How To Know When Your Aerogarden Is Done

Aerogrow gardens have become a great source of fresh farm produce. Typically, aerogardens are artificial garden installations that provide a perfect spot for planting and harvesting.

An aerogrow garden allows homeowners to plant at any time of the year. Thus, they are super convenient and help you save your monthly budget.

One benefit of the aerogrow gardens is that they incorporate a simple and fast installation process. Also, they fasten the entire planting and harvesting process.

Knowing when the aerogrow is done growing your plants?

Every plant is different. So, you have to understand each plant and its germination process. There is no specific time frame of when you should expect the aerogrow to complete growing your plants.

For example, lettuce takes approximately eight days to germinate. Indoor growing herbs take about 15 days to germinate on the flip side, and flowers take 12 days to germinate. But the germination period on an aerogrow garden cannot take more than three weeks.

Often, your plants will be ready for harvesting after about three to four weeks. In fact, the majority of aerogrow companies provide an aerogrow replacement if your plants take longer than 21 days to germinate. All in all, you can tell that the aerogrow is done growing your plants once 21 days are over.

How long do plants last in an AeroGarden?

As seen earlier, plants are different. And the time each plant stays in the aerogarden varies based on various factors. All plants have a lifecycle.

Below, we look at different plants and how long they stay in an aerogarden.

  • With greens and lettuce, you can continue harvesting for approximately 3 to 4 months. So, they will stay in the aerogarden for up to four months.
  • Most flowers will last in aerogardens for about four to five months. However, they can last longer; it all depends on how you handle them during this period.
  • Unlike other plant varieties, herbs typically last longer. They can stay in the aerogrow garden for up to six months or longer. The time often depends on how you handle them and the herb type.

Although these plants last this long on your aerogarden, they are usually ready for harvesting only after a couple of weeks.

How do AeroGardens work?

One of the most common questions asked by homeowners is, ‘How do aerogardens work?

Aerogardens contain a seed pod kit to help you plant. More often than not, seed pod kits function with different types of aerogardens.

When planting in an aerogarden, the first step is to place the pre-seeded pods in the garden. Then, pour water and the required liquid chemicals to provide enough moisture. Afterward, leave the plant to germinate for about two weeks. It will help if you monitor the whole process to ensure everything is in perfect condition.

After three or four weeks, you can start harvesting for the next four months. From this explanation, it is clear to see how aerogardens are user-friendly.

They don’t take up much time and effort and are quick to get constant produce supply during winter. Besides, when done correctly, the produce will become tastier.

Aerogarden blink lights

The most advanced aerogardens contain blink lights. This is perfect for indoor growing. The blink lights are useful for letting you know when you need to water your plants or when something is wrong.

All you have to do is make sure the switch is on. If the lights are not blinking, it means that your plants are in good condition.

Aerogarden speed

Aerogardens significantly shorten the planting and harvesting process. Statistics say that aerogardens grow plants five times faster compared to a formal garden. Think about it. Germination does not take longer than 21 days. Additionally, your plants are often ready for harvesting approximately after one month.

Growing plants in a garden can take you months before you start harvesting. Also, you cannot use a regular garden when there are harsh climatic conditions.

Sprouting period

There’s nothing as satisfying as seeing your seeds sprout. I mean, this is a sign that you planted the seed pretty well. On average, sprouting takes about 1 – 2 weeks in an aerogarden.

Things to do when using an aero grow garden

Consider the capacity of your aerogarden model

Nowadays, there are different types of aerogardens. Each has varying growing spaces. So, before you plant anything in your aerogarden, it would be best to check the model’s growing space.

This way, you will find out what plant types to grow and the amount of plants to grow. Generally, some plants require more space than others. So, you have to consider the growing space of your aerogarden model.

Use clean water for all aerogarden models

When planting in your aerogarden model, avoid using hard water. Hard water contains minerals that could tamper with the growth of plants.

At times, tap water can work perfectly fine with aerogardens. However, you have to take time and understand the content of the water.

Failure to do so would lead to withered or brown leaves. Additionally, avoid rainwater; it would be best if you used purified water. Although this might be costly, the outcome would impress you.

Consider the size of the plants

When planting in an aerogarden, do not place taller plants adjacent to shorter plants. Doing this would hinder direct light from penetrating smaller plants. And this tampers with the growth process. Be organized. Align taller plants together and smaller plants together. In turn, you quicken the growth process.

Observe constant pruning

Pruning helps all plants grow at a fast pace. Use gardening shears or heavy-duty scissors to trim any overgrown plants.

As a result, you enable all plants in the aerogarden to receive enough levels of light. You can know when the aerogarden is done growing your plants after 21 days.

Often, you will see that your plants are ready for harvesting from this time. Additionally, some aerogarden models are more advanced; hence, they let you know automatically when the plants are ready.