Hydroponic Gardening in Your Condo Unit

Living in a condo has some limitations and one of them is that you can’t have an outdoor garden. The good thing is, you can always find your way around it.

It is possible to go care for plants even when you just have freedom within your condo unit.

You can start a soil-less garden right inside your condo unit. It is possible and you will be surprised how fast your indoor plants will grow.

Hydroponics gardening is one of science innovations that takes away the need to have soil before you can care for a plant.

It is a method that has been used to produce food within the shortest time and without taking up space. You can use this method to grow any type of plant you want. You can use it for your flowers and even for your vegetable garden.

If you are considering having a garden in your condo, hydroponic gardening makes this possible because you only need water to grow your plants. You can have your plants grown using hydroponics gardening in these areas of your condo unit.

In Your Living Room

You can engage your kids by showing them how aeroponics hydroponic gardening can be done in your living room.

You will need your kids to monitor and track the growing process as the plants grow in the air. It is always interesting watching how plants grow in this environment.

The Bedroom

Gardening can also be done in other parts of the house like your bedroom.

You can grow your plant using a drip system and can always reuse the plant nutrients in it later on. You can track the growth of the plants using a timer attached to the drip system.

The benefit of growing plants in a drip system is to prevent air pollution and it will keep you from developing colds, cough, and other health conditions.

Your Bathroom

Another method of hydroponic gardening is the wick system and this can be done in the bathroom.

You don’t need to spend much or buy any complex materials for this type of gardening. The bathroom is usually the best place to have your plants grown in the condo.

The plants will keep your bathroom with a beautiful fragrance all day long. 

Your Condo’s Terrace

You can also choose your terrace as a great spot for your gardening. It is an ideal place for hydroponic gardening because there is always room for moisture or wetness in this area.

You also have enough space that will make it conveniently drain it when you need to.


It is always great having plants around you and living in a condo shouldn’t stop you.

Even when you find yourself in small but convenient units like The beaches condos, you can always plant using hydroponic gardening methods. 

If you don’t wish to wait for the best time or season to grow your garden and you have a busy schedule, this method will be best for you.

It does not require you to use a timer and won’t disturb your work. The best part is your condo will be free from mud or dirt which soils can cause. You can have a healthy, clean, and beautiful garden right inside your condo.

You can have your plants anywhere in your condo and it would grow healthy without any soil. 

All you need is arm yourself with the right gardening tools and the guide to growing plants hydroponically.