Best Indoor Garden Kit By AeroGarden

Indoor gardens by Aerogarden are ideal add-ons to almost any space, particularly if you want succulent tomatoes or fresh herbs during the cold months.

These gardens are available in hydroponics systems and soil-based systems. The best indoor garden is appealing, low maintenance, and above all, functional.

Whether you reside in a region with no space for gardening or desire fresh harvests in the cold months, you can grow food in the indoor garden.

To know which indoor garden suits your needs, it is best to read the aerogrow reviews online.

A simple way of minimizing the continuing cost for new plantings is making your aerogrow seed pods.

Fortunately, this isn’t hard, particularly if you keep a few parts from the first batch of seed pods.

If you keep the clear plastic grow covers and seed pod baskets from your first batch, which is available with each new Aerogrow unit, you can reuse these pieces together with your local nutrient solution and sources of seeds.

You can add some homemade components, and the outcome is homemade aerogrow seed kits for a lot lower price than purchasing a new set of factory seed pods.

Review of the best indoor Aerogarden kits

1.Bounty Elite

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You can grow your preferred nine flowers, vegetables or herbs inside your home year-round; no green thumb, soil or sun.

This garden is an entirely contained in-house garden system, automatically offering all the plants that require flourishing.

This garden is ideal for tall vegetables, such as sweet bell peppers and full-size tomatoes. Forget waiting for the hot season to get fresh produce.

This is considered the ultimate indoor countertop garden. It has been updated using incredible features that support large, tasty harvests.

The gorgeous stainless steel finish and sleek design will look good in any house. Bounty Elite comes with the biggest water bowl for a countertop garden.

Plants get more room to grow thanks to the redesigned grow deck, which permits an optional trellis attachment.

It is easy to adjust the grow light’s intensity to your preferred setting using your finger and the high resolution, full-colour touchscreen control.

Include Alexa and Wi-Fi compatibility and the Vacation Mode button, and you have the most cutting-edge garden for your indoor countertop.

Its grow light hood has 50W of blue, red and white lights. This provides the plants with enough sunlight for growing fast. Your plants will grow five times quicker than an outside garden.

The timer works automatically to ensure this garden’s lights work at precisely the ideal time. Its relationship status, days planted, level of water will be displayed by your garden’s digital screen.

You will get reminders when to add things such as plant food and water. The light hood will extend 24 feet high, which provides you with lots of your preferred tall flowers and vegetables.

It is easy to set up this garden, which makes it easy to grow fresh vegetables and herbs. Simply drop seed pods in the aerogarden, using plant food and water to fill the bowl.

Switch it on and start its control panel’s Quick Plant garden sequence and all is set for a good harvest. 


  • Plant food and water reminder thanks to the full-colour touchscreen
  • Plants will flourish when you are away, thanks to the Vacation Mode
  • Endless dimming grow lights
  • 50 watt LED grow light for the best lighting
  • Biggest water bowl capacity in this brand of garden
  • Grow height of up to 24-inches; perfect for any tall vegetable seeds
  • Sunrise/sunset illumination
  • It is nine of plants quicker than soil 


  • Huge harvests 
  • Improved grow light
  • Smart gardening
  • No more guesswork when it comes to growing

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  1. Harvest by Aero garden

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This garden allows you to grow up to six different flowers, vegetables or herbs. You do not need a green thumb, soil and iron.

This garden’s compact shape and simple three-button control will make it perfect for any room in your house. The weather outdoors will not affect the fresh flavors AeroGarden Harvest.

This garden has 20W of blue, red, and white LED lights, which provides the plants with the need for sunlight to grow fast. The growth rate is five times than a regular type.

This aerogarden will adjust to a growing height of 12″. Also, you will be reminded when you should add liquid food plant and water thanks to its convenient backlit buttons.

This will help keep the plant babies pleased and flourishing without any issue.

You can set it up fast; simply put the seeds in the aerogarden; filling this garden using plant food as well as water. After that, plug it in, and the garden is ready for use.


  • Simple, automatic reminders for plant food and water
  • 20 watt LED grow light for maximum lighting 
  • Growing up to six plants 5X quicker than soil
  • Simple light buttons for care indicators and lighting automation
  • A grow height of 12″ for tomatoes, lettuces, herbs and more


  • Fresh produce
  • Naturally grows in water, 5X quicker than soil
  • No more guesswork when it comes to growing
  • Grow light hood is ultra-thin

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  1. Harvest Elite

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This garden allows you to grow six different varieties of flowers, vegetables or herbs; no green thumb, soil and sun.

It comes with a sleek stainless steel finishing, compact shape design. The control panel is user-friendly, which has a digital display.

This makes the AeroGarden Harvest Elite ideal for any kitchen. The weather outdoors will not affect the fresh flavors.

It has 20W of blue, red and white lights, which offers the plants enough sunshine they require to grow.

Expect a growth rate that’s five times faster than an outside garden. Its timer operates automatically to ensure the lights work precisely.

Harvest Elite can adjust to a 12″ growing height. It comes with a digital display that will remind you the time for adding plant food as well as water.

This helps keep the plants healthy and flourishing. In addition, the Vacation Mode allows for a healthy garden while you’re away.

It is easy to set up this garden, which provides you with incredibly fresh vegetables and herbs for your favorite recipes.

Simply put the seed in the aerogrow. After that, use some liquid plat food and water to fill the bowl; switch on and wait.


  • Simple, automatic reminders for plant food and water
  • 20 watt grow light for maximum illumination
  • Real stainless-steel finish in four hues
  • Grow up to six plants 5X quicker than soil
  • Lighting push button and digital display buttons
  • A grow height of 12″ for tomatoes, lettuces, herbs and more


  • Healthy and flourishing plants when away thanks to the Vacation Mode
  • Customize the growing experience
  • Grow lighting hood is ultra-thin

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  1. Farm 24Plus

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You can grow up to 24 of your preferred flowers, vegetables or herbs year-round; no need for a green thumb, soil or sun.

This aerogarden is contained in-home garden system, offering all your plant requires to flourish.

Manage your plants’ needs and control the two separate grow lights from the touchscreen control panel, your Amazon Echo device, or the app to grow 24-inch tall vegetables alongside lettuces and herbs just a couple of inches high.

You will have fresh, tasty produce regardless of the weather outdoors.

This garden comes with two automatically adjusting 60W grow lights. They help give your plants the full sunshine they require to grow fast.

The plants will grow 5X quicker than in traditional indoor gardens. The new, cutting-edge grow light systems are entirely customizable.

This means you can adjust the auto sunrise/sunset feature or intensity of the light to go with your home’s intensity.

The user-friendly touchscreen control panel will display all the important statistics in the garden (relationship status, days planted, level of water).

It provides you with reminders when to add things such as water. You can also control all these things via the Amazon Echo device or mobile.

It is never an issue to keep the plant babies pleased. Each grows light sill lengthen up to 24-inches to allow the tall tomatoes or peppers to completely mature while growing shorter flowers, herbs and vegetables at the same time.

It is easy and quick to set the Farm 24Plus, so you’ll be able to return to gather recipes you want.

Picture how you will be making incredibly tasty vegetables, herbs, and more.


  • Each side of the garden has separate controls
  • It will allow for up to a height of 24-inches vegetables and plant varieties such as peppers and tomatoes
  • Trellis system for supporting plants
  • You can stack them up vertically to make the most of growth potential
  • Automatic, simple plant food and water reminders on the garden and through its app
  • Amazon Alexa and Wi-Fi connectivity, control and touchscreen panel
  • Vacation mode will ensure plants stay healthy when on vacation
  • New, customizable, cutting-edge grow light system will adjust to suit your lifestyle


  • Cutting-edge LED grow light system
  • User-friendly smart controls
  • Totally easy to customize light choices

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  1. AeroGarden Sprout

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Use this AeroGarden Sprout to grow your preferred herbs year-round on the kitchen counter. You do not need to use a green thumb, sun, and soil.

This garden offers room for three plants and is ideal for having fresh flowers and flavors in your house regardless of the outdoor conditions.

It comes with 60 LED bulbs grow light hood that offer the plants enough sunlight they require to grow fast.

The white, blue and red lights will offer you will have larger and quicker growth. The lights switch on and off at the precise time thanks to the automated timer.

The user-friendly control panel will remind you when to add liquid plant food and water. For this reason, keeping the plant babies pleased and flourishing is not an issue.

It is easy and fast to set up this Sprout, so you are sure to make all the recipes you want using your remarkably fresh herbs and vegetables.

Plant the seed pods in the aerogarden, take some plant food and water to fill the bowl, plug the garden in, and sit back. This garden will give you fresh tomatoes even during the cold months.


  • New modern, sleek design
  • It is 5X quicker to grow plants in the garden than in the soil
  • Full-spectrum, best lighting thanks to automated 10 watts grow light
  • Better oxygenation thanks to the silent pump
  • Offers a height of 10-inches for growing tomatoes, lettuces, herbs, etc.
  • Automatic, easy reminders for the addition of plant food
  • Improved water-fill port and water level indicator window


  • Simple controls
  • It is 5X quicker to grow in water naturally than in the soil
  • New design
  • Its grow light hood is ultra-thin

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  1. Bounty Basic from Aero-garden

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You can grow up to nine of your preferred flowers, vegetables or herbs, year-round; no need for the thumb, soil or sunlight.

This garden is entirely great indoors that works automatically deliver all a plant requires to flourish.

It is ideal for vegetables, such as sweet ball peppers and full-size tomatoes. Forget about waiting for the hot season to get those farm market-fresh aromas in your house.

This Bounty Basic comes with the best features for supporting large, tasty produce. It is affordable for everyone desiring to enlarge their growth.

Any house will look great with the sleek design. It has the biggest water bowl for a tabletop garden. It comes with a completely redesigned grow deck.

This provides the plants more growing space, which permits an optional trellis attachment. It also provides a bigger opening for filling water, which helps create fewer messes.

Include its high-resolution screen as well as enhanced control panel, Vacation mode and planting tricks and tips, and you have all the essentials you will require for an incredible 9 plant garden year-round.

The grow light hood of this garden has 30W of blue, red, and white LED lights. This helps give your plants the sunshine they require for growing fast.

Expect a 5X plant growth speed that’s quicker than growing plants in an outdoor traditional garden. The timer works automatically to ensure the garden’s lights work precisely while offering time correctly.

Important statistics of your garden, such as relationship status, days planted, level of water, are all displayed on the digital screen.

The light hood extends to a height of 24-inches, which provides you with lots of space for your preferred tall flowers and vegetables to mature.

It is easy to set up this Bounty Basic, and soon you will be getting fresh vegetables and herbs right in your home.

All you need to do is put the seed pods in this Bounty Basic. Then, get some plant food and water to fill the bowl.

After that, switch it on to start the plant growing process. This way, you will have no issue getting garden fresh tomatoes during winter.


  • Easy to set up and care tips
  • 30 watt LED grow light 
  • It is 5 times quicker to grow  up to nine plants in this garden than in the soil
  • Offers 24-inches of growing light; adequate a variety of tall vegetable seeds
  • High resolution white and black display with plant food and water reminder
  • It has biggest water bowl capacity in this aerogarden model
  • Plants will flourish while you are away, thanks to the Vacation Mode


  • No more guesswork; simply switch the Vacation Mode on and return to a flourishing and healthy garden
  • Larger harvest
  • Bigger bowl for a countertop garden

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Plants to grow inside your home

You can grow basically any plant inside your home, which include fruits, vegetables, and even herbs.

You can achieve this using precise condition, like nutrition, humidity, light, and water.

Provided that you’ve got the proper nutrients, basically, any plant will grow in a hydroponic system, particularly peppers, herbs, lettuces, and tomatoes.

Choosing the right Aerogarden to suit your needs

This will depend on what you would like to grow and how much you would like to grow. Possibilities are, you will want more than aerogrow if you are not short of space.

  • Your family’s size

If you have your own garden, then the sprouting type will suit your needs.

Remember that it just accommodates three pods so that you will get fewer varieties.

If you have a family of four and want to grow sufficient tomatoes for a salad nearly every night, you probably should get a bigger model.

  • Space

An aerogrow uses up lots of counter space if allowed. The largest types have a width of nearly one-and-half feet and a depth of almost one foot.

You should also ensure that you’ve got a clearance above the unit of roughly two-feet if you purchase a big one.

  • Need many varieties

Buy the biggest model that can hold nine pods for growing lettuce, other types of veggies, and herbs. Or else, you can get a couple to keep vegetables and herbs separate.

The aero garden system is available in several different sizes and shapes.

You’ll get these in salad green seed kits, international basil seed kits, chili pepper seed kits, black and white, gourmet herbs seed kits, cherry tomato seed kits, and cascading petunia seed kits.

There are also cheap aerogrow products online is you are on a tight budget. You can plant and grow your preferred seeds using the aerogrow miracle gro. 

The aerogrow bounty elite is a smart indoor hydroponic system, which has all you require to grow up to 9 plants at a time with ease, regardless of your level of experience in gardening.

It’s a low-effort hydro gardening system that will make it simple to grow flowers, veggies, or herbs indoors, regardless of the time of the year. You can also consider the true grow Spokane.

Aerogrow aerogarden harvest 360, black

This is a gorgeously, simple designed garden that can fit nearly any place but ideal for the best space in your home.

Homegrown vegetables have a better taste, and the aerogrow aerogarden harvest 360, black will inspire you to find the aroma of fresh regardless of the season.

Ideal for starters and expert growers alike, this garden comes with 6 different plants.

You can grow a never-ending array of flowers, veggies, herbs, or salad greens to enhance your life, drinks, food and house.

With limited counter space, the available non-GMO seed pod kit, and your inventiveness, you will be savoring a scrumptious taste that only originates from homegrown vegetables and herbs very soon.

This will go with any kitchen. Use water to fill the garden, drop the pre-seeded pods, and then add some natural liquid plant food.

This garden will do the rest. Specially modified, ultra led from aerogrow imitates the most favorable sunshine effects.

Integrated sensors will automatically switch the lights on and off daily and allow you to know when to add water and feed.

Benefits of the aerogarden harvest touch

If you have lots of outdoor gardening space for the flowers, veggie garden, and herbs, aerogrow is most likely the best alternative to suit your needs.

It is the best idea if you want to eat healthy vegetables and herbs year-round.

This aerogrow garden is good if you have limited room and do not have enough time for a large garden.

The aerogarden harvest touch allows you to have fresh produce anytime with less effort and time compared to the traditional gardening technique.

Aerogrow international focuses on developing, market, and distributing garden shears, grow bowls, cutting-edge indoor garden systems, bee pollinator, seed kits, and accessories. Aerogrow boulder serves customers globally.

Aerogrow indoor garden

This type of gardening is ideal if you reside in apartments, high-rises, and condos.

If you want to enjoy the aroma and taste of fresh salad greens, veggies and herbs grown in your kitchen, then an aerogrow garden will suit your needs.

You also do not require any experience in gardening to grow a stunning garden in your house.

Weeds in your aerogrow garden will flourish without even you have any prior experience in farming. 

The aerogrow herb n serve is the best companion to the plentiful fresh harvest of herbs from the aerogrow.

Add the liquid ingredients to the carafe pre-measured markings and some freshly harvested herbs for garden-fresh marinades and vinaigrettes.

Aerogrow liquid nutrients are rich in Magnesium, Iron, and Calcium- over thirteen micro and macronutrients required for vibrant growth of plants even with no soil.

They are also good for flowers, tomatoes, herbs, peppers, salad greens and more. You can use in gardens, soil planters and aerogrows and all hydroponics applications.

Lights in aerogrow are specially made for delivering the utmost light plants will use, with the lowest probable use of energy.

Like many lights, the entire lumen output may go down over time. At roughly six months, light output goes down to the point that it begins impacting the growth of plants.

For best plant growth is good to change grow lights very six months.

This is particularly true for fruiting plants such as peppers and tomatoes, where lower light levels will lead to flowers not setting fruit.

Although the light might appear similar to you, the plants are aware of the change. They will often instantly see better growth when the bulbs are changed.

Whatever suits you, aero garden light bulbs will immediately offer hours of mock sunlight that the plants require for healthy, vigorous growth.

They will offer any color range for each growth phase, and setting up is easy. The bulbs have long lives, are low wattage, are cool to the touch, and energy-efficient.

In addition, they are affordable. And by beginning your seedlings, you will fast recover the expense with fewer visits to the local nursery. However, these are available in a variety of configurations, sizes, and shapes.

When the aero garden light bulbs break down, you should first try to find where the issue or fault originates from and deal with it.

Ensure that you read all the aerogrow instruction manual and parts details before you disassemble completely.

If there’s only a specific area you want to clean up without the need to disassemble it, that’s ok.

All you need to do is lookout for any exposed roots or plant species. You should wait and clean the aerogrow between planting, so you do not disrupt any developing plants.

However, if you want to clean up the aerogrow in between, keep watch.

With this information we are sure your indoor garden will do very well. We hope you’ll go over again the top picks indoor aerogarden kits we have reviewed for you above and make a choice that suits your needs.

All the best and happy gardening.