How To Clear My Garden Full Of Weeds

Weeds destroy the aesthetic of your garden and hinder plant growth. If you have a garden full of weeds, worry no more.

Currently, there are many techniques to help you get rid of weeds in your garden. Gardening experts advise getting rid of weeds as soon as you spot them.

Best way to remove weeds

Let’s take a look at some weed removal techniques in this article.

Apply Herbicides

Another weed control technique is using herbicides. Weeds are effectively killed by herbicides. These chemicals have toxic ingredients that destroy the entire weed. Currently, there are many types of herbicides you can use to kill your garden weeds.

Each of them carries several pros and cons. Therefore, evaluate your requirements before purchasing herbicides. If possible, buy a non-toxic herbicide that won’t affect desirable plants. Chemical herbicides can cause stunted growth in other garden plants.

Today, there are two main types of herbicides, post-emergent, and pre-emergent herbicides. Pe-emergent herbicides work towards preventing the growth of weeds.

Post-emergent herbicides, on the other hand, are specifically designed to eliminate existing weeds. You can use either of the herbicides; it all depends on your requirements.

Consider mulching your garden

A common way to prevent the growth of weeds in your garden is mulching. Mulching entails covering the topmost layer of the soil using organic compost. Applying mulch to the soil prevents light from penetrating the weeds.

Thus, it slows down weed growth. In turn, the weeds die in the long run. Additionally, mulch decomposes and improves the quality of the soil. At the end of the day, mulching promotes the healthy growth of plants.

You can always make your own mulch mix or purchase it from your nearest garden store. Some of the materials you can use to make mulch include pine straw and sawdust. These materials act as a weed control barrier and make the soil richer.

Garden stores offer different types of mulch. Buy the one that best suits your requirements. Suppose your weeds have grown larger and look uncontrollable; it would be best to spread moist newspaper, then cover it with mulch on top. Doing this will help you kill the weeds faster. Ultimately, mulching is an excellent weed control method.

Create a formal weed management strategy

As a gardener, you ought to have a formal weed management strategy. Remember, every garden is different. Take time to study and evaluate your garden requirements.

Then, formulate a weed control strategy that matches your needs. Some of the things you’ll have to consider before coming up with this strategy are the life cycle of the weeds, the type of weeds, herbicide types, and beneficial plants in the garden.

Use cover plants

Another way to clear a garden full of weeds is to use cover plants. Cover plants, destroy and kill weeds. A good example of a cover plant is clover. Clovers can help you control weeds in your garden. Nevertheless, using cover plants is not an effective method for gardeners who want to achieve a neat-looking garden.

Remember, spreading the clover plants can make the garden look more untidy. But generally, cover plants help you get rid of unwanted plants in your garden. Conduct online research on the best cover plants to use in your garden.

Pull out weeds from the soil

Occasionally, you may have to pull out the weeds using your hands. Pulling weeds is an effective weed removal method, in case you didn’t know. Ensure you wear quality farm gloves to protect yourself from injuries when pulling out the weeds.

Typically, during this process, you need to pull out the weed from its roots. Do this gradually to ensure you remove the entire plant. Using too much pressure can damage the roots while still in the soil.

Additionally, it would be best to pull out your weeds when the soil is wet and soft. After a rainy day, the soil is usually moist; hence, the soil becomes loose, refined, and soft.

Pulling out weeds, therefore, has become much more manageable. Note that pulling out weeds consumes a lot of time and effort. Don’t give up during the process, especially if you have a large garden.

Minimize tilling

Although tilling is beneficial for your garden, it can bring up weed seeds from underneath the ground. And this leads to the growth of weeds. Consider tilling your garden once. After tilling, apply a layer of mulch to protect the soil and block sunlight from getting to the weeds.

Digging out weeds from your garden

Suppose you don’t want to pull your weeds using your hands; you can dig them out. Digging your weeds entails using the right gardening equipment. This technique is pretty effective in eliminating all weeds from your garden.

This weed removal technique works best for weeds that seem to regrow now and then. Digging out weeds focuses on uprooting the entire plant system from the soil. It is an excellent method to get rid of stubborn roots that are firmly attached to the soil.

Cut your weeds from time to time

You can always keep your garden free from weeds using several kinds of gardening equipment. Generally, you don’t have to let your weeds grow long for you to cut them.

Constantly check your garden for any weeds. Then cut them off. Do this at least once every week. Cutting off weeds now and then is a pretty simple method to control weeds in your garden.

Constantly trim the edges

You can also cut the top part of weeds to prevent them from growing. Using this method requires you to cut off your weeds and leave them to wither until they die.

Cutting weeds consumes a lot of time and effort, since you may have to repeat the process three to four times. However, trimming your weeds often prevents them from growing and spreading in the garden. Ensure you use the right gardening tool to cut your weeds.

Grow your plants close to each other

Positioning your plants close to each other also helps with controlling weeds. When your plants are close together, there will be insufficient space for weed growth. So, consider growing your plants closely. Even so, some plants need space to thrive.

So, this weed control technique may not work for all plants. But if your plants can grow well when near each other, this technique is for you. You won’t have to worry about any weeds growing in between the plants. And even if weeds grow in your garden, they’ll be very minimal.

Leave beneficial weeds alone

At times, you have to leave weeds in your garden. Some weeds are beneficial to the garden, while others are edible. So, you don’t have to remove all of them. Some edible weeds you can grow in your garden include plantain, purslane, dandelion greens, clover, and chickweed.

Nonetheless, you have to ensure weeds are edible before you eat them. Moreover, some weeds, like wildflowers, bring color to your garden. So, consider retaining them in the garden.

Consult a gardening expert

If you are clueless about how to clear your garden from weeds, seek professional help. The majority of gardening experts are always willing to help you get rid of weeds among other services.

Today, many companies in the United States can help you clear your garden full of weeds. Conduct thorough research on the best gardening companies available. Then, settle for the one that works for you.

The best thing about hiring a professional is that you save on time and effort. You don’t have to get involved in the dirty work if you have professionals. Besides, it’s not that expensive to hire gardening experts.

The costs often depend on the size of your garden and the number of weeds. Gardening experts also give you the best tips on how to take good care of your garden.

Use a weed torch

An ideal way to get rid of weeds without herbicides is by using a weed torch. A weed torch can help you clear out weeds in a large garden. This equipment uses propane to radiate a hot flame that burns the weeds.

Directing a weed torch to the growing part of the weed makes it wilt and die in the long run. However, it is advisable to use a weed torch only on green weeds.

Directing a weed torch at brown weeds can lead to a garden fire. Also, check with your state authorities whether it’s possible to use a weed torch in your area. Some states prohibit the use of this equipment due to the potential risks it carries.

Before using a weed torch on your weeds, ensure you get a permit from your local authorities. Otherwise, you will receive a huge penalty. A weed burner works like a weed torch. So, you can use this equipment to kill weeds.

All in all, burning weeds is a very effective weed control method. Once the leaves get burnt, photosynthesis does not take place. In turn, the plants wither and die in the long run.

Get a growing kit

The easiest option to manage weeds is buy using advanced technology. You may opt to buy an indoor growing kit. These are systems that make it very easy to control weeds. Furthermore, you may grow your plants indoor in case you are limited by space.


There are many ways you can clear a garden full of weeds. The weed control technique you choose often depends on your requirements. You surely do not want weeds to compete with your plants and grass on your lawn for nutrients.