Simple Gardening Design Ideas on a Budget

Having a lush garden that is the envy of your neighborhood can be great. Not only is your garden a fantastic place to kick back and relax, but it can also host some of your wild parties.

Think of how awesome it can be to entertain your guests in a garden cottage that looks straight out of a fairy tale.

Nonetheless, many think that decorating their gardens is expensive, which is so not true, actually you can garden without money.

You just need to utilize some DIY ideas and cheap decorations to make your garden alluring. For example make a moon garden, shade garden or English garden, the choice is yours.

If you want to give your garden a new look but do not want to burn a hole in your pocket, check out the next few ideas.

Start Planting

Nothing can add to the beauty of your garden more than some extra trees and flowers. Contrary to popular belief, trees are not actually expensive, especially the small ones.

To not go over your budget, stick to tiny trees like the crab apple, Juneberry, and Japanese maple.

As expert garden designers mention, in an insightful article that goes over 21 low maintenance garden ideas, planting trees and flowers can encourage wildlife like butterflies to enter your garden.

This will only add to the overall aesthetics of your garden. Moreover, you can add some swan river daisy flowers for a more colorful garden. The most exquisite flowers you can plant are lilies, French Marigolds, and Petunias.

In addition, you can invest in some climbing plants and vines that will give your garden an air of mystery, making it resemble the ones in fairy tales. Another important aspect to consider is knowing the best time to start your garden.

Paint Your Fence

Another great way to upgrade your garden is to simply paint your fence or cut your hedge well if you have one. If the paint on your fence looks flaky and starts to crack or fall off, then it is time for a new paint job. Getting a can of paint is not at all expensive.

You can even use some leftover paint that has been lying around instead of buying a new can. Based on the theme you are going for, you can even integrate more than one color.

This year, garden designers recommend that you opt for black, because it complements the green color of your lawn.

If you have a fence that need pruning then you can hire a qualified pruner to take care of the overgrown trees.

Add a Pond

A pond might just be what your garden is missing. Before you shake your head in disapproval, just know that it will not cost you much. You merely need a few rocks and pebbles to start. Pick a good location in your garden, and dig a small hole.

Then, include a pond liner, to maintain the depth of the pond, and put some of the rocks you collected around it for decoration. Now, add some water, and, voila, you are done!

To add a dash of sophistication to your pond, you can also plant some colorful flowers around it to complete the look.

You may also make your garden more appealing by hanging suet log feeder or have bird seed feeder to help attract colorful birds to you pond.

Light It Up

Adding some beautiful lights can elevate the overall aesthetics of your garden, rendering it a great place to hang out. Generally, fairy lights are very cheap to procure and can be used in many versatile ways.

You can hang them on your fence or tie them around the branches of your trees. Also, you can suspend them using canes and add some furniture to make a makeshift design that resembles a gazebo.

Do not worry though; fairy lights are easy to set up, and you will not need a technician.

Shape Your Lawn

You cannot simply ignore your lawn, as having lush, green grass can add a nice touch to any garden. Do not let your lawn grow in all directions. Instead, you can give it a specific shape like a circle or square.

You can use a spade to make the process a lot easier and, no, it will not take forever to shape it. With some patience and just a few hours of work, you will find yourself sipping martinis and enjoying your new, beautiful lawn.

Use Sharp Lines and Furniture

For a more contemporary look, you can section off your garden by using some wood or stones to create sharp lines.

These lines will help make your garden look more spacious rather than having a garden shed that take up space. Additionally, you can add some furniture to make your garden cozier.

Go for wooden chairs that can be folded up to save some space when you are not using them. In case you have some old indoor wooden furniture, you can give it a fresh coat of paint and place it in your garden.

An artistically designed garden can add to the overall beauty of your house and can offer a great place to relax or have parties. Having a beautiful garden does not have to be expensive, as there are countless cheap ideas that you can implement.

By utilizing the above ideas, you can upgrade or start your garden on a budget and with no hassle.