How To Clear Space For A Garden In Your Backyard

Whether you’re grow indoors, equipped with a giant backyard, or something a little on the small side, there’s a chance you’re not using the space to its full potential.

If the area is designed poorly or you are losing a lot of space to things such as a shed, pool, pavers or anything else, you’re going to lose out on space for a bigger vegetable garden.

With that said, we have a few tips and creative ways to clear space and maximize the space in your backyard for a bigger garden or an entirely new one!

Take a look at our tips for clearing space for more gardens below.

Slim Down Walkways or Paths 

To kick things off, if you’re an avid gardener there’s a pretty good chance you have a number of small paths and walkways through your gardens landscape to make it easier to either pick, plant or simply stroll through your garden.

However, these do typically turn out to waste a lot of space if they’re not implemented correctly.

That said, our first tip is to slim down all of your paths by simply planting a second or third row of plants on top of the existing path. Remember that you only really need a path that is as wide as your two feet and you’re good to go.

You’d be surprised by how much space you can add to the yard just by cutting down row sizes and paths.

Have Garden Waste Removed

Another common issue for the avid green thumb is the issue of garden waste.

Though you might be working on compositing and using a lot of your garden waste or yard trimmings to fertilise your plants or control weeds, certain garden waste can pose hazards, not to mention it takes up a lot of space.

And with this, we say that you should consider simply having your garden waste taken away by a professional. In doing this you will no longer need to forfeit a portion of your yard for a composting zone, for example, and this can be turned right back into another garden!

Move Runners and Vines Upward 

Our third tip, and one that has the potential to double the amount of food or planting power you have is having a pergola or trellises set up in the yard.

This way you will be moving just about everything upwards and vertically and this means that you’re going to see a completely unused backyard if you’ve done this correctly!

Your fruits and vegetables that enjoy running and climbing can grow on your trellises that simply take up just about no ground cover at all.

Other flowering plants such as the Black eyed Susan vine and clematis plant that enjoy running or clinging can be planted and encouraged to climb above everything else on a pergola, for example, saving you a tonne more ground area.

Reconsider Your Landscaping

If you’re really serious about clearing space for more gardens in the yard, then it might be time to take a look at your landscaping and start changing things to use space more effectively.

To kick things off, you might want to take out old sheds you no longer use, work to pull up pavers that aren’t used anymore and clear just about anything that is covering your lawn or the soil and preventing you from planting a new garden bed.

In a lot of cases, you will find that there can be new homes or a lot of these ‘items’ you’re moving out of the yard, such as placing the racks from the shed to your back patio. However, you might notice that a lot of the things you’re pulling from the yard don’t really have a use anymore and can simply be taken to the tip.

Take Care of Overgrowth 

To our final tip, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re not losing space to overgrowth from plants like hedges, grasses or runners.

These will almost always take up more than their fair share of your backyard and so it’s a good idea to keep on top of them when you can.

Getting a hold of the weed whacker, lawn mower and the hedge trimmers is a good place to start, and once you have everything cutback or cut out completely, you’ll see how much more space you have to start a garden in the backyard.

A quick tip here is to have some sort of cleanup strategy in place, with a set of steps that you’ll want to follow to get the most space back in the yard and you’re all set.

You also have an option to grow your plants indoors using grow system kits.