no matter where you live. Although most of them bloom in the spring, several kinds can also do so in the autumn. Depending on the species, their flowers might remain in bloom for weeks.

Planting a pink flowering tree in your yard is an attractive option if you want year-round visual interest.

Trees with purple flowers

Why not add some lovely color if you have a large enough backyard? You’ve already accomplished this by building a garden, which is fantastic! But instead of stopping there, why not put in a flowering tree?

You can use it as a focal point to direct the design of the rest of your outdoor space or add a bench under it to relax in the shade.

Some people enjoy sitting in the heat, so planting trees with purple blossoms is a good idea if this interests you. Check out the variety of purple-hued trees available if you like the color family.

Boost your garden with flowering trees

Trees with colorful flowers are a fantastic way to liven up a yard. There is a blossoming tree for you, no matter your climate or where you live.