15 Annual Flowers For Year-Round Color

Annual flowers make your garden look colorful all year round. Today, you can grow many annual flowers to add a whole new charm to your outdoor living space.

Even so, before planting any flowers, take time to evaluate your requirements. In this article, we look at some of the best annual flowers for year-round color.

Top 15 Beautiful Flowers That Bloom All Year Round

Here we go;

Rose flower:

Rose flowers are famous for their exceptional beauty. Luckily, these flowers bloom all year round. Roses exist in different shades depending on the variety. Also, rose flowers grow well in sunlight and require constant pruning. Pruning helps in generating more flowers. Planting rose flowers in your hanging garden undoubtedly adds a whole new charm to your backyard.

Lantana flower:

You can make your garden more colorful by planting lantana flowers. Lantana flowers come in various colors; red, orange, white, pink, and yellow. They thrive in areas with sunlight and adequately drained soil. Lantana flowers also grow well in warmer climatic conditions.

Adenium flower:

Adenium is also an excellent annual flower that blooms all year round. You can always grow it in your outdoor or indoor space; it all depends on your requirements. These flowers are perfect for adding color to your garden throughout the whole year.

Bougainvillea flower:

Another annual flower for year-round color is the bougainvillea. Bougainvillea can grow in pots or vertical gardens. They are colorful and highly resistant to drought. These flowers consume less time and effort when it comes to maintenance. Besides, they make your backyard space more appealing.

Hibiscus flower:

Hibiscus is a popular flower option among the majority of homeowners. They are colorful; they come in red, yellow, and white shades. Hence, they can make a beautiful addition to your indoor planter garden. The best thing about these flowers is that they bloom throughout the entire year.

Ixora flower:

This flower is the easiest to maintain. Ixora flowers are fantastic additions to your home. They exist in different colors, from yellow to orange. Ixora can withstand harsh climatic conditions and spice up your garden area.

Crossandra flower:

One of the best annual flowers you can plant in your garden is Crossandra. These flowers thrive in poorly drained soils. Crossandra comes in a wide array of colors, but mostly red and orange. They grow well in outdoor gardens and pots.

Kalanchoes flower:

Kalanchoes are another annual flower that blooms all year. They have beautiful flowers and green leaves that can transform your outdoor space for the better.

Christ flower plant:

The Christ plant is another annual flower that blooms throughout the year. Christ plants generate small, spectacular flowers that spice up your home. In some countries, this plant is popularly known as the crown of thorns. Also, the Christ plant does not need a lot of maintenance. Consequently, it works well for homeowners with tight schedules.

Iobouchina or princess flower:

These flowers are famous for their small purple flowers and lustrous leaves. The princess flower blooms all year round. However, during the summer, they bloom heavily. The princess flower can grow up to 15 feet. So, grow them in large containers.

Jasmine flower:

Jasmine is a great annual flower that offers an aesthetic and pleasing fragrance in your garden. Jasmine flowers are white and grow in large masses, especially if you prune them.

Golden Trumpet flower:

The golden trumpet can switch your outdoor area into a radiant haven. Characterized by yellow/golden flowers and green leaves, the golden trumpet is an excellent addition to your garden. Nevertheless, the flower produces poisonous sap. Thus, it can be harmful to your pets and children when ingested.

Butterfly Pea:

The butterfly pea generates beautiful, large flowers that come in different colors. In some countries, these flowers are not only used for aesthetic purposes, but also for religious purposes.

Begonia flower:

These flowers are a perfect option if you want your garden to stay colorful all year round. You can grow begonias in pots in your outdoor gardens.

Verbena flower:

Verbena is one of the best annual flowers for year-round color. These flowers are beautiful; they come in deep red, pink, white, or blue shades. Also, they can grow up to 6 feet.

What flowers stay in bloom all year?

Here is a list;

Marvel of Peru:

These flowers are perfect for increasing your home’s aesthetic. Marvel of Peru comes in different colors; yellow, red, and white. The flower also has a trumpet shape and can bloom all year round. Individuals love this flower because it incorporates less maintenance.

If you are a beginner, consider planting these flowers. You can grow them in growing kit, pots or in your flower garden. Another advantage of this flower is that it has a pleasing fragrance; so, you can use it to purify the air.

Periwinkle flower:

Periwinkle is also an annual flower for year-round color. This flower can withstand harsh climatic conditions. Therefore, it blooms throughout the year. Not to mention that periwinkle looks great in both outdoor and indoor settings. Additionally, some gardeners use periwinkle to control soil erosion.

Leadworts flower:

Also known as plumbago, leadworts are flowers that offer exceptional aesthetics to your outdoor garden. These flowers are often sky blue and have bright green leaves. Hence, they can add a whole new charm to your home. In addition, leadworts can survive in harsh climatic conditions; therefore, they bloom all year round.

Plumeria flower:

Plumeria comes in a wide array of shades, from pink to white. Plumeria mostly thrives in warmer climates and radiates a pleasant fragrance. They are remarkably attractive. So, you can use them to add a whole new charm to your outdoor space.

One of the primary advantages of growing plumeria is that they incorporate less maintenance. They don’t consume a lot of time and effort during maintenance. They also flower all year round; so, you don’t have to worry about having a dull garden!

Waterlilies flower:

As the name suggests, these flowers grow in water. If you have a pond in your yard, you can grow them. Water lilies are exceptionally beautiful; they are often white with a yellow center. These flowers are undoubtedly perfect for your outdoor space. You don’t need seeds to grow water lilies; you can grow these flowers from leaves.

Oleander flower:

A good percentage of homeowners grow oleander due to its pleasing fragrance. If you want to combat unpleasant smells in your yard, consider growing oleanders. Also, this flower can transform your backyard into a serene haven. It is white and grows throughout the entire year.

The best thing about the oleander is that it can survive in unfavorable conditions. Typically, oleander can survive in drought conditions, soil with unbalanced pH, and hard soils. As a result, it is a low-maintenance flower that is perfect for beginners.

King’s mantle flower:

Another flower that blooms all year round is the king’s mantle. This flower comes in a shade of purple-blue with a white tube at the center. Subsequently, this flower is ideal for spicing up your outdoor and indoor spaces.

Like most plants, you’ll have to prune them often for healthy growth. Besides, it is pretty simple to grow this flower. Ultimately, if you want to add a touch of elegance to your yard, grow the king’s mantle.

Marigold flower:

Marigolds are one of the most popular flowers to grow in your garden all year round. Marigolds flower throughout the whole summer. Therefore, you can use them to add a new charm to your garden. These flowers come in a wide array of colors, from gold to orange; It depends on the variety of the marigold.

One of the main advantages of marigolds is that they are low maintenance. Thus, they are ideal for homeowners with a tight schedule. You can use marigolds to prepare salads, among other meals. Not to mention, marigolds bring a tranquil ambiance to your outdoor space. These plants thrive in areas with bright sunlight and adequately drained soil.

Geranium flower:

Do you want to spice up your indoor or outdoor space? Geraniums are one of the best plants that can help you do this. Geraniums come in different varieties; thus, their flowers vary in color. Most homeowners love this plant since it doesn’t require high maintenance.

Geraniums grow well in areas with medium to low sunlight. They can grow up to 2.5 feet. So, ensure you choose a pot or plastic container of the right size. Although they are often blue, geraniums come in different shades; pink, purple, orange, and red.

Vinca flower:

Another annual flower you can grow is vinca. Vinca flowers bloom throughout the entire summer. They are blue, so they’ll brighten up your indoor or outdoor living areas.

Vinca grows well when exposed to full sunlight. Nonetheless, they can grow in shady areas. Vinca can grow up to 2.5 feet, but it depends on the variety. These flowers require adequately drained soil and are popularly known as Madagascar periwinkle.

Zinnia flower:

If you are looking for low-maintenance flowers, consider zinnia. Zinnia flowers have a striking resemblance to dahlias. As a result, they make your outdoor space more appealing. Like most flowers, Zinnias can grow up to 2.5 feet. They grow well in areas with bright light and soil with proper drainage. Zinnia flowers come in a wide array of colors; yellow, pink, purple, and orange. The shade differs based on the variety. All in all, zinnia is a good annual flower for year-round color.

Impatiens flower:

Popularly known as busy lizzies, impatiens are among the best plants you can grow for year-round color. Growing and maintaining impatiens is pretty much straightforward. These flowers thrive when exposed to sunlight. Nonetheless, they can still grow in partially shady spots or next to lithops plant to help enhance its aesthetics.

Note that these plants are very tall since they can grow up to six feet. Thus, you have to use big grow bags or planting pots to plant them or get an advanced growing kit. Additionally, they grow best in well-drained soils. Impatiens come in a wide array of shades depending on the specific variety. They bloom during the summer.

Time to start planting flowers

Flowers can help you spice up your outdoor living area. Annual flowers are not only beautiful, but they also bloom all year round. There is a broad spectrum of flower species that can grow throughout the year.

Always take time to understand the different species that cater to your requirements. Some of the best annual flowers for year-round color are roses, marigolds, and bougainvillea, among others.