Scissors Vs Pinking Shears – Which To Use?

There is a broad spectrum of shear types in this present age and time. Each has a different configuration and offers unique functionality.

Your requirements often determine the type of shears you choose to purchase. For instance, if you are a tailor, fabric shears are your best option. Conversely, hedge shears are your best alternative when shaping your garden.

This article analyzes the difference between scissors shears and pinking shears.

What is a Pinking shears?

First, let’s try to understand the meaning of pinking shears. Unlike standard shears, pinking shears have a saw-like blade.

The edges of its blade are zig-zag in shape. Pinking shears come in different sizes and shapes.

Generally, these shears are often used to cut decorative patterns on fabric. Also, they are perfect for trimming and aligning fabric edges.

Pinking shears should be a part of your sewing kit. Most of them have a longer lifespan when appropriately maintained.

They can serve you for decades without requiring any repair or replacement.

Whats is a Scissor shears?

Scissor shears are cutting equipment with two metal blades crossing each other to form a pivotal point. The term shears refer to large-sized scissors.

So, scissor shears are not less than six inches in length. They come in different designs meant for different purposes.

But generally, scissor shears are multi-purpose, and you can use them to conduct different functions, from gardening to cutting fabric.

Unlike pinking shears, scissor shears have two long straight blades designed to pierce through thick mediums.

Pinking shears vs. Scissor shears

  • Functionality

Typically, pinking shears are more specific to their function. They incorporate zig-zag or saw-like blades to cut thick or patterned fabric.

Pinking shears prevent fraying, especially when dealing with high-end fabric. You can use pinking shears to form clean fabric cuts and seam finishes. Most pinking shears are often used to cut material.

On the other hand, scissor shears do not have a specific function. You can use these garden cutting tools to perform a wide array of functions, from cutting paper to cutting fabric.

Some standard garden shears are also ideal for pruning thinner branches and twigs. Ultimately, scissor shears offer a wide range of functionality compared to pinking shears.

If you are looking for a multi-purpose cutting tool, it would be best to go for scissor shears. If you want to prevent fraying, pinking shears are your best alternative.

  • Strength levels

Pinking shears are perfect for piercing thick fabric faster than scissor shears. Their saw-like blades provide neat cuts for edges.

It is much more comfortable to use a pinking shear to cut thick material. Scissor shears are also high-strength equipment, but pinking shears are better when it comes to cutting fabric.

At the end of the day, it all depends on the shears’ purpose. Scissor shears may be much stronger when cutting weak stems and branches, while pinking shears may not perform the job.

All shear types have strong elongated blades uniquely made to pierce through thick mediums.

Types of scissor and shears

Scissor shear is a general term. Thus, scissor shears come in different sizes, shapes, and designs, including pinking shears.

There are numerous types of scissor shears in the market. Some include hedge shears, anvil shears, and essential pruning garden shears; all these shears offer different functionality.

Pinking shears also come in different designs, but they perform similar functions. Also, pinking shear is a specific term for shears designed explicitly for cutting patterned fabrics and edges.

All in all, it is clear to see there are different types of scissor shears, and pinking shears are one of them.

Maintenance practices for both shears and scissors

Pinking shears need more care compared to scissor shears. Always store pinking shears properly and lubricate them frequently to maximize traction and minimize friction.

This way, you’ll easily cut through different types of fabric. Also, note that most pinking shears are not multi-purpose equipment.

It would be best if you did not use them to cut paper and any other item as instructed by the manufacturer.

Take time to read and understand your manufacturer’s guidelines. This way, you’ll be able to take good care of your pinking shears.

You should also maintain your scissor shears properly to prolong their longevity. The good thing with scissor shears is that you can use them for different purposes.

But ensure you sharpen the blades of both cutting tools to keep them in perfect shape.

Also, avoid exposing the blades to abrasive chemicals and moisture for long periods. Doing this will make the blades blunt.

Common features found in scissor shears and pinking shears

  • Blades:

Both pinking shears and scissor shears have blades. The only difference is that the blades of pinking shears are serrated and have a saw-like structure.

But the blades in both cutting equipment are strong enough to handle a lot of pressure.

Also, both pieces of equipment have elongated blades to provide excellent functionality. Generally, all shear types have blades.

  • Pivotal point:

Scissor shears and pinking shears have a pivotal point to facilitate adequate mobility.

The blades in both tools bypass each other to form a pivotal point. And both pivotal points may need lubrication from time to time for easier cutting.

  • Handles:

Although the handles of pinking shears are slightly different from scissor shears, both types of equipment have handles designated for their specific purpose.

Usually, one handle has a more giant hole than the other. The smaller hole is specially designed to accommodate the thumb when in operation. The larger hole accommodates the other fingers.

Which is better, Scissors or pinking shears?

From this article, it is clear that both scissor shears and pinking shears are reliable cutting equipment.

Even so, pinking shears perform limited tasks compared to scissor shears. Pinking shears are mainly used for cutting fabric, while scissor shears perform a wide range of purposes.

You can use scissor shears to cut paper and prune garden shrubs. The cutting equipment you purchase often depends on your requirements.

Nevertheless, note that you have to take care of both types of equipment if you want them to provide maximum durability.