Can You Use Miracle Grow For Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a type of farming that is critical and all the farm nutrients you use need to be critically analyzed.

Before you use a nutrient for your hydroponics farm then carry out research on how it works.

Plants grown in the hydroponics system wholly depend on you to feed them on nutrients.

They cannot really spread out their roots to reach out for their nutrients since they are plants growing in water.

Many manufacturers make nutrients to be used specifically in hydroponics just like there are others still who make fertilizers to be used for crops growing in soils.

The Miracle Grow products are good but then you should find out what they offer the plants in a hydroponics system. It is a line of fertilizers and each is designed for a specific purpose.

We shall highlight if using Miracle Grow for hydroponics is safe or not.

Pros of using Miracle Grow in hydroponics.

The following are reasons as to why one would consider using Miracle Grow as their hydroponics fertilizer.

  • Miracle Grow products are cheap and they can be found anywhere. These products are highly available.
  • For the Kratky method of hydroponics and for specific crops such as lettuce and tomatoes, Miracle Grow products may work. If you need the hands-off experience of hydroponics, then Miracle Grow may suit you. This is because Miracle Grow can be used for passive hydroponics farming.
  • Depending on what product you choose for your hydroponic plants then the Miracle Grow all-purpose fertilizer with micro nutrients may suit your hydroponic plants. This is for a certain stage in their growth.Herb Seed Kit

Cons of using Miracle Grow in hydroponics.

Miracle Grow is a very nice line of food nutrients but it does not suit all farming methods.

Despite its benefits, Miracle Grow does not offer the best for hydroponics farming.

Hydroponics farming demands food nutrients that are necessary for each of their phase.

We have shed light on the disadvantages of using Miracle grow on hydroponic plants:

  • It is not possible for regular fertilizers to give plants in hydroponics in each stage of their growth the exact nutrients they need. Hydroponic nutrients need to be plant foods completely. They should contain: nitrogen, phosphorous, calcium, zinc, potassium, iron, sulfur, copper, manganese, magnesium, boron and molybdenum. These nutrients are needed by the plants in the hydroponics garden depending on what phase these plants are in. Miracle Grow fertilizer lacks some of these nutrients which are essential in the hydroponics system like calcium, magnesium, sulfur and chlorine.
  • Miracle Grow nutrients are not fit for hydroponics farming. Hydroponics gardening requires that each stage has its own kind of nutrients that the plants are fed with. Miracle grow as a hydroponic solution has no way of tailoring these nutrients to your crops. This means that your crops will be fed of the same nutrients in all their phases of growth. They may not yield good results for your crops. Miracle Grow fertilizer usually comes as a one-part solution while the hydroponic fertilizers come as three-part solution. According to plant growth there are stages that a plant has to go through. These stages are two.

The growing stage (vegetative stage)

In this stage with the hydroponic crops you should use the ratios of the nutrients needed here.




The blooming stage (flowering stage) 

Here in this stage you should still follow the right ratios.




  •  When you use Miracle grow for your crops in a hydroponics system kit, it may cause nutrient deficiencies. This may cause young leaves to grow being distorted and grow small in size. If there was any fruit development, the fruits may start falling off before they are ready. This happens when you use Miracle Grow since it does not contain the right nutrients and the right amounts to actually sustain fruit production.
  • When nutrients are added the pH levels tend to drop while the EC levels tend to rise. Mostly hydroponic fertilizers come accompanied by a pH buffer that ensure the pH levels are maintained and balanced for the crops. On the other hand, Miracle Grow does not come with a pH buffer. Majority of the nitrogen that is given by this fertilizer comes from urea. From this result the pH levels may drop which leads to problems of pH imbalances.
  • When using Miracle Grow for your crops in the hydroponics system you are not able to control the delivered nutrients considering Miracle Grow lacks some other nutrients. As a result, plants may be underfed. Here plants appear pale because they lack nutrients. The other result is that plants may be overfed. Here the plants may take in other nutrients without your knowledge. This may lead to nutrient burn on the crops where your crops develop dark spots on their leaves at the tips. The crops may also experience nutrient lockout where the plants are not able to absorb those nutrients they actually need.

Indoor Cherry Tomatoes


The big question is  whether you should use Miracle Grow in hydroponics or not.

From the above information it is quite clear that using Miracle Grow for your crops may actually be harmful.

The Miracle Grow fertilizer usually comes as a one-part solution while the hydroponic fertilizers come as three-part solution.

This should inform you directly that there are nutrients that the Miracle Grow product leaves out.

When you take a look at the Miracle Grow there is no way it will balance these nutrients as they are supposed to be balanced in the hydroponics solutions.

Miracle Grow feeds the plants in the hydroponic system the same ratio of nutrients all through.

When you are doing outdoor or indoor hydroponics farming, for you to attain good results from your crops then use the hydroponics farming products strictly.

If you are a hydroponics farmer, then you better quit using Miracle Grow for your crops.

There is so much you are putting at stake if you decide to use Miracle Grow for your crops. We do not recommend the Miracle Grow fertilizers for your crops.

As much as Miracle Grow fertilizer is not recommended for hydroponics for the regular use in the soil then you can use Miracle Grow very comfortably.

It is highly recommended for soil farming.

But remember that apart from nutrients, you also have to consider other important factors of plant growth like lighting.