Growing In Aerogarden Kit – Frequently Asked Questions

Here some important questions and answers that people using the aerogarden kit should know.

FAQs on how to grow using Aerogarden kit

Why are my AeroGarden plants turning brown on the stem and leaves?

When plants in an AeroGarden begin to turn brown, an imbalance of nutrients is usually to blame. Inadequate water changes have resulted in this imbalance. Plants may suffer from root burn or be unable to absorb nutrients because of the high EC of the water. The result is that the leaves turn brown.

The high Electrical conductivity of the water you’re using before you add it to the bowl increases the risk of imbalance. It’s also possible that the water’s pH is off.

How often should I change the water in my AeroGarden?

In order to keep your plants healthy, you need to change the water in the bowl every 4 to 6 weeks and add Liquid Plant Food.

When should I replace my AeroGarden plants?

When the seedling develops its first true leaves, it is time to transplant it from the AeroGarden to the soil. Even if roots have broken through the grow sponges, they are still too short to be tangled with one another.

Transfer your seedlings to the soil in pots and bring them indoors if the weather is still inconsistently warm and fair at this stage. Remove them from the seed starter tray before their roots intertwine.

Best water to use in my AeroGarden kit?

Because of its lack of mineral deposits, distilled water is ideal for your AeroGarden. Aerogarden’s liquid fertilizers are perfectly formulated to promote healthy plant development.

A pH imbalance is prevented when using distilled water in an AeroGarden. Plants are extremely sensitive to changes in pH, and even little shifts can have severe consequences.

How do you know when an AeroGarden needs water?

If you peek inside the bowl, you can tell when the AeroGarden needs watering. If the water level is below the halfway point, remove the cover and add more.

How long can AeroGarden go without water?

If you get it going, the garden should be fine for at least two weeks. However, if you have established plants, they will need an extra week of weekly watering.

Can you use liquid Miracle Grow in AeroGarden?

Liquid miracle grow nutrients are ideal because they were developed for use with the AeroGarden. This ensures that the plants receive the optimal amount of nutrients without the risk of clogging or other problems in the system.

You don’t have to bother measuring or combining the nutrients because they come in pre-measured packets. Because of this, it’s simple to use, and you can rest assured that the plants are always getting the right amount of nutrients.

Do I leave my AeroGarden on all night?

Keep the grow lights on for roughly eight hours at night. Regardless of how short or long you leave the lights on, the plants should get adequate light for proper growth.

Notably, before you may reset the timers on the aerogarden grow lights, you must leave them on continuously.

Are you supposed to replant AeroGarden plants?

When the seedling develops its first true leaves, it is time to transplant it from the AeroGarden to the soil. Even if roots have broken through the grow sponges, they are still too short to be tangled with one another.

Is the Aerogarden worth the money?

The aerogarden may seem expensive at first, but it’s a long-term investment in your health because you can use it again and again.

What does root rot look like in AeroGarden?

Root rot can cause wilting, stunted growth, and curled or yellowing leaves. However, these symptoms might also be due to other issues.

What are the pump settings for my aerogarden?

A timer controls the pumps in an AeroGarden, which cycle between being on and off. The pumps can operate quietly.

Water running through the pump and dripping through the tray deck is likely the source of any audible disturbances in the garden.

Pump cycles vary between AeroGarden models. The pump cycles of AeroGarden Farms and Bounties can be customized to suit your needs.

How often should you clean AeroGarden?

Each time you add new seed pods to the AeroGarden, you should thoroughly clean it. You should change the water every four to six weeks and clean it between plantings.

A thorough cleaning is not required. It’s as simple as draining the water, rinsing the bowl, and refilling it with fresh water.

My aerogarden has a brown film on it; what is it?

The edges of the grow deck may develop a brown “crust” or deposit as your plants mature and flourish. Calcium accumulation from Liquid Plant Food is harmless.

Some of the Liquid Plant Food may rise to the surface of the water in the AeroGarden bowl as it is pumped through the system.

Does AeroGarden’s pump operate continuously?

The Aerogarden system is an efficient and straightforward method for cultivating plants in the home. Nonetheless, familiarity with the pump’s operation and common problems is essential.

In order to maintain plant health and vitality, the pump should be left on continuously.

Can I keep my AeroGarden running while I’m on vacation?

While on vacation, you can set most AeroGardens to “Vacation Mode,” which automatically waters the plants. You can reduce the amount of water your garden needs while away with the “vacation mode” feature.

All AeroGarden Harvest Farms, Bounties, and Elites have access to Vacation Mode.

How do I prevent algae from growing in my AeroGarden?

There’s no need to worry about the effects of algae on your plants. Both natural environments and hydroponic gardens support the growth of algae.

Algae can develop anywhere there is water, including the water bowl and the holes in your AeroGarden’s grow deck.

What is the lifespan of an aerogarden pod?

The conditions in which you store the pods determine their viability. In order to prevent the seeds inside from germinating prematurely, they must be kept in a cold, dark, and dry place.

However, the pods will remain viable for up to 24 months if you keep them in this cool, dark, dry location.

How long do plants in an aerogarden usually survive?

Plants can be grown in an AeroGarden just as easily as in any other setting. A plant’s life span and growth stages are tied to its growth and maturity.

The lifespan of any plant depends on the kind of plant you are growing and the care and harvesting it receives.

  • Vegetable plants that produce fruit like tomatoes and peppers often begin flowering and fruiting after they reach a certain maturity. Vegetables that bear fruit often only last for around a year. Vegetables that bear fruit can, with proper care, continue growing for a considerable time.
  •  Depending on your kindness and care, most flowers bloom for four to five months.

What if my AeroGarden pump isn’t running?

The pumps in an AeroGarden use a timer, which may be adjustable depending on the model you own. The first thing you should do if the pump isn’t working is to do a pump test.

  •  If you own a Farm or Bounty model, you should see an option to Test Pump in the Menu under Pump settings.
  • To access the Test Pump setting on a Harvest Elite, hit the Leaf button to open the menu, then use the up and down arrows to select it.
  •  To activate your Harvest’s pump for a full minute, press and hold the Leaf button for a few seconds.

How do you start seeds in an aerogarden?

You may start garden seedlings indoors and lengthen your growing season using the Seed Starting System with your AeroGarden. This seed starting tray can fit in the regular grow deck of your AeroGarden.

Plant the seeds in the peat grow sponges and put them in appropriate spots. No unique conditions or fertilizer are required for your garden to complete its normal cycle.

Once the soil is ready, you can remove the seedlings from the indoor garden and place them in the outdoor beds.

Are AeroGarden plant baskets reusable?

If the grow basket is undamaged and can hold the grow sponge and plant, you can use it again.

Where can I set up my AeroGarden?

You should set up the Garden in a spot where it will be easily accessible. Keep the garden out of any cabinets or closets. In addition set up the Garden away from any windows or lights that could potentially heat up the hood.