Under Current Culture Hydroponic System

For the start, it is good to note that under the current culture system is the only re–circulating water culture hydroponics system in the whole world and it is of–coarse a patented innovation.

This state–of–the–art technology employs a negative pressure of water to re–circulate nutrient solution, which also has a high concentration of oxygen.

This solution is channeled throughout the root system of growing plants.

This continuous movement of nutrient solution generates super-aerobic condition, which is necessary for fast and healthy plant growth.

A steady all time nutrient movement balances the pH and the EC at uniform levels throughout the whole system.

Our innovative water culture system applications are unprecedented in structural layout versatility. Almost anyone can find it easy of use our under current hydroponics diy systems.

The under current hydroponics yield consistently while giving impressive results in a well–sized facility.

These results are achieved both in the hobby and commercial greenhouses.

Features to find in under current hydroponic system

  1. a)   Modular in Design
  • Multiple plant growing units in different sizes and many options on plant spacing
  • Easy layout and installation, disassemble and to expand
  • More than sixty plant growing system configurations to fit any plant size and growing space
  • It is designed to contain an extensive variety of lighting footprints
  1. b)   Finest in Construction
  • First class commercial and greenhouse competent components
  • Under current culture hydroponics parts are planned and fabricated in California
  • Systems use an expert first–class air and water pumps

Undercurrent Culture Hydroponic

Importance of growing your plants in an under current culture system.

  1. a)   Productive High Yield Ability
  • Increased rates of plant growth result into generally bigger plants and significantly lessen vegetative period
  • Superior yield with smaller number of plants
  1. b)   Amplified Efficiency
  • Elevated level of nutrient oxygenation and steady flow maximizes nutrient uptake capacity
  • Utilizes water and necessitate not as much of nutrient change-outs
  1. c)   Established Nutrient Blueprint
  • Under culture hydroponics nutrient solutions first–class products are uniquely formulated purposely for the under current systems and for other state–of–the–art hydroponics systems
  • Under current culture plant, feeds are pH steady and dirt free
  1. d)   Decreased Maintenance Activities
  • The pH, EC or TDS and the temperature of the solution is consistent all through the whole system
  • Easily adjustable to pH or nutrient dozers, high–ground reservoirs and nutrient solution chillers
  1. e)   Plant Growth Support
  • There are professional plant growth supports for each grower unit and hydroponics solutions nutrient consumer; it is our goal for you to succeed as you use our products. We will support your greenhouse and commercial installations to develop and thrive.

Under current hydroponics structural options

Undercurrent hydroponics structure

Adjustable Plant Spacing: This is one of the main advantages of hydroponics.

All under current hydroponics systems are accessible in flexible configurations.

This allows for customized and individualized plant spacing for any user.

Secluded Control Center: All under current hydroponics systems are obtainable with a secluded control center.

This allows users to lay the control module at the exterior of their greenhouses.

Under Current Culture Hydroponics- General Recommendations

Space Considerations: These hydroponics systems have high-performance capabilities and ought to be fitted in an impressively performing growth setting.

To get the most excellent outcome, all aspects of the planting space should be optimized together with 24-hour temperatures, moisture, light intensities, carbon (IV) oxide concentrations and air movements.

Optimum Nutrient Solution Temperatures: Using a water cooler to sustain nutrient solution temperatures will permit for the high degree water oxygenation while discouraging propagation of destructive bacteria.

This specifically allows for an explosive root growth and development.

Cooler water temperatures in the reservoir will as well work as a heat reduction unit in your nurture space and permit to some extent for warmer greenhouse temperatures compulsory for complete carbon (IV) oxide up take.

Nutrient Solution Levels: Solution level should be kept practically high all the way through the growth and blossoming phase.

This will initiate an intense lateral root growth from the root holding area. In the later on parts of blossoming cycle and when roots fill up the growth module, nutrient solution levels can be increasingly set down, which further exposes the roots.

Simulated drought environment in late blossoming phase enables a hastened flower development phase and is vital in oil synthesis.

Top off Reservoirs: By using top off reservoirs will permit you to uphold consistent nutrient solution levels. Feeding schedules are followed weekly without discarding precious nutrient solutions, a good example is use of miracle grow.

When working at its peak performance, a top off a reservoir can be utilized just as a dozer for incremental EC or parts per mole fittings and pH management.

Management pH and EC/ parts per mole: Adding determined pH balancers or nutrients straight into the system may result in tremendous plant or root distress.

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Whatever thing which is added straight into the unit should be watered down to at least twenty percent and added unhurriedly.

For most excellent outcome pH and EC or parts per mole, nutrient adjustments should be managed through the top off reservoirs.

Nutrient Solution Consideration: Greatly designed, dirt free, artificial nutrients such as our under current hydroponics solutions have a demonstrated best working water culture.

They are excellent in their pH steadiness and in their capability to keep on being feasible in solution form for an extended period of time.

Nutrient potency: For the beginner users, under current hydroponics review recommend a commencement of between a quarter and half power of normal feed recommendations.

Rooted cuttings should be transplanted into the unit at 0.3 EC or 200 parts per mole and boost by 10 to 20% subsequently weekly depending on plant performance.

Nutrient Solution Replacements: When plants are taking up nutrients as well as growing usually, a complete nutrient replacement is useful to plants if done in every 14 to 21 days.

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If pH levels turn out to be unsteady or nutrient concentrations start to get elevated or languish, this will be an excellent warning for you do a complete or fractional change out.

When using a more composite nutrient recipe, a more frequent nutrient solution replacement cycle may be essential.

System Clean – up: Cleaning the system frequently is a vital step to assure an excellent removal of detrimental mineral buildups and bacteria.

The system is filled with pure water and a detergent solution is used. Scrub the system parts and brush the connecting portions.

Then rinse the whole unit very well and ensure that it is free of any debris, then let it to totally dry out prior to filling to initiate a new cycle.

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