How To Remove An Aerogarden Pump

Today, most homeowners install aerogardens to invigorate their backyards. Aerogardens offers not only excellent aesthetics but also excellent functionality.

If you are passionate about farming, consider putting up this spectacular feature in your backyard.

With an aerogrow garden, you can grow your favorite vegetables and fruits. In turn, you’ll end up cutting down your monthly budget.

However, like any other fixture, aerogardens can develop problems with time. At times, you will need to remove the aerogrow pump for repair or replacement. However, you have to do this keenly to avoid damaging the pump.

So, how do you remove an aerogrow pump?

Removing the aerogrow pump

As mentioned earlier, you may get forced to remove your aerogrow pump. First, you have to eliminate the cover beneath the pump. Usually, this is a plastic cover that encompasses the aero garden pump.

You have to remove it by using a screwdriver; it can be hard to remove the cover, so you’ll have to use a lot of pressure.

After removing the cover, carefully remove the pump. Stretch your hands towards the pool pump and pull it up.

Once you pull it up, disconnect it from the cables. At this point, you’ll notice that the cable is often connected to the aerogarden with a screw.

Moreover, it is usually attached to it with a tube. Eliminate the plastic tube with needle-nose pliers. From there, you can clean it with soap and clean water.

Replacing the pool pump

After removing the pool pump, you can either replace or repair it. Below are the steps to replacing an aerogrow pool pump.

The first step to replacing an aerogrow pump is to buy a new one. Consult your manufacturer on the best aerogrow pool pumps to purchase.

Ensure the pump is of high quality and durable. You can find reliable aero garden pumps in stores like Amazon, eBay, and Best Buy.

Always ensure that you purchase from a seller who sources their products from a dependable manufacturer like Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. Also, conduct online research on the best aerogrow pumps that work with your aerogarden.

Take the new pump and set it in the place where the old pump was. Then, use screws and a screwdriver to attach it. Nonetheless, as you place the new pump, be careful. The plastic underneath is often very delicate.

And lowering the new pool pump using a lot of force can break the plastic. Slowly lower the pump to its position.

Note that when you buy the replacement pump, it does not come with its complementing equipment.

Therefore, you would have to use your old filter, plastic, and tube. So, you would have to clean them appropriately before placing them back in.

Use a mixture of detergent in warm water to wash the equipment. Even so, if you feel that the aerogrow filter and tubes are worn out, it would be best if you invested in another set.

Repairing an aerogarden pump

After some years of use, your aerogrow pump may become worn out. One way to find out if your aerogrow pump is working is when you observe no noise coming out of the pump.

Remove the pump first

When you want to repair an aerogrow pump, you have to find the exact problem and its source. Doing this helps you find the best solution.

Then you can remove the pump. Note that the pump is often connected with a snap-in plate.

Pull the pump out from its backside on its slip-in connection. Use the right screwdrivers to remove any screws.

Furthermore, use the right equipment to remove the pump; this way, you avoid damaging the aerogrow pump.

Disintegrate and clean the aerogrow pump with vinegar

Once you remove the pump, it’s now time to disassemble the aerogarden pump. You will notice that the end section of the pump looks tightly sealed.

But this is often not the case. You can easily open the cover using a knife blade; even so, apply gentle pressure when doing this.

After prying off the cover, you’ll see the pump rotor. Use needle-nose pliers to pull it out.

First, start by rotating the rotor; once it is loose enough, you can use pliers to pull it out. Then, clean the aerogrow pump using vinegar.

Avoid using water since this will damage the pump. So, pour vinegar down the impeller and the pump rotor hole.

Leave for approximately 30 minutes. If the aerogrow pump was experiencing a small problem, it would be fine after this process.

After all, maybe it just had an unhealthy accumulation of dirt that interfered with its functioning. But if you notice a serious issue with the pump, you can seek professional help.

Call an aerogrow expert to fix the issue for you. Otherwise, this functional feature won’t function as needed.

Put back your aerogrow pump

Once you finish cleaning the pump, you can connect it back to the aerogrow. However, if you notice a build-up of scale, you have to get rid of this.

Use a small, soft brush to remove the scale from the pump. After doing this, you can start putting back all the aerogarden pump parts together. Do this in reverse.

Also, you have to make sure it is working properly before you reassemble it. Please do this by connecting it to a 12-volt AC source.

If you don’t have such a power source, you can skip this process. It would be dangerous to connect it to a 120 voltage or any other power source.

After making sure the pump is working well, connect it back with the aero grow garden.


Occasionally, you may have to remove an aerogrow pump due to several reasons. Maybe you want to replace or repair it.

Removing an aerogrow pump is not usually a walk in the park. So, you might have to ask a professional to do it for you.

But if you plan to remove it by yourself, ensure that you do it carefully. Keep in mind that you don’t want to damage the aerogarden kit.

Always check and follow the manual when removing the pump and also check for instructions on how to take care of your Aerogarden kit well.