Growing In Bubbleponics Planter Kit – Complete Guide

Bubbleponics can be described as a top feeding hydroponic system. The system can be used to grow many types of plants with ease. One of these plants includes lettuce.

The oxygenated nutrient solution is simply pumped from a reservoir to the top of the roots.

The water freed over the roots thus runs again into a set reservoir. The process begins once more.

The plant roots are designed to hang without a medium for them to get a good access to oxygen, water, and dissolved nutrients.

Plants need carbon dioxide and therefore you should pump this gas into an enclosed greenhouse, for instance.

They get oxygen from a constantly moving nutrient solution. It circulates in this manner for it to dissolve enough quantities of oxygen from the air.

However, the air can be continuously pumped into the reservoir to allow more oxygen to dissolve in a nutrient solution as much as possible.

The roots are left to hang in net pots. In time, they will steadily grow into the nutrient solution in the reservoir container just below it.

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Advantages of bubbleponics in comparisons with deep water culture

are as follows;

  • There is an increased growth rate just in a matter of hours.
  • In deep water systems, some roots take a long time to grow to reach nutrient solution in a reservoir. While in bubbleponics the roots have an uninterrupted access to water from the start. However, differences do not exist between deep water culture and bubbleponics once the roots of plants in both systems have grown into the nutrient solution.

Pros of Growing Plants by Using Bubbleponics Systems

  • High yielding plants do grow with respect to the quantity of time dedicated for light and nutrient access for each plant. Get guide on how to pick the quality hydroponics bulbs that work best.
  • Quick growth within a short time frame.
  • It is never difficult to maintain this growing system once installed.
  • This type of hydroponics occupies limited space.

Cons of Growing Plants by Using Bubbleponics Systems

  • It is relatively hard and time-consuming when one is setting up a growing system.
  • Root rots and other kinds of root issues are common because these roots grow directly in water.
  • There is a proper lighting system for each kind of plant. Select a suitable lighting system after going through the bubbleponics grow guide keenly. Take your time.

Two types of growing kits are discussed below;

1.Stealth Hydroponics Bubbleponics Pro Expandable Kit

Stealth Hydroponics Bubbleponics

This newly introduced Super Flow Bubbleponics Pro Expandable kit system is an extension of the original system.

In short it has a totally separate reservoir. It has basically doubled the reservoir holding capacity and have allowed for an optional second connection to the bubbleponics 6-planter growing system.

This system is designed this way to fit perfectly in your limited space without causing any inconveniences.

In this way, you are given the power of choice and freedom to expand your garden in any direction you wish – up, down and sideways.

All this will be determined by how you will want to manage your space.

2. Stealth Hydroponics Bubbleponics Pro II 24 Planter

The newly introduced the bubbleponics pro ii 24 planters is an extension of the original system to currently include a separate twofold stack reservoir and conveniently expands the growing sites to a total of 24.

The system is designed in a manner that each plant in these 24 sites will be supplied with equal and sufficient quantities of nutrient solution.

A comprehensive Bubbleponics grow guide

Pay a closer look and care to your plant on a daily basis. Familiarize yourself with proper setup of your growing system.

This can help you check it conveniently without looking inside. The reason behind a recommended regular check up is to make certain that the whole lot is still linked the manner it should be.

Ensure that the pipes are still connected to the net pots and that nutrient solution is dripping from the engaged pots.

You will also wish to ensure that nothing is hovering in the nutrient solution. Exercising this frequently will assist in spotting problems if they emerge.

Finally, pay a lot of care to pH, especially when changing the reservoir solution. It is important to note that different plants do well at completely diverse pH ranges.

Bubbleponics lighting tips

Bubbleponics Hydroponic lighting tips

The lights should be off in the case of seedlings until sprouting is seen as the seedlings break the surface. After that stage, give them the required amounts of lights for a period of about 18 to 24 hours in a day.

This should continue until the flowering stage is attained. It is recommended that you leave lights for 24 hours during the vegetative stage.

Light bulbs should be set at approximately 4 inches distance from your plants. Learn more here.

Use your palms to assess the degree of heat reaching your plants to avoid possibilities of heat damage.

If in any case you feel it hot then it is extremely hot for your plants. However, clones require a reduced lighting duration for 3 to 4 days. This will give your clones time to adjust.

Nutrients use in bubbleponic system

Both seedlings and clones only need about a quarter of the recommended quantities for one week.

After which add a quarter of this nutrients for every three days until your plants grow and get good number of leaves. Never over feed your plants in the initial stages because they cause more damage than the intended good.

Nutrient burnt is shown on the tips of the leaves as they turn yellow or brown if you have applied too many nutrients than necessary.

At the vegetative stage, plants grow fast and needs heavy uptake of nutrients. Thus, you must use the recommended quantities of nutrient feeds everyday for you to get the best results.

If fewer quantities of fertilizers are used then there will be reduced yields and poor quality produce in the end. Pay a lot of care at this stage.

Flowering stage is a crucial stage for all growers. It is important that you continue to change your nutrient solution every week while doing a regular root examination for any color changes.

This stage is short. It can only last for 2 to 3 weeks in most cases, with exceptions, of course.

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