When Do I Harvest My Aerogarden Romaine Lettuce?

Everyone loves a balanced diet. Picture this, a plate with an equal proportion of greens/vegetables, beef stew, and rice.

Indisputably, this is the ideal meal for most homeowners. Even so, it is not easy to find fresh vegetables and fruits during the winter season. Consequently, you may have to find a way to grow fresh produce indoors.

One of the ways to do this is by constructing or buying an aerogarden to grow your produce.

Currently, the majority of homeowners love growing romaine lettuce in their aerogardens. Aerogarden romaine lettuce is a great source of vitamins and often complements a lot of meals.

Besides, if you are planning to lose weight, lettuce salad is an excellent meal option.

How long does it take to grow aerogarden romaine lettuce?

Luckily, you can grow romaine lettuce at any time of the year in your aerogarden.

The best things about romaine lettuce are that it takes a very short time to mature especially when you use the correct nutrients. On average, it will take you approximately four weeks to harvest romaine lettuce.

After the four weeks, you can continue harvesting lettuce for the next three to four months. So, you can start enjoying your aerogarden romaine lettuce after only a month.

When to harvest?

Farm experts say that the best time to harvest aerogarden romaine lettuce is after a month. But as seen earlier, you can start harvesting aerogrow romaine lettuce after three weeks of planting.

The best AeroGarden for lettuce

One of the main advantages of growing lettuce is that it does not take up a lot of space like other produce.

So, regardless of the size of your garden, you can always grow lettuce. In fact most homeowners actually go for an Aerogarden garden.

Nevertheless, lettuce should get harvested very often, and you won’t collect as much.

You can only collect lettuce enough to sustain you and your family for a day. However, if you wish to harvest a lot of lettuce, invest in planting as many pods as your aerogarden can handle.

Does temperature affect aerogarden romaine harvesting?

Typically, the best temperatures for growing aerogarden romaine lettuce range from about 55 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Suppose they grow in warmer climates; they will lose their original taste. This is because they will start producing seeds earlier than anticipated.

In turn, they won’t be edible, and you will have wasted your time, effort, and money.

The best thing about lettuce:

Based on previous statistics, lettuce grows the fastest indoors. So, if you have an aerogarden, consider growing these greens safely.

Not only are they a healthy meal option, but they also give you an easy time during planting and harvesting.

Tips to prepare aerogarden romaine lettuce

Salad preparation: When making a salad using aerogarden romaine lettuce, avoid cutting the lettuce with a sharp knife.

Separate the aerogrow romaine lettuce with your hands to avoid tampering with the edges.

Suppose you tamper with the edges of aerogarden romaine lettuce, the lettuce in the salad will turn brown when you leave it for some time.

Making aerogarden romaine lettuce more tender: The majority of homeowners love their lettuce when they are a little softer. You can make the lettuce tender by pointing a fan towards the lettuce.

Once you do this, the lettuce toughens up to resist the external force and, in turn, becomes tenderer.

Washing aerogarden lettuce: Ensure you clean your lettuce before consuming them.

Even if your aerogarden is clean, this does not mean that the lettuce is free from microorganisms.

Run the aerogarden romaine lettuce through fresh, clean water. From there, you can prepare them.

Harvesting lettuce grown in an Aerogarden kit

Fortunately, you won’t have to wait for an extended period to harvest lettuce. After planting aerogrow romaine lettuce, it only takes you approximately a month before you can start harvesting.

During aerogarden harvesting, you can use different techniques. The first one is the haircut and the second is the single-leaf harvesting.

As each of their names suggests, haircut harvesting is the most suitable alternative when the leaves are relatively bigger, while single leaf harvesting will work for smaller leaves.

Let’s take a look at each of these harvesting techniques at an in-depth level.

Lettuce aerogarden haircut harvesting

What is haircut harvesting?

Even if you have never done farming at one point in life, you can still clearly see what haircut harvesting is.

With this harvesting technique, all you have to do is trim the upper part of the lettuce leaves as you place them in a container or a harvesting bowl.

The size required to get pruned measures up to about a third of the leaf. And trimming more than a third of the leaf will prevent the further growth of the leaf.

Often, you can start harvesting aerogrow romaine lettuce even before a month is over, say after three weeks.

From here, you can start harvesting your lettuce for the next three to four months, not more than three times a week.

Single-leaf aerogarden romaine lettuce

The other type of aerogardens romaine harvesting is the single-leaf method. If you are using this technique, spot the larger leaves cut them from a low point.

You can use gardening shears or harvesting scissors to harvest romaine lettuce. Once you cut the larger leaves, you enable light to get through to the smaller leaves.

In turn, they grow much faster, and you can harvest them quickly. Like haircut harvesting, you can start single-leaf harvesting after three weeks of planting. Moreover, you can continue harvesting for the next four months.


Unquestionably, technology has made things easier for all of us. Today, you can plant and harvest the produce indoors.

One way to do this is to install an aerogarden in your home. Here, you can plant different types of vegetables, from tomatoes to aerogrow romaine lettuce.

Aerogarden romaine lettuce incorporates a very short planting and harvesting period. You can harvest aerogarden lettuce only after three to four weeks of planting.

And you can continue with the harvesting process for the next three to four months. Also, you can harvest the aero grow romaine lettuce two to three times a week.