What Are The Aerogarden Special Ingredients?

Currently, there is a wide variety of aerogardens that provide fantastic functionality. Aerogardens are specially designed to grow your plants indoors at any time of the year.

They have certain twenty-first-century components that help them deliver excellent functionality. Unlike normal soil gardens, aerogrow gardens grow your plants five times faster without soil. But what is responsible for all these benefits?

In this article, we look at the aerogrow garden special ingredients. As seen earlier, there are different types of aerogrow garden models.

Each of them has a different composition and offers different functionality. Today, some of the most advanced and efficient aero grow gardens contain:

Aerogarden LED lighting systems

Several aerogrow gardens contain LED lights to maximize photosynthesis. At times, solely depending on natural light can be devastating.

I mean, some parts of the plant may not be able to get enough sunlight. Additionally, not all days are sunny.

So, growth may get slowed down if the plants are only depending on natural light.

With LED lights, all your plants get enough sunlight and grow quickly regardless of the external weather conditions.

Thus, if you are buying an aerogrow garden, it would be best to go for a modern model with an LED lighting system.

  • Blink lights

Aside from having the LED lights that boost photosynthesis. Aero grow gardens have blinking lights.

These lights automatically start blinking whenever there is a problem in the aerogarden.

As a homeowner, you might have a busy schedule, and at times; thus, you may forget watering or attend to the aerograden.

This is where blink lights come in handy. They will alert you whenever you need to add water or when something is wrong.

As a result, you don’t have to keep monitoring your plants after every hour. Furthermore, the blink lights give you peace of mind.

  • Growing space

The majority of aerogardens have a lot of space to help you grow a wide variety of plants simultaneously.

Therefore, you can grow different plant species on separate rows or columns in the aerogarden.

Additionally, they are high enough to accommodate growing plants. Of course, different models provide different spaces.

So, always purchase a Aerogrow model that will cater to all your requirements.

Aeroponic technology

All aerogrow gardens use aeroponic technology to grow plants. Typically, they have a base that holds water and nutrients, which boosts the plant’s growth.

The combination of water and nutrients works together with the lighting system to grow the plants.

So, aerogardens do not use soil to grow plants. The benefit of using aeroponic technology is that they grow your plants five times faster. And the produce will be safe to consume and still be tasty.

Aerogrow Seed kits

A complementing seed kit often accompanies every aerogarden. Occasionally, you might have to buy a separate seed kit; it all depends on the manufacturer.

But make sure that the seed kit works well with your aero garden model. Seed kits are responsible for germination.

Often, they come with a warranty. So, most companies will provide a replacement when your plants do not germinate in the required time frame.

As the name suggests, this is where you place the seed and leave it to germinate. On average, germination should take place within 21 days.

Also, you should be able to harvest your plants after one month. There are different seed kits for different plants.

Always buy a seed kit that can accommodate your specific plant.

Benefits of aerogrow gardens

  • User-friendly

Anyone can use an aerogarden. You don’t have to have any experience or education in farming.

All you have to do is read and follow the instructions on the manual. Growing plants in an aerogarden will require you to place the seed in the kit.

Then, pour some water and nutrients on the base of the garden. Once you do this, leave the plant to grow.

It would be best to keep monitoring your plant now and then.

But fortunately, most aerogardens have blink lights that remind you when you need to attend to your plants.

So, don’t be afraid just because you have zero experience in farming. Using an aerogarden is pretty simple!

  • 100% cleanliness

You cannot compare a normal garden with an aerogarden. Aerogardens are often geared towards maintaining cleanliness. Think about it.

These portable, tabletop gardens use no soil. Therefore, you have zero chances of dirtying the surrounding areas and your clothes.

When dealing with these gardens, you need not wear any special clothing.

On the other hand, using a normal garden might require you to arm yourself with gardening tools like wear protective garments and heavy-duty gloves.

You can always place the aerogrow garden on your living room cabinet and still maintain maximum cleanliness.

  • Fast and convenient

Aerogardens grow your plants quickly. Previous studies report that aerogrow seedlings germinate five times faster compared to seedlings in a regular garden.

Therefore, they consume less time and effort. And this serves as a perfect solution for homeowners.

At times, buying vegetables and fruits from the grocery store can be expensive.

Growing your lettuce or tomatoes in an aero garden enables you to harvest only after three to four weeks.

Also, keep in mind that you can continue with the harvesting process for the next four months.

Consequently, you end up saving hundreds of dollars in your monthly budget.

  • All year round

You can use an aero grow garden at any time of the year. During winter, it can be hard to grow anything outside.

Subsequently, homeowners are often forced to buy groceries from local stores. With an aerogarden, you can grow almost anything at any time.

These functional features do not rely on external weather conditions to function. Instead, they use an aeroponic system to grow your plants.

You can place these features in your indoor living areas, and they’ll still produce excellent results after a month.

At the end of the day, it is pretty much convenient to use an aero grow garden.

Why grow using aerogarden?

Aerogrow gardens use special components to grow plants five times faster than standard gardens.

Though in some instances you may need to transplant your grow like tomatoes, the kit is easy to use and maintain.

Furthermore, the kits have a quality led lighting, this make the aeroponic system help plants germinate faster, among other constituents.