Hibiscus Plant And Hibiscus Bush – What’s The Difference?

A hibiscus plant and a hibiscus bush are not any different because they belong to the same family. It would be difficult for a gardener to differentiate the two.

These are commonly referred to as confusing terms. But there are some notable differences between the plant and a hibiscus bush that can be identified.

Hibiscus bush

Hibiscus bush is noted as a subtropical woody shrub. It is covered with toothed green leaves. It has colored trumpet-shaped flowers. They are semi-glossy and very vibrant on the look.

A fully grown hibiscus bush is about 8 to 12 feet tall. It has a light brown, fully-grown trunk. The mature hibiscus bush also has four inches-long leaves. The leaves are bright green.

Hibiscus Plant

The hibiscus plant is likened to a well-maintained hibiscus tree. The plant is almost similar to the hibiscus bush. But maintaining the plant to a fully grown tree takes a lot of work.

The tree can grow 8 to 12 feet tall. However, the plant is maintained regularly through pruning. The difference is that the plant has a single trunk achieved through proper pruning.

Differences in flowering of hibiscus plant and bush

The hibiscus, whether in the form of a plant or a bush, is excellent at flowing. The hibiscus bush flowers naturally. It has flowers with shades of pink, red, orange, and yellow colors. In some cases, the bush is multicolored.

However, the hibiscus plant is pruned from the onset. It has fewer flowers compared to the bush. However, the flowers are also trumpet-shaped. They also come in vibrant colors. The difference is the controlled flowering for the hibiscus plant.

Differences in shape of hibiscus bush and plant

The shape is also a factor to consider when discussing the differences between a hibiscus plant and a bush. One significant observation is that the hibiscus bush is naturally shaped. It grows naturally as a summer-flowering shrub.

The hibiscus plant has to be pruned as it matures. This establishes its shape and look. Individuals have different ways of shaping hibiscus plants. It is essential to have the necessary skills how to prune a hibiscus plant better.

Differences in training and pruning

A hibiscus plant differs from a bush because it can be grown into a tree. This is achieved through proper training and pruning. However, the hibiscus bush is left to bloom and mature without interference. It enjoys a natural growth pattern.

The hibiscus plant requires to be pruned and trained often. This starts as early as a one-year-old plant. The hibiscus plant is also supported through reinforcing.

This allows the plant to grow straight. Remember that both the hibiscus plants and the bush need regular monitoring.

Differences in the level of care

The training of a hibiscus plant makes it more labor intensive. The involvement of the gardener has to be regular. The training involves making sure that you get the desired shape and size.

This is unlike the bush that flourishes naturally. A gardener is rarely involved in managing or training a hibiscus bush.

With minimal maintenance, the shrub flowers annually. It only requires good exposure to natural conditions, including enough sunlight. But the rate of blooming for a hibiscus plant depends on the care given.

It depends on the frequency of pruning. Continuing pruning is linked to better flourishing. It also affects the production of flowers.

Pros of a hibiscus plant over the hibiscus bush

  1. Some key advantages can be identified to differentiate a bush from a hibiscus plant. Experts have noted that a hibiscus plant can be planted indoors. This is because they can be controlled through pruning. It is different from the hibiscus bush that cannot be controlled.
  2. A hibiscus plant can be planted in a pot indoors. The only requirement is to ensure that it has enough sunlight. The plant also requires a large pot. Because it can eventually grow into a tree.
  3. The hibiscus bush cannot be placed indoors. It requires more space for natural spreading. It also cannot be cultivated as ornamentals as the case with the hibiscus plants.

Hibiscus bush Vs. Hibiscus plant

In a nutshell, this article discussed the differences between a hibiscus bush and a hibiscus plant. A close review indicates that they both are great in flowering.

They are also sun-loving species of plants. The type of plant you choose as a gardener depends on the space of the garden. It is also dependent on the level of involvement in pruning and training.

It is also necessary to learn more about your landscaping goals. This includes understanding whether you want the plants indoors or outdoors.

There are also a variety of hibiscus species to choose from. They provide different shapes and colors for your garden.

It is why a gardener must seek to understand the underlying differences between the hibiscus plant and the hibiscus bush.