Choosing The Right Leaf Blower For Your Yard

The presence of oak, maple, a well trimmed hedge and birch trees in the yard can make it truly good-looking.

But, when fall comes these trees also shed thousands of leaves that will leave you having a hard time cleaning it all up.

This is when the need to purchase a leaf blower to make such a task less tiring and less time-consuming.

The need to invest in a good leaf blower is a must since you will be using it all-year-round.

You can use your leaf blower as summertime covers your deck with sand. You can also use it during winter for blowing some snow.

Dirt on the porches, garden and walkways can also be cleaned up using a leaf-blower.

If you’re looking to buy a leaf blower, you might as well check out the following smart tips:

Know what power source you prefer.

Leaf blowers may come with different power sources and each has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Cordless, battery-powered

These are the types of blowers that offer great mobility. If you want one that offers more run time then choose cordless blowers that have high-voltage batteries.

However, these can be heavier and need to be recharged periodically. If you have a large yard, make sure you have a spare battery.

  1. Corded, electric-powered

One good thing about corded blowers is that they provide steady power without the weight that a battery adds.

However, you would also need to purchase an extension cord.

Since it’s corded, your mobility can also be limited. But, if your yard is just small and would be leaf blowing just near your house.

This corded leaf blower would serve as a good option.

  1. Gasoline-powered

If your yard is about a quarter of an acre or more, a gasoline-powered leaf blower would provide greater run time and maximum mobility.

These gas blowers crank as you engage its manual pull start.

If you do not like to use the one that lets you pull the cord for it to start, choose the one that has an option for a powered device that you may buy separately.

These gasoline-powered blowers make use of the right fuel. So, see to it that you read the manufacturer’s requirement before using it for the first time.

Which leaf blower more convenient for you.

  1. Hand-held, wheeled or back-pack?

Leaf blowers may also come in different styles.

These could be a backpack, wheeled and handheld.

If you think your yard does not require a high-powered leaf blower, you can just choose a simple hand-held type.

This hand-held type is not as costly as the other types of leaf blowers and is ideal for homeowners who have small yards.

If you do not want your arms to be carrying all the weight, you can opt for the back-pack type which can be worn on your back.

The good thing about the backpack version is that you can use it for a longer period of time without putting much strain on your arms.

The wheeled type is ideal for large yards. This wheeled type of leaf blower can just be pushed around reducing much of the physical burden on your part even when you need to get rid of too many leaves.

If your house is situated in a place where the neighbors are living nearby, avoid choosing leaf blowers that have very high decibels.

As much as possible, choose the one with the least noise. This way, you won’t find yourself having a clean yard and an angry neighbor at the same time.